Friday, March 12, 2021

St Joseph, patron of purity and family

 St Joseph is a patron of purity and family. He wants purity for the whole family. He is distraught by impurity in any member of the family, because impurity destroys the family, creates inequality and brings the devil and vices into the family, and ruins lives and souls. Hence why I think, in pagan false religions, the patron of the family is a female diety because of the physical reproduction, but i think in Catholicism, which is God's religion, it is St Joseph who is patron of the family because of the beautiful purity of his soul and his sincere concern for all the souls of the family, wanting them all to go to Heaven and reach their full potential in life. God is much more concerned about the soul of people, it is the soul which He judges us or approves of us by.

Joseph wants to help every member of the family with whatever his or her work is. Everyone has to do work, and he is the patron of work. He loves us all equally and he wants to see us reach our full potential and protect us and help us to protect one another. He does not think of us in worldly terms but he sees us all in the context of eternity and God. I have protected my family from many bad things, even though I am the youngest and female, which in the erroneous world's eyes, I would have to be the one protected; but by Saint Joseph's help, I have protected and saved my family, even despite sin, and even members of the family who are sinners. He has helped me in so many ways.

He will help anyone who comes to him! Because he is perfectly humble. Sirach, 3:17, one who conducts his affairs with humility is loved more than a giver of gifts. This describes every Saint, but also Saint Joseph, and as he is patron of workers, and we all have work to do, he will help us to do our work with sincere (not false, for show, but real) humility and gentleness, as he himself worked during his mortal life.

He is a very good daddy.

He wants us ALL to go to Heaven, spend eternity in Heaven with him, his Stepson Who is God Himself, and his holy and spectacular Wife, the Crusher of Demons, Mary most holy. What a wonderful, awe-inspiring family!

Mary is the example of every Christian because she followed Jesus perfectly as we are all called to follow Jesus perfectly.

But, so too, St Joseph is the patron of all Christians because he lived perfectly with Jesus and Mary, as we are also called to live perfectly with Jesus and Mary!

I am in awe when I talk to St Joseph. He has a real concern and love for me, as I know he has for everyone. He is a beautiful soul, he is so pure and full of true Christian love that brings so much comfort from God into our lives. Yes, there are prayers to Saint Joseph, which are good to pray, but also please, speak to Joseph in your own words about your problems, and know this holy father hears you and wants to obtain a true conversion and true faith for you.

This is the statue of Saint Joseph I have had on my desk for some time. I like to speak to Saint Joseph, and I hope you do, too. Saint Teresa of Avila used to leave a statue of Saint Joseph in her place in a convent when she went away, asking him to keep watch over everything, and when she returned, asked him for a report. People saw that statue's mouth speaking to her, and she could evidently hear what he was saying, though no one else could!

I have also heard stories by people who were not Saints. A young boy was careening down a hill out of control on his bicycle when he cried out, Saint Joseph help me and I will pray 5 Hail Marys in your honor! ... The bicycle miraculously slowed to a stop, in a way which could not naturally happen, and the boy prayed the 5 Hail Marys in honor of Saint Joseph.

I also heard of (and saw a new report about with pictures!) a shop keeper whose street was being flooded, and he had to evacuate. He left a very large statue of Saint Joseph on the floor of his shop (it may have been a resturant, I can't remember) and he told Saint Joseph to look after the place. Everyone else had damage on the street but the water stopped at the foot of the Saint Joseph statue and would not go further! I have seen miracles like this, living in a hurricane and flood area, and so I believe the news report (which was in America, a non-Catholic country) and the photos. Everyone on the street, although not Catholic, was in awe and wanted to see the statue and the miracle.

We have a prayer to Saint Joseph, which is a video, and one person left a comment that s/he (it was an anonymous comment online, I do not know the person who left it) could not pass a particular test, which s/he had taken many times and failed, but then s/he prayed the prayer in the video every day and Saint Joseph helped him/her pass the test!

There is also a lot of problems with the grievous sin of reviling language and foul language. St Joseph is not recorded saying anything in the Bible, although he certainly spoke in his life. But for this reason, if you go to confession and pray to Saint Joseph every day to not even think reviling language or bad words, and to be protected against being around that bad language, and to speak gently to others, Joseph will help you and free you from these grievous sins and give you the virtue to be godly gentle.

Saint Joseph has a LOT of concern for you. He is very, very loving sincerely, he wants to see you go to Heaven. He is a VERY good guy.

Devotion to Saint Joseph fits in perfectly with devotion to God through the Holy Rosary. Joseph loved his wife and his Stepson and was in awe of their virtue! You can ask Saint Joseph to contemplate them and to help you pray and to pray with you. He will be glad to pray the Rosary with you from Heaven! Sometimes people do not have anyone to pray the Rosary with them, but if you ask Saint Joseph, you will have a friend who will pray the Rosary with you — the Saint himself! A priest told me that the title which honors Saint Joseph the most is, "Spouse of Mary," so YES, Saint Joseph is a wonderful prayer partner of the Rosary! I cannot think of any better!!

Here is a picture of my statue of Saint Joseph from my desk, please feel free to say Hello to him today, now!

(This statue always photographs so well, I've taken pictures of him before, ...even with my cell phone camera like you see here, that I've always thought that's got to be a miracle in itself...)

May Joseph hold you in his holy and pure hands, pressed to his wonderful heart, the way he holds the Infant Jesus! Cuddle close to this wonderful Saint!!!

We are called to be imitators of Christ. Please contemplate how Christ sleeps so peacefully and securely in the arms of Joseph and Mary, and adopt this holy trust and confidence in them, that they may carry you from sin and the Devil, the way they both carried Jesus out of the grasp of Herod when Jesus was an infant. Herod was a physical threat of physical death, but Joseph wants to carry you now from the threat of sin. Just as he wept holy tears during the flight into Egypt, Joseph weeps for all souls entangled in sin, and is ready to help lead you away from sin and the Devil! 

As well as befriend you and help you practically do your work and practice virtue in your day-to-day life!

I love you, and so much more does St Joseph — have good confidence in him, and have a nice day!!!

(I know this is not the year of Saint Anne, but I also recommend devotion to Saint Anne. It seems that, when you are adopted into the holy family, Saint Anne will also come into your life. The same way a new baby is born and, in a holy family, the whole family wants to come and bless the child, so too, when you are born into a relationship with God, and strive to sincerely become a child of God through prayer and devotion, Saint Anne will also come into your life. She is most powerful of all the Saints, a near-omnipotent matriarch because of God's Law of holy obedience to parents, and Joseph, and Mary, and Jesus, all love her and obey her, and she loves them, and she loves you, too! Saint Michael and your guardian angel will also come into your life so much, also! In this way, you will have a very BIG holy family! Everyone wants to come into your life! And everyone will want to help you turn away from sin and away from the world and turn towards God, and you will have happiness in God that cannot be found in the emptiness of the world. God bless you!!!)

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Priest exorcist warns public on the danger of patronizing horror films 

Fr Fortea suggests that reciting the Rosary daily, making the sign of the cross with Holy Water, and frequenting the sacraments of Confession and Communion are powerful ways in which to keep the devil away. ❤ 

 Fr. Amorth said that violent thoughts, inspired from perversely violent movies, also causes demonic possession which is difficult to get rid of. That and promiscuity and sexually perverse thoughts. 

 Galatians 1:3-5: "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself for our sins that he might rescue us from the present evil age in accord with the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. AMEN."