Sunday, May 17, 2020

Requested Prayer Response

This resource did not exist when I replied to this beautiful soul in '20. 
Please visit resource - and see videos (deliverance sessions and "pray with me") for great healing from financial curses and all curses, as well as prayers for healing.
I hope this woman and her family are doing well. I love the children of Mary - they are precious people I feel unworthy to serve. Beautiful souls.

A reader wrote:

I have a hard time deciding what words to choose to make it understood that our financial stress has been almost constant for the past 29 years, and how literally each year is worse than the one previously. I am not exaggerating the trial. Ultimately husband has failed his law practice due to the final blow of having been criminally targeted by a criminal employee, then finally charged for their crimes. A lawyer is responsible for the crimes of his employees, even if he is unaware they are doing them.

We are not fancy and have never been. We look poor because we are poor. Over the years clients have not paid their debts to him. He has been extorted and blackmailed by some people. To save our lives we paid. And so we lost our first home. Then ten years later we were able to get a second home and it got foreclosed also.

I am mentally ill. My two oldest daughters are mentally ill. We need psychiatric care and medication. We have lived with family for the last decade, and I cared for my mom before she died a painful death. My brother abused us all psychologically meanwhile. Now we are looking for work for passed year actively and nobody will hire my husband. Every interview fails. Before the covid 19 quarantine we were financially and mentally suffering---now it is only worse. We need money for food and clothes. We want to finally have some predictable money. I don't want fancy things---just enough to buy what we need.
Pray that we can have a peaceful life. We go to mass regularly and I pray the rosary. We are devoted. All we ask is for what we need before we die.

We reply:

Thank you for your prayer request, it is very moving. It is very touching.

Thank you for your devotion to Our Lady and to Jesus in the Eucharist.

I will try to recommend some prayers and devotions to you.

Two of the most powerful devotions I have come across, especially for overcoming attacks by evil people, are the devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus and Our Lady of Good Success.

I've mostly prayed the Chaplet of the Precious Blood, and the Consolation/Adoration prayers. You yourself can decide what you want to pray. Here are the promises Jesus ascribes to these devotions:

Jesus promised St Maria Faustina that He would protect and help all those who depend wholly on Him, so i think that you will be protected. Thank you for writing in.

Here is a website on Our Lady of Good Success.

I prayed the Chaplet because I like chaplets. I simply told Mary where my failures were and she helped me.

At the time, I had difficulty breathing and always felt like I was going to pass out. This prevented me from eating very much and therefore I could do very little, literally. I told her I had failed in breathing. I prayed the chaplet. Suddenly I could breathe. I told her I failed at eating. I prayed the chaplet. Suddenly I could eat. I listed all my failures in my whole life and I prayed the chaplet every day out of thanksgiving to her, but I never received any more healings until I went to confession monthly and prayed the Rosary of Liberation all during the entirety of the weekend Masses, begging God for liberation. 
(There are also some bold radish videos of that prayer.)

I believe my petitions for liberation were answered when I was given as a gift the book "The Story of Our Lady of Good Success and Novena An Abridgement of the Book by Rev. Father Manuel Sousa Pereira," $10 from amazon. I became sicker and wasn't able to go to confession monthly, which was OK, because I had gone for about 5 months and it was very good. I have daily prayed many many novenas to Our Lady, for me, my father and my sister, that we be healed of various ailments, sins, imperfections, difficulties. I have been healed of disassociation, trauma, possession/spiritual obsession/spiritual affliction, hypomania, depression, anxiety, despair, feelings of being hated, overwhelming spiritual afflictions of feelings of guilt, hypomania, anger, insomnia and difficulties sleeping, adhd, intrusive thoughts, constipation, attacks on us from other people as well as spiritual attacks, just to name a few, and I have also seen my family who attends Mass and is devoted to God healed of all of these things as well. We also began praying the Rosary together. 

You can pray for your job and finances and also all your health problems. Pray against being destroyed. There is a lot of very bad spiritual activity associated with people's attacks, but if the spirit who is bringing these people who are trying to destroy you is cast out, and God protects you from them, then they will all go away. Jesus and Mary will throw the attacks down. Pray that all bad people who attacked you forget about you, too, so they don't want to attack you in the future. This is like a healing for both of you. God showers His Mercy even on the greatest of sinners.

These were problems that were healed were problems that have been with me my whole life. I have prayed for years and years and YEARS to be freed of them, but when I prayed that novena to Our Lady of Good Success, I have been liberated of many many problems. I continue to pray it every day. I know my problems will not be returning, either.

Confession is important. I think that was important. I think that prepared me to be liberated from a great many things through Our Lady's devotion. I repented of things I had forgotten from childhood even. It was... one of the most beautiful and wonderful experiences of my life, I felt God reaching into my soul and pulling up all of this filth. I wasn't instantly healed from it but I have been pretty much instantly healed from everything I've prayed for with devotion to Our Lady of Good Success, so long as I pray for the same healing for the rest of my family that attends Mass. (For example, I had to pray a novena to be healed of insomnia for me, and then one for my sister, and one for my father. Novena to be healed of nightmares for me, for my father, and sister. Etc.) ... As far as I can tell, if you are in the same family and are all sincerely devoted to God, you all share the same ailments to one degree or another. Which is why everyone has to pray, either that or whomever is praying has to pray also a separate novena for everyone.

Pray also to be healed of blasphemies invoked over you. Pray to be healed of hatred, both in you and against you. Hatred and blasphemy are surprisingly closely related because God is Love. Envy, also, is closely related to that. Envy is very very very evil. It is probably one of the powerful curses against your family that is the cause of so much trouble, it's almost always envy. Envy and pride. They go hand-in-hand. Revenge, as well.

Pray to be healed of witchcraft and witchcraft invoked over you. Pray to be healed of gossip against you, blackmail against you, etc. Pray for the whole family. Those are all very very evil things to do to someone. Pray that all evil people stay out of your lives forever. Pray against curses on your financial situation. Pray for money, or financial liberation. But Our Lady is super powerful against the Devil, she totally dismantles his power with effortlessness through her Immaculate Conception. 

Sexism, racism, those are also powerful curses. Sexual curses of all kinds. Sins of the flesh. (In the same vain, being cursed by the parents or family members because of the sex you were born, that is a powerful curse, as well. Like, if they wanted the opposite sex, or even if they thought you -- or another of your family members -- were of higher value because of the sex you/they were born, that is a curse, also. God made men and women equal, He didn't pick favorites, that's human thinking. This is a very common curse, which is why I mention it. It's very worldly. And if it is on one family member, then it is probably going to be on everyone because family members are deeply spiritually connected and these things sort of travel from one person to another.) Stress, pain. Anything in your whole life that you can think of that has ever afflicted you, or your family, including experiences (which you will often find are reoccurring), pray a novena for. (Obviously start with the worse things, what is the most immediate need, and make sure you pray for everyone even if it is not as pronounced in some family members as others.) ... Strangely, also pray against curses on your noses. It's difficult to explain why, it would take an essay. But in brief, the nose is like the heart, it is considered spiritual a vital organ because it has to do with breathing. Moreso than your mouth. Therefore it represents your -- basically, your life. And therefore it is the focus of spiritual attack. I know, it's very usual, God told me and I had recalled my sister having so much difficulty with her nose, nose bleeds and all kinds of problems, so I did, and it was surprisingly extremely powerful deliverance.

(Pray also for healing of your hearts, and also your reigns... which are your kidneys. Reigns = kidneys. This is a Biblical reference. It has to do with animal sacrifices, which our Lord took upon Himself during His Passion. Again, it's... it would take an essay, in the Bible, in the Old Testament when you read a good translation such as Douay Rheims or Knox, the core of a person, or animal, is not always described as the heart, but the kidneys. Those are referred to as the "Reigns." The liver also is important, spiritually, according to the Old Testament, but I haven't gotten around to praying for our livers yet so I can't tell you experiences with that yet because I haven't experienced it, but I do believe it is also important. ... I've been subject to witchcraft and one of my afflictions was on my kidneys, -- which is weird to think, but... that's what happened. The Bible was correct, they are your core. It is unfortunate that new translations often replace kidneys with "heart" to mean a person's core or innermost being. Certainly the heart is very important, in old mysticism described very well in the Philokalia, the heart is where our nous, or our consciousness, resides, which is why the New Testament says that "Mary kept all these things in her heart," meaning that she contemplated certain events all the time in the light of God. As a people, we should stay true to the original translation of what was originally written, because it will end up being correct in a mystical sense, and that is the sense we need to understand in order to overcome certain trials.)

Pray to be healed of the effects of narcissists (and narcissism, and to have all narcissists out of your life -- all one novena), sociopaths and spiritual vampires (a separate novena). Yeah, there are spiritual vampires... sort of. It's demonic, of course, as people can't, on their own, actually vampire off of other people. But it makes sense: we people get our life solely from God truly present in the Eucharist. God is Life. If there is someone who has rejected Jesus in the Eucharist, s/he will seek "energy" elsewhere (which is why SO MUCH of the occult and paganism is focused on "energy"). Therefore, yes, through demonic interference, a human can spiritually "leech" off of another person (although it is really the demonic attachment on the "vampire"). 

By extension, all narcissists (even if they claim to be Christians) have replaced the worship of God with the worship of themselves. Therefore, they are all "energy hungry" and therefore spiritually dangerous. (If they pray to be healed of narcissism, God will heal them. Narcissism in Catholicism is considered a demonic personality disorder. Because it is chiefly spiritual, against the First Commandment, that is why there is no psychological cure for the "disease." Because it's not a disease, it's a sin, a spiritual affliction, that only God can heal and only when someone repents to Him and asks for healing.) All sociopaths are narcissists, although not all narcissists are sociopaths. Anyway, pray separate novenas to be healed of both of them, and perhaps another novena to be healed of any spiritual "leeching" that others may do.

If you have family who does not attend Mass, rejected God for atheism or sin, or is involved with the occult in any way, including New Age, Yoga, chakrahs, "believing in themselves," or anything else that is explicitly against God and all that is in the Bible (I don't know about protestantism, I have never been related to protestants, but a lot of it is so blasphemous against Jesus in the Eucharist and against Jesus' Mother, that I don't know... it seems really bad... it might depend on the sect... likewise, if you are related to lukewarm Catholics who casually blaspheme the Holy Name of Jesus or the Eucharist or Mary, I have been related to those people and I know for a fact that they are very very demonic for doing that and spiritually bad because of their sins), you will want to pray ... probably a number of novenas to be protected against that person spiritually... I don't want to get into details. Just, pray for protection. For each individual person (unless they pray for themselves). That the bad people can't influence your life spiritually. That they can't control your life. That they can't bring people or events into your life. That they can't vampire off of you. That they can't influence your mind spiritually. ... Just... pray. It varies from situation to situation, you might not have a situation that extreme. 

Pray also against cancer. I know that you don't have physical cancer, but there is also spiritual cancer. It's difficult to explain, but I will try again! I was at Mass, and this kindly old man came up to me. He handed me some St Peregrine Holy Oil and a copy of the Miracle Prayer. He told me I looked like I needed help (he was right!) and that St Peregrine had healed him of cancer. He was outrageously kind to do this for me! But... I was too dense. I thought it was nice but I didn't see the point in it because I didn't have cancer? So I left it at home. I had read a story of a woman who converted to Catholicism and she had an interior knowledge that she had been healed of a cancer that she didn't know she had. I realized that this was a spiritual cancer. Nothing exists in the material world that doesn't first exist spiritually... Therefore, you can have wounds on your soul, and even cancer in your life, that is not a physical cancer. I now anoint my family with the St Peregrine Oil every night and pray the Miracle Prayer before bed with my family (it's very short and nice). It's been very wonderful. (I don't mean to load you up with more prayers: if you don't want them or have time for them, you don't have to say them. You can also pray a novena to Our Lady of Good Success to be healed of spiritual cancer, and then it will be gone forever.)

I was reading a deliverance book, "Deliverance prayers for use by the laity" by Sensus Traditionis Press. One of the prayers describes a three-bladed sword of Our Lady, with which she slays the Devil. The three blades of the sword are the words of obedience that she spoke in the Gospels. In the book that contains the novena (which admittedly i have only read parts of, I have mostly focused on daily praying the novena, partially because I was ADHD and that was the easiest way for me to read, but mostly because Jesus is healing me and my family so much through the novena that I don't take time to do much else besides pray), the pious nun Mother Mariana had a vision of Mary with the Eucharist over her heart, holding a long spear, and slaying the Devil with her spear. While praying the novena so much, I have seen Mary holding something like a very long-handled two-handed scythe, with a huge blade, and the blade is her Immaculate Conception, with which she joyously slew the Devil.  When I was first converting, I saw the Devil as a hideous wolf, and Mary always gliding in front of all of his attacks to block them. Then I saw three devils running away from me, and now I understand that that is being fulfilled now as I pray to Our Lady of Good Success for healing for me, my father and my sister -- the three Devils. In this vision, I was a tiger. The stripes represent the scourging of Christ at the pillar to atone for sins of the flesh, as I have been on the receiving end of very many of such sins and spiritual attacks and they have brought me into a deeper relationship with Christ.

I know we should place no importance on dreams, but after beginning my novenas to Our Lady, I had a wonderful dream of carrying a huge sword with me, a sword that was basically as big as I was. I wonder if it is Our Lady's Sword, and I was like a child who gets to have access to her Mother's things.

You can have access to the same spiritual weaponry. Jesus wants to heal us. Jesus loves us.

In the book that contains the novena, one of the prophecies of Mary for our times (the 20th and 21st century are mentioned a great deal) is that it will appear that evil has triumphed. But then Mary, under the title of Our Lady of Good Success will appear, and those who are evil will fall. This goes back to what Mary said in the New Testament, that God has scattered the mighty from their thrones and exalted the lowly.

Well, that may be true for society in general, but it is true for your life specifically! Mary has appeared now under this glorious title, if you turn to her, God will heal you, Jesus will heal you! I am sure of it.

What i have read from the book about Our Lady of Good Success, was very encouraging about suffering and enduring trials united to Christ's Passion, while showing God's great love for souls and His desire to heal us. It reminds me very much of the Diary of St Maria Faustina, although perhaps not as intimate because it is not Mother Mariana's personal thoughts and struggles as kept in the same detailed notes as St Faustina (although there are a lot of personal struggles and detailed notes that will resonate with all readers).

Continue praying the Rosary daily even though you are praying the Chaplet of Success and other prayers. Anoint yourselves with Holy Water before going to bed and when you first wake up, slowly and reverently making the sing of the cross over yourselves while meditating on the suffering of Christ.

Although you must stay away from bad people, you must forgive everyone. I recommend carrying or wearing a pardon crucifix, which is a special crucifix (you can look that up online). Also, a miraculous medal, and a fivefold scapular (doesn't have to be right away, you don't have money right now, that is OK, but if you pray, Mary will get you what you need).

If you have the opportunity to attend any Latin Masses at your local Catholic Church, attend them. I have received wonderful, wonderful graces of deliverance and healing.

I have written about the Precious Blood devotion on a recent post. I was helped a lot from bad people. I do not pray it recently, I mostly focus on Our Lady of Good Success, but they are still very good prayers. When I have finished my list of all the novenas I want to pray for me and my family, then I want to go back to praying the 

There is also devotion to the Infant of Prague, especially for financial and health problems, which I also pray daily because it is such an easy prayer. (I have received very quick financial help from devotion to the Infant of Prague.)

And devotion to St Philomena, I also pray her novena daily. She is also patroness of financial difficulties, impossible causes, deliverance, and mental illness.
They are very short and easy to say prayers.

I read about St Philomena in 2011. My favorite book about her is by Dr Mark Miravalle, called It's Time to Meet St Philomena. It's one of the shorter books about her, but it is to the point and packed with great information. If you do not have money, don't buy it now. But someday, come back to it, buy it. I read it, and I prayed it, and she helped me a great deal. 

One act of devotion to her is to visit her shrine in Mugnano, Italy. (It's kind of dangerous to travel to Italy right now.) I told her, I want to go to her shrine, somehow. It seemed impossible. ... But a little while later, I was travelling to Italy, even though I had no money and had never traveled to Europe before (or since). It was impossible. There was a conference in Belgium I got to go to (back when Belgium was one of the most beautiful places in the world, now I see pictures of it and can't help but weep, but I hope that it will be good again some day). And I got to go to her shrine in Italy, also, although we were only in the country for a day and I only got to go to her shrine for 15 minutes. That was really sad, I remember it so well, it is exquisite. When I left the shrine, I felt a huge black cloud that was furious. It was departing from me. And suddenly, I was not bipolar anymore (I had been bipolar up until that point), and I got off all of these medications. (I would later develop PTSD and other things as a sacrifice to God, but it was so wonderful to be healed.)

It is not safe to travel to Europe but I do not doubt that Philomena will be glad to help you and your family, as well. She is so wonderful and so powerful... words can't describe... she's helped me so much...

Have you heard of an Irresistible Novena to Our Lady of the Rosary? God cannot help but answer this prayer in some way!

It is a novena of 3 sets of novenas in honor of the Most Holy Trinity, immediately followed by a another 3 sets of novenas in thanksgiving, even if your prayer has not been answered. That means 27 days in petition for an intention followed by 27 days in thanksgiving. 54 days in total. If you pray that for financial assistance or healing or anything, God will definitely help you a lot.

Also, ... if you have been reading online about depression for the last decade, you may have come across that the military was exploring the relation between gut bacteria and the development of PTSD. They found the probiotic bifidus to be a great treatment for a wide variety of illnesses (the military doesn't mess around with things that don't work). It's available over the counter and is FDA approved with no side effects.

A few things about it -- you have to drink a lot of water. I just mean, a whole glass when you take it and then make sure you are hydrated throughout the day. Also, you can't take gut-killing foods or supplements with it (such as honey, which is a bacteriacide, or  supplements like magnolia root which are also for depression and anxiety but kill all bacteria, both bad and good). Bifidus is extremely powerful for anxiety and depression. I still take mine daily, it will help prevent ptsd, depression and/or anxiety in the future as well. It helps to manage stress. (You can read the reviews and look up information about it online.)

I found that it made me impossibly sleepy when I first took it, because i had other problems (disassociation). Disassociation is one of the most common responses to stress, and PTSD is a stress disorder, so they go hand-in-hand. Almost everyone experiences some lower forms of disassociation during their lives. (A common one is to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. This is caused by stress.) Usually these experiences are short-lived. I read that glycine helps schizophrenics, who are at the highest end of the disassociative scale. So I bought some glycine (glycine is usually sold as a combination of glycine and HCl, hydrochloric acid, for stomach issues -- I could not take HCl because that would kill the bifidus, so I had to find a glycine, by NOW brand, that was 1,000 mg that was only glycine). I took one glycine for three days, and it really helped, but then I developed serotonin overdose. I stopped taking it but noticed I needed it, so now I only take 1 glycine every 30 days (once a month, I take a glycine). Taking the glycine helped me to be able to take the bifidus without becoming excessively sleepy from it.
(I know that is a little complicated. Most people have no difficulty taking bifidus, it does not make them sleepy. I just want you to know that if you or your family becomes sleepy, try some glycine. And it's another thing to buy unfortunately but it will probably last you for the rest of your lives because you will probably only have to take it once a month, or some very infrequent time. Also, maybe reduce the dose of bifidus, you can take either one or two a day. I take two, one when I wake up and one at night, but my sister takes only 1. I have only had problems when I inadvertently added a new supplement or food that killed gut bacteria and therefore killed the bifidus. ... Also the instructions say "do not refrigerate," so it doesn't need to be refrigerated.)

There is also something called the Utah Paradox. Have you heard of it? the statue of Utah in the US is one of the most beautiful states. It ranks as one of the happiest states to live in. Yet, it has the highest suicide rate, and the highest antidepressant prescription rate, and antidepressants have little to no effect. Recent neurologists believe this is because the high altitude of Utah lowers oxygen levels in the blood (again, back to the nose, back to breathing, this is one of those things we read about around the time of praying to Our Lady of Good Success for curses on our noses -- I know, I know, it sounds really weird, but... that's what God told me and He is always right and He was right again). This lack of oxygen dramatically affects brain chemistry.

Going to an oxygen bar will NOT help these symptoms. The blood itself is unable to properly bind oxygen. Support supplements such as a very special kind of chelated magnesium, B1 (thaimine) and/or a blood builder can help for a wide variety of psychological issues, as well as prescription medication. (If you are low on iron, you can look at your inner lower eyelid. It should be fairly red around the area closest to the waterline, the rest of the eyelid should be flesh color. If it is not a bright red/pink, then you will need to take a blood builder until it is, then you don't need to take a blood builder anymore, unless it drops back down.) : Lower concentrations of all 3 erythrocyte thiamine biomarkers were monotonically associated with a higher prevalence of depressive symptoms

MegaFood Blood Builder 60 tablets (there is a 90 tablet one, if you don't have an iron deficiency then I don't think you need this but you can decide for yourself; too much iron causes constipation, so it might be one of those things you take monthly or weekly, if you need it at all; unless you really need it):

High Absorption Magnesium 100% Chelated (this is not the same as regular magnesium, it is high absorption and chelated. The instructions say take up to 4 a day, two in the morning and two at night, but you can decrease the dose if you want. See what happens. Some people use this for getting off prescription anti anxiety medications because it works as well for them.)

Avmacol and Avmacol Extra Strength is a supplement that has clinical studies and is rather unfortunately expensive but it is good for those who are suffering from autism and also schizophrenia. God will help you get the money you need for medicine and help heal your finances and job problems. I don't know if this is something that you need but if anyone else reading this needs it, it can help them. 
There is a ton of information on their website and also a lot of clinical studies done with avmacol. (It is the best sulphorane supplement.) You can search for all that information on their website and also online.

NAC helps greatly with OCD behaviors (including the desire to smoke, treatment in this clinical study is between 2-3 of these a day)

I mention other supplements in the depression healing post but these listed above are new. And I hope they are helpful. The most important I think is the bifidus, I just sort of think everyone should have that. But certainly many people are also helped by the B1 (thaimine) and high absorption magnesium.

(I was ordered during a confession to pray the Chaplet of the Sorrows of Mary daily. One of the promises associated with that devotion is to have Mary's help understanding religious mysteries. I believe that this devotion has helped me to know what to pray for when it comes to deliverance and the Our Lady of Good Success novena. It's a lot to pray, don't be overwhelmed. And God may help you even without having to say that extra Sorrows devotion, too. I have zero money and had no ability to do anything, so I just had a lot of time to pray. ... But I just thought you should know that I do pray that also and receive graces from that devotion as well. Because it was prophesied that a sword will pierce Mary's heart so that the secret thoughts of many hearts may be revealed, that is why I think God told me through the priest to say that prayer. So... I think that has helped me have the grace to sort all of this out. But ... you can also pray the Rosary "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins," as St Louis de Montfort instructed us to do. You can pray the Rosary for many intentions at once. You can even keep a notebook of intentions, even a file on your computer or on a free online notebook like evernote, with all of your intentions, and then before you pray just say you are praying "for all my intentions." That counts as the same thing. But when you are making novenas to Our Lady of Good Success or the Precious Blood or something, you will want to be specific and mention what deliverance or healing you are praying for.)

Jesus is eager to heal us, particularly through the title of Mary Our Lady of Good Success, which He has given special influence to heal us in these days.

God bless you! Have a great day! Have a great year! Peace be with you! God loves you!

Thank you, Lisa, for your reply! I remembered some additional things:

You gave your mother the biggest funeral that anyone can receive, and that is from the great love that you had for her. People who are dead, the physical ceremony and all of that, doesn't have a lot of meaning. You can't take anything with you when you die. The love and prayers that people have for the dead in their souls, that is what counts to a person at the end of his or her life. So think of it that you have given her the biggest funeral on earth, because you did. And a very long one, too. And maybe she has been praying for you.

You're welcome for the reply, I am very very happy to help a child of Mary. ... I remember St Kolbe, when he was in Japan, one of his converts was a woman whose mother had passed away and she found great solace in taking Mary on as her mother. You already say the Rosary and therefore I'm sure you already think of her as your mother, -- but in a new way, in a day-to-day way, a moment-to-moment way, I urge you to renew and strengthen your adoption of Mary as your mother. 

This will not tarnish your love for your own mother at all; it will strengthen it. It will crown your mother's life on earth because it will fulfill what Christ prophesied for His disciples, that when the grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it produces much fruit. So you will greatly honor your mother by drawing closer to Mary and thus earning so many, many graces for yourself, your family, and for all souls.

St Louis de Montfort in the book "Secret of the Rosary" explains that we can add phrases to the Hail Mary. So for example, if you are meditating on the Passion and don't have scripture in front of you, and want to focus better, you could pray, "... blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus, weeping in Gethsemane." Or whatever, you can make up little bits to help you focus on the events you are contemplating. And you can add those bits to the Hail Mary. (It's a very good book!)

So, maybe you could add, "Hail Mary, my mom, full of grace, our Lord is with you!" when you pray. And maybe that will help you focus on her role as your Mother, both when you pray and also when you are not praying the Rosary. God willed her to be your mother. That was His final act before dying. A person's final wishes are very important. So, this is very significant. In the same way Abraham is the Father of the Faithful, so Mary is the Mother of the faithful in the fulfillment of God's Promise of redemption, the head of God's army as well as the Mother of God's army, the one who crushes the skull of the serpent through meekness and obedience to God and spiritual warfare and the Sacraments...

You are also experiencing a death; not a physical one, nor the death of your soul through sin, either. St Paul says that he died many, many times. The trials of our lives, such as attacks, spiritual attacks, mental illness, and great suffering, are looked upon by Heaven as a legitimate death. You can die many times in your life. Christ will bring you back to life. Like Lazarus. He will make it so you do not die again until the end of your life at a physical death, which will not be the same at all because you will be passing into eternity. ... But He had to wait until your situation had become rotten and stinking, like Lazarus' corpse, before He came to pull your life out of the tomb, so that there would be no doubt in anyone's mind that this is the work of God, and therefore a work that praises Him. (This is what He is doing through Our Lady of Good Success in my own life, so I know it to be true; and when He does this in your life, firsthand you will see that this is true.)

So here are some additions that I thought of after I wrote my initial response to you, it was a lot so I was bound to miss some things.

So when praying that novena to Our Lady of Good Success in the back of that book (or attending a Latin Mass for healing)... there are a few other intentions that you may want to pray for, that I have found to greatly, greatly liberate me and my family.

Based on your response, pray to be healed of hopelessness, nervous breakdowns, trauma. Sadness and depression -- they're two different things. Sometimes people who are left behind after someone dies feel "survivor's guilt." If that's not how you would describe your experiences, then don't pray that.  Pray a novena based on how you would describe your experiences after the death. It needs to be very personal for you, because that will likely be the name of the spirit or the affliction that is being driven out.

When we are weak and going through a lot of suffering, that is when the Devil wants to attack our souls. This is not something to be alarmed about or to become paranoid about or even to think very much about, because that would be a discredit to God because God is so much more powerful than any unclean spirit, and He needs to be our focus. We can only be spiritually attacked to the extent that God allows, and He allows this so that we can come to know Him and what He experienced in His Passion in a deeper and more personal way. He is drawing you closer to Himself.

One of the things (I can't remember if it was Jesus or Mary who said it) that was said to Mother Mariana in the Good Success book, was that, in Heaven, you will look back on all of your sufferings on earth and they will appear as nothing, and you will laugh at them. ... !!! And that we should suffer with joy with our eyes fixed on Jesus' suffering, and with great love for Him. It might not be a joy we feel in the upper levels of our soul, it might be a joy that only the innermost depth of your soul experiences that even you aren't aware you are experiencing. But its there because your soul is happy to be with God. So you can keep that in mind in the higher reaches of your soul when things get to be very painful.

 Jesus wants to heal you. If you've done too much crying or can't cry at all, pray for the water in your body -- which includes a variety of topics including your tears. Physical water is very important, and it is also a foreshadowing of the spiritual waters that Christ will give us, as He said "rivers of living water will flow from within" those who follow and love Him.

So one of the things that you will need to pray against is worms. There are spiritual worms. In the book that Fr Fortea, the exorcist, wrote, he describes that deep wounds on the soul create attachment spirits that prevent healing and leech life from the spiritual wound. The spiritual wound can be caused by a tremendous sin that we committed or that was committed against us, but I also think by traumatic events in our lives that the devil took advantage of to affix himself onto us. Some of these spirits can be named "sadness," "guilt," etc. They often have names that correspond to their function. That is why it is good to not worry about what is a spirit and what is not a spirit, for the most part, and to just pray for the symptom. Whether it has a spiritual attachment to it or not, Jesus will heal both the spiritual attachments related to it as well as the physical, psychological and social symptoms related to it. 

And I've seen with the novena to Our Lady of Good Success, they don't come back. You're going to be sealed against these things in the future from happening again to you. Whether its attacks, financial distress, etc. That's why its important to pray for the whole family that is devout (you only have to pray separate novenas for the immediate family that is devout, or have them pray their own novenas). This will drive the devil truly out of the family and place you in the hands of Our Lady of Good Success. Thus, Jesus will heal you, in a very thorough way.

So I mentioned worms. Jesus speaks of worms in Heck. "Where the worm does not die." Obviously, if they are in Heck, they are spirits. They are not physical worms. So, there are spirits that are like worms, or if you've ever had a bacteria infection like strep, that bacterial infection feeling -- that's what it's like. Only spiritual. Once you say the novena, they'll be cast out forever. I found that everyone was greatly improved, their symptoms improved, their ability to think improved, their attacks of insanity really cleaned up a lot, after I prayed that "worms" be driven out. Mine certainly were. I certainly was able to think better and function better. So praying the novena prayer against worms is important.

Here are some further Biblical quotes as well as some quotes from other places online (don't know the source) about worms. I feel obgligated to include them because at the time of be praying about worms, I felt that sounded sort of "crazy" because so many people who are suffering severe mental illness complain about worms. Unfortunately, now I see why -- there are spiritual worms and probably they need deliverance from these worms. (Either that or they have delusions. I don't know, but then they would need God through Our Lady of Good Success to heal them from delusions.)

"For their worm shall not die, their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh."

"Immediately an angel of the Lord struck him down, because he did not give God the glory, and he was eaten by worms and breathed his last."

"...the worm finds them sweet..."

"Demons are spiritual parasites that want to attach themselves to us and suck spiritual life from us. Left to their own vices, they will weaken us and make life needlessly unpleasant. They are the spiritual equivalent of physical parasites, such as tapeworm or hookworm. Like physical parasites that live in our bodies, there are spiritual entities that can reside in us also. These things can influence our lives in many different ways. This is one reason Jesus came ...

"Worms love darkness and are repelled by the light. John 3:18-19 gives us an excellent comparison: And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved."

So, yeah, worms are real. It won't solve all your problems to pray to be delivered from worms, but it will help you to think and function so that you can continue on praying.

When you pray, you are carrying your Cross with Jesus in a very direct way and you are helping many many unseen and unknown-to-you souls. I decided to wear a crucifix around my neck after I prayed a lot for healing before I was introduced to Our Lady of Good Success. One day, I was praying the chaplet of Our Lady of Sorrows, and I felt a tremendous weight on my ribs, the center of my chest under the crucifix. I ignored the pain, but eventually it hurt so badly that I moved the crucifix. It felt as if a tremendous weight was on my chest, focused under the spot of the crucifix. It was immensely confusing. The crucifix is so small and so light weight. It didn't feel heavier.

Confused, I moved the crucifix over to my shoulder, to keep it off the mysterious spot, and I continued praying. ... A few minutes later, I had almost unbearable weight on my shoulder that effected my whole back. My spine, my hips, everything, as if I had been carrying something very very heavy. The crucifix did not change in weight. I was really confused but it seemed to be wherever the crucifix was. It really seemed as if I was "carrying my cross." I moved it to my other shoulder and finished my chaplet, with the same effect.

The weight of the crucifix returned to normal, it didn't press down on me again, but my back, my shoulders, my chest, and even all my leg muscles were more sore than they had ever been, like I had done an intense exercise for hours and hours. Even my stomach muscles were throbbing. I actually had to treat my muscles, with a hot shower and etc, but I think after a time the soreness just sort of wore off on its own.

I had never experienced anything like that before or after, but it really, really taught me that when we pray, we are carrying our cross with God. It is REAL. I told my dad about it and he said that was a miracle experience. I am very grateful to have experienced it and to know that forever whenever anyone prays, the Cross is being carried with our Lord.

... One of the events in Mother Mariana's life was that she died (she died about 3 times, as well as endured a "living death" as you are now, but eventually she died a final time), and when she died, there was a little nun who was very devoted to Mother Mariana, who was not mourning with the rest of the nuns over the death. And everyone thought she had sort of lost it because of grief, but she was quite cheerful. She said the cause of her cheer was that Mother Mariana had told her that she (the little nun) would enter Heaven on the same day as Mother Mariana, so that they would not be separated. No one really believed it but out of the sorrow of the situation they indulged her and allowed her to stay at the feet of Mother Mariana's corpse during its wake. They went to retrieve her at night, but she had passed on.

You can also pray either that you enter into Heaven when a loved one also enters into Heaven, and another novena that you both do not have to pass through Purgatory (because you are devout, and God will aid you with graces to be more devout and to not sin and to unite your sufferings at death to His, for the expiation of your sins, if you stay devoted to God throughout your life, because Jesus came to save us). And maybe another novena that whomever is left behind, does not suffer from grief so much over your simultaneous deaths, but are rather comforted by God and by the knowledge of Christ's Mercy. Then, you will not have to endure what you did at your mother's death, and nor will the rest of your family, and it will be very wonderful and happy and consoling for you, and God, Who delights in being generous and so kind, will also be very happy.

Always, of course, praying in submission to God's Will, that if He has something better in mind for our souls that He give us that instead. Although still pray with great confidence in God's love for you and desire to help you and heal you and bring you to Himself in eternity. Because that is Jesus' goal. 

Another devotion I wanted to say but forgot, is the Gethsemane Hours. This is to pray on Thursday during the time that Jesus suffered in Gethsemane. It usually involves reading from the New Testament about the time leading up to His suffering in Gethsemane as well as His actual suffering in Gethsemane. His suffering in Gethsemane was more painful to Him than His entire physical Passion combined. He suffered all the torments of Heck within His soul during Gethsemane; if anyone is ever saved from Heck, it is because of Jesus' sufferings in Gethsemane. He foresaw His abandonment in the tabernacles of the world, as well as the ways in which all the graces He came to give souls would be trodden underfoot. What takes place physically first takes place spiritually; therefore the physical Passion is a sort of physical representation of His suffering in Gethsemane. His soul was sorrowful unto death, He sweat blood from intense distress, and He wept profusely, all alone.

So we can keep our Lord company in Gethsemane as His disciples were meant to. It's deceptively easy, just reading scripture, praying a favored devotion... But it's surprisingly difficult to do during that hour. lol. You'll see.

It's usually done 11pm-midnight on Thursday, but as I could not do it at that time for health reasons, I used a global clock to figure out when that hour was in my timezone. So where I live, when it's 11PM in Israel, it is 3PM here, so I prayed the Gethsemane hour at 3PM Thursday. And yes, I do think it "counted," because wow. What graces, what experiences.

I read that some nuns had lit 12 candles to represent the 12 apostles, and sat and sang in a dark room, as they slowly put out each of the lights, to represent how the Apostles abandoned Jesus and He was left alone in the dark. I try to imitate that in a closet with tea candles at the beginning of my Gethsemane hour, because it is a profoundly contemplative devotion, but you don't have to do that if you don't want to, it's not necessary. All that is necessary is keeping Jesus company in that hour.

I also wanted to tell you about my devotion to the Vilnius Divine Mercy Image. I have a post on the Divine Mercy, but Jesus said that when we look upon the divine mercy image (I specifically like the Vilnius one because that is the one that St. Faustina oversaw the creation of herself, although she lamented many things about it I still like it a whole lot), that Jesus looks upon us with the same gaze that He looked upon souls from His Cross, one of complete mercy, and His heart is open to all the requests we make through that image. So I pray/talk to Him almost constantly throughout the day through that image. 

I also leave up savior.orgon a tablet and keep Jesus company in the Eucharist all day and all night too. There are lots of good books for devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist, including "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament" by the missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament, and St Alphonsus Ligori wrote "how to converse with God continually and familiarly" (which was one of the major readings that converted me) and also he wrote "visits to the blessed sacrament and the blesses virgin Mary," another wonderful book. St Therese's Story of a Soul also has a lot about an intimate relationship with God as our Father which also fosters devotion to the Eucharist. ... I have so many Eucharist stories that I can't even begin, but it is very wonderful to always be around Jesus as much as possible in the Eucharist.

It's true that a digital devotion is perhaps not as good as an in-person visit, the same way skyping someone isn't as good as sitting next to them and talking on the couch. But especially if you have so many problems and actually cannot at all visit Him in person no matter how much you want to, or if you want to live with Him always, it is very good to have Him digitally. St Clare of Assisi was sick in bed and she greatly wanted to go to Mass but could not, so God granted her visions of the Masses that took place. They were accurate and true visions, she could recall to the priest who had been there all the events of the Mass. She is the patroness of television. God has not granted us visions of Himself, but He does through the internet or TV when we look upon Him in the Eucharist!

And St Faustina had a vision that she was going to be a Saint during her life, and that when she was being canonized, she was truly present at her canonization, and she was in two places at once, both in Rome and in her sanctuary in Poland. She did not know how this would be accomplished. But on the day of her canonization, it was televised from both Rome and the sanctuary in Poland. So truly, mystically, Jesus is with us when we visit Him in the Eucharist online. (Like I said, it's not the same as in person visits, but it is 100% better than nothing at all and shouldn't be shunned if you want time with Him. That is why it is good to bow and stuff when turning it on or off or leaving the room or at least the floor that the Eucharist is in. There are youtube streams of Jesus in the Eucharist, but I've found that it takes up so much bandwidth and overheats my computer so that it stops working, and thatsavior.orgworks best for all the time, the YouTube streams for short times like praying the Rosary together or nightly prayers together.)

I really became very devoted to Jesus in the Eucharist when I prayed the consolation and adoration prayers of the Precious Blood devotion, though. Which is one of the promises associated with the devotion. A true promise! Our Lord is merciful!

As for money. Sometimes being completely deprived of money can also make someone attached to money or idolatrous to money. You're saying the Rosary so you are probably going to be pretty detached from money and other forms of worldliness, because that is a grace Mary obtains for her devotees, but just to be on the safe side, you could pray for a detachment from money either after praying and asking for money or right before. Probably a separate novena. That's what I'm going to do, anyway. I have not prayed for money yet, I have just been working on healing my family and liberating us, but I do not have the same pressing need that you do. I am so confident God will help me financially because that is important and He told Faustina that He would. He will help everyone. 

I did pray an irresistible novena on the Rosary to have money for my medication. We already could buy it, I just felt kind of sad and guilty over its cost. And then a while after praying it, my dad came into a pocket of money, so I know Our Lady answered my prayer. I also once prayed a novena to the Infant of Prague for some money and now I get a small sort of allowance every other week that I can save up over time for smaller projects. 

Like I said, right now I mostly worry about deliverance and healing and money wouldn't do me any good, but if you ask Our Lady of Good Success for attacks to stop, blackmail to stop, all these bad things to stop, and for your financial situation, for a job, etc., even right now, I really believe she will help you. I don't have a lot of personal testimonies on the subject that I can give you, but I know God will heal you and help you because I've seen God heal us from other things we ask for through the novena to Our Lady of Good Success, Masses and Confessions. Just keep praying for healing from all the mental illness and traumatic events and other things in your life after she heals your family of the financial problems so that you can all have peaceful lives under the mantle of Our Lady of Good Success for the rest of your lives.

I think that's about all I can recall that I forgot to mention in the first reply. You may want to make a novena to Our Lady of Good Success for the soul of your mother, to make sure she is not in Purgatory. (I'm not saying she is but I don't know and it just seems like it would be able to put your mind and soul at ease about anything.)

Update: Just discovered that yes, you do have to also pray for those who are not devoted in your immediate family who live under your roof. Even if they do not go to Mass, do not pray, are blasphemous, are evil, etc. You pray the same intention for them as for the other people in your family (if that is your situation), only you have to understand that God may not be able to heal that person because s/he has rejected God, God may only spiritually protect you from that person. And yes, this has to be for ever intention you pray. But only those who live under the same roof as you.

For example, I had prayed for 3 members of my family who attend Mass and pray. I prayed 1 novena for each of them (a total of 3 novenas) that we would all be healed of anxiety. We received a great amount of relief from anxiety to where, as long as we took all our medication/supplements, we didn't really have anxiety too much. 

There was a fourth member of my family who lives in the house with us who is blasphemous and without devotion and refuses to go to sacramental Confession or obey the 10 Commandments. She was going through a rough spot so I prayed for her to be healed of anxiety also (even if only so my dad would not be made anxious by her) -- 1 whole novena for her to be healed of anxiety. 

When I finished the novena, I took my usual supplements, which I require to get me through the night without problems, and suddenly I was suffering from a little overdose!!! It was so strange because I always needed these supplements (3 valerian root), and the only thing that changed was that I had prayed for all four of us, one novena for all four of the people who live under this roof.

So... I don't need that medicine anymore and in fact, if I take it, it is suddenly an overdose. I couldn't even stand up, which is so weird because usually it is the opposite, I can't lay down to sleep without it! But now, I can't have it any more because I don't need it. It is a miracle! God has really fully healed me!

I do not know if she is healed of anxiety, or if God is just keeping the anxiety that is due her for her sins unto her, and not unto the rest of us, and that He will heal her when she converts some day.

All I know for sure is that, when I prayed that 4th novena for her also, all 3 of us who are devoted were healed. That very evening.

It was ... really a shock. It was a wonderful shock, but I am still trying to grasp this miracle that God has worked, because it happened just last night. It is so wonderful!

If there is a blasphemous person in your household, it is important that you pray a lot of novenas for everyone (including for the blasphemous person) to be spiritually kept away from that person. I think that through demonic assistance, a blasphemous person can influence the thoughts and interests of the people they are connected to. Don't think too much about that, as in, don't become obsessed with the idea "is this my thought or a foreign thought?", because that is only giving far too much power to the bad guys. But I am just saying this so that you will understand that you must pray novenas to spiritually "quarantine" that person, so they cannot spiritually interact with you or the other members of the family, as well as a spiritual "restraining order" against that person, again so they cannot influence you or members of your family. 

So for example, in my situation there are 4 family members, 3 are devout. (Not perfect, but devout.) The 4th is blasphemous. So I pray 4 novenas for us 3 devout ones to spiritually "quarantine" the blasphemous one from us, and if God wants to heal the blasphemous one or protect her from whomever influences her, than He can, but if He cannot because she rejects God's healing, then for Him to just please quarantine her from us.

Then I pray 4 more novenas in the same way for a spiritual restraining order instead of a quaratine. And that closes a lot of spiritual pathways between the blasphemous person and the rest of us.

Because when you sin, you create a relationship with an unclean spirit (demon) associated with that sin. So, for example, blasphemy. Rejecting God. And this connects you spiritually to other unclean spirits as well as to other people who commit this sin of blasphemy. 

But a person in a household, is spiritually connected to everyone else in the household. So this means that the unclean spirit connected to the one person for his or her sins can afflict other members of the household who are not blasphemous (or whatever the sin is). It can bring in other unclean spirits, and it can bring in people who have these spiritual attachments for their sins.

That is why sacramental Confession is so essential. You have to sincerely pray "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins," because if you do not seek to know what your own sins are, and repent of them, and go to Confession** then... your sins that you don't see will tie you to all of these bad people and bad spirits and God will not be able to help you. I went to confession for 5 months, once a month, before I got sick from allergies and then the covid thing, and then I have been praying for months since. So, I still haven't been able to go to confession but I do believe that I am being healed from the graces that I received from going to confession, as well as Mass and as many Latin Masses as I could, before the Churches closed down. I know God is still healing me from those past graces. (I also daily pray a lot of spiritual communions.)

** (for those members of the family who can go to confession, for example young children and mentally challenged/handicapped people cannot go to confession, although they can still be sorry to God for their sins and desire to be better which is good enough because of their age or mental age), 
(also obviously sacramental confession is closed in a lot of places because of communism oh excuse me i mean "health concerns," and God know this so just go to confession as soon as it is open again. God knows what is going on.)

... Do not receive anything other than basic food (not treats) or medicine from such a person. Give away gifts that they give you, donate clothes or furniture that they give you, because they only give you gifts to try to spiritual control you. Do not tell that person about your thoughts or opinions or what is happening in others' lives, nor who your friends are, or your plans for the future, or your problems, or your successes -- absolutely nothing. Don't give them any information. Such a blasphemous person uses any information you give to curse and control you. The objects they give you are spiritually OK for other people (strangers, like goodwill) to use, which is why you can donate them, but you can't keep them for yourself, because the person is trying to curse and control you with money, objects, treats, etc. All of it has to be donated (whoever receives the money, clothes, whatever, will NOT be cursed, it is only a curse if you accept such things from a blasphemous family members trying to control you).

By blasphemous, I also mean anyone involved in the occult. This includes any form of occult, New Age, "believing in yourself", yoga, ouiji boards, wicca, reiki energy, any energy things are occult, tarot, palm reading, witch doctors, horoscopes, santaria, "ghost hunting," seances, reincarnation, pornography (the basis of sex magic), unrestrained sex (thanks to widespread use of contraception and obscene "entertainment," this is one of the things that Fr Amorth said causes very difficult exorcisms because there are so many unclean spirits attached to the person), verbally taking God's Name in vain, meditating violence onto other people (really angry hateful violent music or other "entertainment," for example) etc etc etc, the list is so extensive. 

None of those things are from God and none of those things lead to God. All exorcists say to run a thousand miles away from those who do the occult.

If that is you who practice any of those things, then you have to understand the importance of sacramental confession. You cannot just walk away from those things. You must give them up, yes, but walking away from them would be like writing love letters to a psycho in prison and then thinking you can just stop. Of course, as soon as the prisoner is let out of prison, s/he will stalk  you. That is the same with the demonic spirits. The occult is the most direct path to demonic spirits. If you are involved in the occult, those spirits won't just stop destroying your life, even 20 years later. They are merciless and you invited them in through the occult.

Jesus will kick them out when you give up all those sins and occult activity, go to sacramental confession with an ordained priest, pray a whole lot, are devoted to Him in the Eucharist. Mary crushes the skull of the serpent. Our Lady of Good Success is so powerful. She has been given by God to crush the skull of the serpent.  The Rosary, also. That is why I said to pray the Rosary daily. You pray, you will not need to go to an exorcist most likely. 

Unfortunately, a person involved in the occult in your family affects the whole family, because like I said, we are all tied together spiritually. That is why the spiritual quarantine and spiritual restraining order is so important.

Blasphemy also means direct blasphemy. All occult is blasphemy. But I also mean taking God's Name in vain, hatred of the Church, His Saints, etc. Narcissism is sort of blasphemous because the person has replaced worship of God with worship of self. That is why narcissists are spiritually dangerous people, it is spiritually unclean. And they might have an outward show of religion, but it is not sincere religion, it is to just try to make themselves look good. This is spiritually dangerous because it makes void religion. That's spiritually dangerous, because only religion can tie us to God.

Hatred, I think, is also blasphemous. In this I mean, God is Love. He does not hate anyone. There are people who do bad things, and you have to stay away from them, but you have to forgive them also. Hatred is blasphemous, I am just judging this based on the prayers I have done, what I have witnessed as far as deliverance. Hate-filled entertainment, movies, TV, or music, that depicts vengeance and hate in a good way -- that's... evil stuff. Forgiveness is essential to getting to Heaven. Hate sin, yes. Do not hate people. Do not meditate violence. Repent of this, go to confession for this, and pray to Our Lady of Good Success to be liberated from hate, intrusive thoughts, anger... those are three separate intentions, pray a novena for each one, for each member of your family. Lots of praying, but it is worth it to be liberated from such awful sin for the rest of your life, and so be liberated from all your woes. Is it not? It is. 

God came to free us from sin. You have to pray to be freed from sin, and pray for your family, as well. Whoever lives under your roof. If it is a person who rejects God, then God will simply protect you from that person. But He will heal you if you repent. He really really will. And you will feel so good, and so many problems will be healed. And He will keep bad people out of your life. But you have to pray. 

Repent and pray. 

Pray a lot.

Make many novenas to Our Lady of Good Success, the devil will not be able to stand.

For blasphemy, I also mean protestants (or even lukewarm Catholics) who happen to have a vehement hatred of Mary and the Church and the Sacraments (the Eucharist, Baptism, Confession) because that is... not from God obviously who instigated those things. It is demonic, so you have to pray the spiritual quarantine and restraining order against such persons.