Friday, March 20, 2020

If you hold an image in your mind and try to manifest it, that is witchcraft.

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"If you hold an image in your mind to try to manifest it, that is witchcraft." 

It doesn't matter how the witchcraft is re-branded: New Age, "modeling," Satanism (accurate), malicious animal magnetism, white voodoo, white magic, black magic, magic, yoga, fortune telling, dream interpretation, reiki energy transfer, energy vampirism, transcendental meditation, "believe in yourself," sex magic even pornography or pornographic thoughts, masturbation, rage-filled music, focusing your rage and envy against a person to destroy him or her, revenge (even the revenge of "living a good life", showing off), blasphemous words, abusive words, lack of forgiveness, keeping company with bad people — a whole variety of other names and practices and sub-practices that are occult and/or sin and do not fulfill the Will of God. 

Men and women who practice witchcraft are, to one degree or another, witches, whether they understand that or not.

Witches, heretics sometimes even like to call the attempted manifestation of their reality "Faith" and will even quote mistranslated things from the Bible or phrases out of context from the Bible to falsely support their deluded and sinful stance. 

That is not what Faith is. 

Witches will have to pay for their witchcraft when they die. They have invited the Devil into their lives and the lives of others (which is what a "curse" is, the forceful invitation of the Devil into the lives of other people through sin, especially sin of occult/blasphemous practices). 

Satan means "accuser." Demons are merciless, they will demand the most extreme and horrible "payment" for every time they "helped" a witch during his or her life. 

Even if the witch thinks he or she achieved the desired goal of the practice of witchcraft through his or her "own power" or "psychic power" or the "power of gemstones/crystals" or "horoscopes" or "magic." 

There is no such thing. 

It is demonic. 

The unclean spirits — the demons — one makes relationships with when one practices witchcraft, witchcraft under any title or guise, will be the demons who get to torture the witch after death, whether in Purgatory or in eternal separation from God. 

Witchcraft is not prayer. 

Magic is not religion. 

The most powerful weapons against witchcraft are the Sacraments of the Church — Baptism in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Sacramental Confession which is as powerful as 10,000 exorcisms, and frequent Communion. 

If you have practiced witchcraft (under any title or guise), you need to repent and go to confession, as well as sever ties with all people and things that led you to witchcraft or that you used in your witchcraft. 

Why sacramental confession? 

Firstly, it is the Devil that will tempt you to be either afraid of confession or rage-filled towards confession so that you will not go and cannot be freed from his grasp. 
You may also be tempted out of pride to think your sins were "too bad" for God's infinite and omnipotent Mercy and that there is "no hope" for you. 

Such thoughts and fears are from the Devil, and as such are lies which you should just ignore. They are powerless, just empty lies. God is Truth, and all powerful. 

The Devil does not want to lose a client so will try to prevent your soul from coming back into communion with God with "smoke and mirrors," illusions and empty fears. It is meaningless and nothing, just ignore. 

Pray for strength and help from God. God will help you. God is omnipotent. 

God's Love for you is infinite and more than you can ever want to avoid the consequences of your sins, God wants you to avoid the consequences of your sins, by giving you the grace to not sin when you repent to Him, particularly through confession, and through prayer to Him. 

God's Love for you is not only infinite, it is omnipotent. If you pray to Him, tell Him that you are a sinner and beg Him for His help to be made into someone who is more pleasing to Him, He will help you with His grace. If you are afraid, tell Him so. He will console you, give you strength to come to Him. 

Jesus established sacramental Confession after His Passion, before His Ascension into Heaven. John 20:22-3. This is because His Passion pays the debt of our sins and the power of His Passion and Resurrection flow from the sacrament of Confession to bring your soul back to life, out of the hands of the Devil and into the true Life of God. 
22 With that, he breathed on them, and said to them, Receive the Holy Spirit;
23 when you forgive men’s sins, they are forgiven, when you hold them bound, they are held bound.

Just as Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, though hidden, so Jesus, Who is God Himself, is truly present in Sacramental Confession. 

The opposite of self-hate is not self-love. That is still self-focused. It will make you brittle and blind to God, idolatrous to the self, and to everything else, replacing God with yourself.

The opposite of self-hate/love is to seek God sincerely, where He can be found.

We cannot heal ourselves. We did not create ourselves. 

Only the God Who created us can recreate us. 

We are the creation. 

God is the Creator. 

Therefore we have to go to Him, where He can be found, where He declared Himself to be found. 

He can be found in the Sacraments that He established in His Church on earth. 

Through them, He extends His ministry seen in the Gospels. 

All throughout the Gospels, Christ forgives people their sins prior to healing them.

Christ Himself forgives us our sins.

In the Confessional, the priest is merely a veil; only God can forgive sins, which is why when you enter the confessional, the formula is (was) “bless me Father for I have sinned.”
(It was only in anti-Catholic movies/TV where they changed the formula to “forgive me Father”; it is God Himself Who alone can forgive our sins.)

God Himself works through the priest if the priest is in a state of grace. 

Jesus, Who is God, is truly mystically present in the Confessional.

In His set-up of His Church, instead of being limited to being in one place at one time in huge crowds, like in the Gospels, through the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist, God is able to work His ministry within the hearts and souls and lives of countless individuals until the end of time, when they come to Him in prayer and repentance for His healing. 

Pray, and ask God that your life and your soul could be recreated by Him to be pleasing to Him. Truly, sincerely, with your whole being, silently cry out to God for this intention. 

He will hear you and help you. 

You have to respond to Him by praying for the strength to do what He tells you to do (go to confession, learn to pray the Rosary, go to Mass, do holy reading, keep holy the Sabbath, have new thoughts and be a new person in a deep way inside, not sin, give up all that is sinful, etc). Ask Him for help to do all these things: as a most loving Father, God will help you. 

That is the kind of prayer God wants to hear and will so readily answer. 

He wants you to want to know and do His Will. He wants to help you give up sin and falsehood and pride for virtue and truth and meekness and humility. 

He wants to give you Himself in confession and the Eucharist. 

But you have to respond to His grace. 

You have to read works by Saints about Him. They know God. That’s why they’re Saints. 

You have to pray to Him in the manner He's set before you (such as the Rosary or some other devotion and learning how to speak to God in your own words in a way pleasing to Him). 

If you want to respond to Him and don't have the strength to, ask Him for the strength to. 
Pray to Him and ask Him to make you so you can pray the Rosary. Pray to be able to pray? Yes! Strength only comes from God, for the purpose of returning to God through a holy act such as prayer. 

You'll have to struggle, yes, but if you pray to ask Him for help, you'll succeed. 

If you don't ask Him for help, and try to "push your way through" or "do it on your own," you'll not only fail, you're missing the whole point. You're back on the track to witchcraft, to wanting to "be" God. 

The root word that makes up the word "religion" means "to tie." 

Religion is about a personal relationship with God. 

Your personal relationship with God; God's personal relationship with you. 

Religion is having your eternal Father in Heaven, Thrice Holy and Infinitely Merciful, Love Himself, tie your immortal soul and your life to Himself. 

So that during your life on earth and after death, you will be deeply enmeshed in the God Who truly Loves you, with such a powerful love that it could only last for all eternity. 

He does this tying through humble and sincere prayer, through Baptism, through Eucharistic adoration, through holy reading, through sacramental Confession, through the Holy Mass. Through your repentance and professions of love to Him Who made you out of His infinite Love. 

That is where God can be found. 

Sin keeps us from God. 

God wants us with Him, if we willingly approach Him. He gave us free will. 

He wants to help us remove the sin and all the witches from our lives, if we hand ourselves over to Him. 

Because more than we could ever want to be in His Presence, He wants us with Him. How much He loves us, and when we are obedient to Him, and come to Him with all our problems and sins, to give them up to Him, ... that is when we are loving Him in return! 

Mind cannot fathom what God has prepared for those who love Him. 

That is why it is said, how much God loves everyone and how few love Him back. 

People sample a little bit of love and then, out of pride, pat themselves on the back, say "I have no sin, I am half way already being a Saint!" and no longer dearly seek God. And they want to show off to others their little knowledge or favors, rather than continuing to seek God. 

True love never says "enough." True love always wants more. Those who truly love God always want more experiences with Him. 

If you think you are God, if you think your thoughts manifest reality, if you think you are without sin, you can never have a real relationship with God. 

Even if you call yourself a "good Christian," unless you actually go to God Himself, where He has revealed Himself, you are not a Christian. 

God loves you.

Mary loves you. 

Your Guardian Angel loves you. 

Every Saint and Angel in Heaven loves you. 

The Devil and his legion hates you, wants to destroy you, give you the cup of poison that they've promised is the answer to all your suffering, but will only bring down onto you more suffering than can be imagined, because our minds cannot fathom the horror that is prepared for those who turn from God, neglect Him for the Devil. 

Relationships with one another and good works are important, but if anything in your life, no matter how good, takes away from your prayer time, the Sabbath (which is the best time for holy reading and extra prayer), daily quiet prayer time with God, then it ceases to be good. 

Go to where you are loved most of all: God Himself. 

And how greatly you are loved!