Sunday, November 27, 2016

Prayer Request Part Two

Please leave your prayer request in the comment box below. God bless you!

What you are seeking through prayer can probably be found and answered in the below mentioned posts or in replies to previous prayer requests. However, that shouldn't stop you from making a prayer request: we want to pray for your intentions. We also forward your intentions onto various nuns, convents, monasteries, to pray for your intentions, as well. So please leave your prayer request.

Do not post last names in prayer request. Thank you.

Please check out our:
  • Top prayer videos on YouTube (you can mute the voice if you don't like it; it's for people whose first language isn't English).
  • How God found a man and pulled him out of darkness: Marino Restrepo testimony (video, outgoing link)
  • The best place to start for solving every problem in your life: consolation in every trouble, every necessary grace, healing family, peace in family, source of infinite mercy of God--Promises God has made to those devoted to the Sacred Heart
  • Praying for a relationship? (Or praying for anything, for that matter, even removing a curse). Click & read this first. It is a definition of "idolatry" and how idolatry makes us miserable and how we need to seek God first in order to be happy, have a curse removed, to be able to love one another, etc., and remove our idolatry so that God will hear our prayers. Updated 6/22/17 – my last writing for a while, or possibly ever (according to instruction by my spiritual director)
    About relationships: True Equality between men and women, and all types of relationships (parent-child, friends, family, spouses) in God: all people are made in the image and likeness of God and there cannot be equality between any peoples without first sincerely seeking and loving God and practicing virtue, particularly humility and purity, and loving one another out of love of a sincere God. Avoid close relationships not like this.
  • Healing from Depression, Anxiety and Stress: A Resource and Research Guide (Including Spiritual Healing); see also Three Stories of People Who Hit Rock Bottom, Including Suicidals, which is part of the same post Updated 6/22/2017 – Life update, at the bottom: Devotion for overcoming addictions (drugs, alcohol, sexual addiction), how to overcome the spiritual influence of sexual contact or spiritual-sexual molestation, devotion for overcoming psychological disorders, etc. Additional devotion information at the bottom of the post.
  • Spiritual Healing After an Abortion
  • Rosary of Liberation: 33 Stories of God's Intercession in People's Lives, Answered Prayers, Liberation from Misfortune/Curses. Healings, both spiritual and physical. Lives turned around, freed.
  • Recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Healing and all Graces from God: "God: Encourage souls to place great trust in My fathomless mercy. Let the weak, sinful soul have no fear to approach Me, for even if it had more sins than there are grains of sand in the world, all would be drowned in the immeasurable depths of My mercy." A continuation of the "Healing from Depression" post; very powerful spiritual healing and huge outpouring of God's Mercy, ESPECIALLY for people who don't believe in the great goodness and Infinite Mercy of God/people who have messed up/people who have hit rock bottom/people who have damaged their life with the occult/people who feel a desire for a spiritual life and the spiritual world! Very complete explanation on this devotion and God's mercy. Very good even if you already know how to recite the chaplet of Divine Mercy. Includes information on how God spiritually heals us through prayer and how He heals us through the Passion of His Son, as well as spiritual exercises for removing personal faults, sins, others' curses, and for healing.
  • Deliverance Wheel Worksheets (Removing Curses) post. Helpful information so that your life is no longer falling apart from sin and false idols
  • Not experiencing God's healing after repenting of your sins? How friends who are living far from God can prevent healing and how you can help those people and yourself
  • New Why isn't my prayer answered/is it a curse to not have what I want in life?
  • Father Amorth, exorcist, on the topic of removing curses
  • What is a Shame Curse? It is a message from family or society or ourselves that we should not exist. Everyone has experienced a shame curse. How to lift it and is in that post and the Divine Mercy posts (linked below) because it requires appealing to God's Mercy for healing. Extreme form results in a "state of confusion, despair, aggravation and restlessness, suffering, feeling that every moment is futile, exhaustion that is not just physical but on a much deeper level, anxious and in pain to the point of feeling like death, feeling severed from God and like there is no more hope, everything provoking fear or overwhelmed feelings or a desire for revenge, and there is no longer any understanding of anything." 
  • A different article: The Problem with "Friends": how friends can curse you and destroy your life and soul.
  • Justified by Works?
  • Divine Mercy II: the Kingdoms of Light and Darkness: A spiritual explanation of Light and Dark in a soul and the power of the Divine Mercy chaplet.
  • Prayer of Spiritual Warfare
  • Saint Philomena Page: She is patroness of impossible causes, bringing families back together or bringing people together, miracles big and small, financial troubles, mental health issues (depression, disorders, anxiety), and especially good for those suffering from a curse of from playing with the occult (she's a deliverance/exorcism saint), or to pray to her instead of playing with the occult because her intercession is so powerful with God that you will see amazing things happen, as well as long term effects of her intercession.
  • New! We've also uploaded two booklets combined called Spiritual Warfare Prayers and Saint Michael the Archangel, the first being a book with prayers on healing the spiritual aspects of psychological events (these prayers can be said daily), including deliverance prayers, and the second being a booklet about Saint Michael the Archangel and prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel, also for deliverance and spiritual healing. If you want to download it, you'll need a PDF viewer: Free Adobe PDF viewerFree Foxit PDF viewer, for people who can't use Adobe.
  • Lifting Curses Caused by Playing with the Occult or Being Subjected to a Curse (Including the Curse of Misfortune) post. The occult includes: astrology, rejecting God, numerology, taking God's Name in vain, ridiculing God's power, using His Name as a curse/swear, "spells," "love spells," New Age, claiming to be God, divination, drawing lots, burning sage/nature worship, talking to ghosts/unknown spirits/necromancy/ouija, curses, tarot, fortune tellers/witchdoctors, opening/cleansing chakras, "Saint Death"/Santa Muerte, SantarĂ­a, voodoo, sex magick, wicca, ceremonies involving killing animals or people, contacting spirits, seances, worshipping someone or something in the place of God, blaspheming God's Holy things, polytheism, giving value to anything above God (known as false idols, which are anything, whether it is a sin or not, that you place above trusting in God's Infinite Mercy; commonly includes: unnecessary fears, exaggerated anxiety, sex, porn, money, a relationship, winning/success, being abusive, ridiculing others, opinions of others, gossip, bragging, any thing or sin that keeps you from God, anything contrary to God's plan for peace and joy in your life; not all of those things listed are necessarily bad things, although some will leave us empty and hollow and depressed in the end, but putting anything higher than God, even if it isn't bad in and of itself, makes us miserable and empty, and if we have no spiritual life at all, then we have no way of avoiding this, so this post will help a great deal; see story of the people who hit rock bottom and were suicidal to understand what it means to have no spiritual life and "false idols") all of which curse your life and opens the door to extremely destructive demonic activity which destroys your life and the lives of those around you
  • Dealing with Demons long post good for those who have played with the occult (see above list)
  • Prayer for the Deceased
  • Meditation on Our Lady Santa Maria de Guadalupe
  • You are God's Art: a lifetime of conversion
  • Trying to understand constant change in life and learning to trust in God
  • And all Bold Radish Posts (many more not listed here)
You must pray to God daily and increase your devotion to Him, especially during periods of your life marked with distress: "And being in agony, he prayed more fervently." (Luke 22:44) Praying more to Him, reading the writings of real Saints about devotion to Him, that is called "seeking God," and you must do that if you have any problem or an intention of any kind, even if its that you want a relationship or you need financial assistance. God is at the heart ofs everything, and being with Him, working with Him, can help you fulfill the dreams that He placed in your heart. You must pray more and seek God, never stop seeking God.

This is because God helps those who turn to Him, trust in Him, and depend solely on Him. God uses these periods of stress in your life to call you to Him, to a greater devotion to Him. You must answer that call so He can help you.

Seeking God will end up making you very happy and joyful, and you will be filled with a peace the world cannot give you: "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled of afraid." (John 14:27) There are many links to many saints' writings in the above articles that will help you understand how to love God and accept His love and mercy in your heart, and how to trust in that mercy.

About our prayers for you: They do not substitute your personal prayers to God, but compliments them. He said: "Again, amen, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”–Matthew 18:19-20.

Therefore, if you pray daily and I pray daily for your intention, God will hear us. And if the intention is for your good, He will answer it. And if it is not answered in the way you imagined, then He will give you something better, that you cannot even imagine yet. You can also unite your prayers to the prayers of your guardian angel: he will help pray with you, he is always watching out for you and ready to pray with you if you just ask him.

You can also unite your prayers to the prayers of your guardian angel. He's there, praying over you, even if you never thought about him or realized him before. You just have to pray to unite your prayers to his, thus inviting him to pray with you, and he will gladly oblige. (See Divine Mercy post for St. Faustina's interactions with her guardian angel.)

"I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture. A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd."–John 10:10


Keep praying. Have faith. Have peace. Trust in God who loves you. (Read more here about prayer and trust in God's Mercy)

Yet it was our pain that he bore, 
our sufferings he endured. 
We thought of him as stricken, 
struck down by God and afflicted,

But he was pierced for our sins, 
crushed for our iniquity. 
He bore the punishment that makes us whole, 
by his wounds we were healed.

Who would have thought any more of his destiny? 
For he was cut off from the land of the living, 
struck for the sins of his people. 

Because of his anguish he shall see the light;
because of his knowledge he shall be content;
My servant, the just one, shall justify the many,
their iniquity he shall bear.

Therefore I will give him his portion among the many,
and he shall divide the spoils with the mighty,
Because he surrendered himself to death,
was counted among the transgressors,
Bore the sins of many,
and interceded for the transgressors. 
–Isaiah Chapter 53 

Like hovering birds, so the LORD of hosts
shall shield Jerusalem,
To shield and deliver,
to spare and rescue.
–Isaiah Chapter 31