Monday, August 12, 2019

Prayer the Leads to Happiness and Healing

please see for prayers and videos to pray along with an exorcist. He focuses on depression and anxiety healing and experiencing the joy and peace of knowing God.
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Prayer I wrote that helped me very much to be happy, to be led closer to God and therefore be happy. 

It has a lot of influence from homilies, St. Faustina's writings, the Catechism, and problems and sins people suffer in contemporary society, and my own thoughts when I was first converting and repenting.

(It includes a Precious Blood prayer at the end which I did not write. It comes from Precious Blood International which has a nihil obstat. The prayer I wrote has no approval or disapproval, I just wrote it and found it spiritually beneficial, as did another who prayed it, also, in a sort of trial run before being posted here.)

I prayed it daily* and received much grace from God and have been very happy, not in a forced or fake way, but sincerely joyful at times, like I have never been in my memory. I hope that you can pray it daily and are led to a closer relationship to God, to increased devotion to God, so you will be happy, and joyful, as well.

*(Some slight additions were added to make the prayer more universal before being posted.)

It is a consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as well, which is typically prayed at 5PM, towards an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, however you can certainly pray this prayer any time. I sincerely believe it will help you.

It's originally written as an elaboration on St. Louis de Montfort's request to daily pray the rosary "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins."

This prayer is for that intention — to know the Truth and receive contrition and pardon for your sins.

I do recommend, therefore, praying the Rosary.
The best book for learning the Rosary is St. Louis de Montfort's "Secret of the Rosary."

Daily rosary after that to foster devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist which I recommend, and which Mother Teresa wanted everyone in the world to read so they could understand how much God loves them, is from the book "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament" by the Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament. There is a rosary in the back of that book that will get you through the toughest of times.

May God grant you the wisdom to leave everything and follow Him. Amen.

Prayer, ©Boldradish 2019:

My heart is hard like a rock, O Lord. Like a rock in the desert. Full of idolatry, self-will, blindness; a lack of understanding and knowledge of Who You truly are, clouded by my own false perception and obedience to worldliness rather than to You, Who Alone are God forever and ever, Who Alone are Good, Who Alone IS. You are the Creator; I am the creation. I cannot create a new heart in me. I cannot create virtue within myself. I cannot heal myself. No human can. We did not create ourselves in the first place; we cannot recreate ourselves.

But alone, separated from You, cut off by iniquities, I can do nothing at all. You, my God, are the branch, and I am the vine. The worst sin is to say, "I have no sin," because when my sins separate Us, I wither up, and if I lie and say "I have no sin," You cannot free me from my sins and so bring me back to life.

But, through Your servant Moses, You struck the rock with Your rod and out came water, symbolizing the grace that You would cause to come out of my own wretched and hard heart. Your Thrice Holy, Infinitely Pure Heart was pierced on the Cross so that You would grant grace and true wisdom to my own worthless, undeserving heart…

With Your dying breath, You gave me Mary to be my Moses in the desert. Mary is the one who crushes the skull of the serpent, who destroys all heresies in the history of the world. I invite her to crush the serpent and remove his poison from my own soul.

Through the Holy Name of Jesus, through the intercession of Mary, through Your Head crowned with thorns in atonement of all my evil thoughts and desires, please God: grant me sincerity, that all duplicity and all manipulation and all controlling others, false accusations, histrionics — desire to be seen or awarded by people — and all pridefulness may be taken from me; grant me purity that I may no longer be defiled with narcissism and hypocrisy, whose root is idolatry; grant me disobedience to the world, to greed, to worldly success, to worship of the image one presents in front of others, and to the forces of Hell and all fallen knowledge, all occultic and human thinking and teaching, all blasphemy and irreverance and taking of the Lord's Name in vain, and give me obedience solely to You, my God and my King, filling me with a very holy and right-minded fear of God; grant me a heart that contemplates Your Holiness, a heart free from inflicting the abuses of selfishness, discouragement, mercilessness, jealousy, murmuring (complaints), gossip, foul language (cussing, uncharitable words, even in my thoughts), being a busybody, being uncharitable by not praying or helping others or only helping so others will see my deeds and praise me (pride), and all bitterness; sins of the flesh, more than any other reason, are why sinners go to Hell, so please grant me freedom from sin in my words, deeds, manner and dress, how I present myself, recreation, especially in my thoughts and how I think and what I desire, and sobriety from drugs and alcohol always; grant me to see those around me, especially the weakest, as Your brothers and sisters, and grant me freedom from impatience, resentment, condescending attitude, hatred, cruel thoughts, evil desires, anger, all forms of revenge (even "living a good life"), and all that is defiled, because You have said that what we do to the least of the human race, even in our thoughts, we do to You, my God... and You desire to forgive me in Your Presence in Confession and in the Eucharist, so how can I be so hard-hearted as to retain sin towards others?; grant me true knowledge of You, stripping me of all my misconceptions, ingratitides, ignorances and spiritual blindnesses, which cause me to be unspeakably cruel to You Who are deserving of the farthest reaching efforts of love. Please grant me faith, hope, and charity; freedom from anxiety about current events, in my life and in the world, through unwavering belief that You are the One Who saves the world, not a specific circumstance or person (not me, not anyone besides You).

Please grant me discernment about people's true motives, as so many people's lives and immortal souls are destroyed by narcissistic/sociopathic/psychopathic friends and family, and clear up for me my misconceptions about people's motives, good or bad. Please take away all lack of forgiveness in my heart: I am a sinner who does not deserve to be saved by You, yet You demand me receive grace from You, it pleases You that I come to You for forgiveness and grace, so I must forgive others and separate myself from others who are bad so that I will not be led astray or ravaged by the prowling wolf. Please grant me freedom from idolatry to human relationships and freedom from idolatry to created goods, so that I can know and give up bad relationships, and objects associated with bad relationships, and all evil objects or pastimes, as You Yourself said, "let the dead bury the dead."

Is there still spiritual darkness in me? If so, when, O Lord, will you take the darkness from me, and replace it with Your grace? I see You lowered into the tomb for me, into my tomb, to take my place. I do not presume to know where I will go after I die -- Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. I throw myself on Your Mercy. But I know that You are thrice Holy, and only the clean may stand in Your Presence. Sinners deserve not only physical death, but spiritual death, torment in Hell or Purgatory for their sins, and have I not also sinned? But in Your Infinite Mercy, rather than giving me physical death just yet, You have called me to prayer. I acknowledge that I have sinned and I hand my sins to You, that You can take them away. Your Life, Death, and Resurrection pays for all my debts. In Your Infinite Mercy, You have brought me to You, that I may be cleansed by You, and spend what unknown time I have left on earth to learn You, from You, and so be filled with You. I want to despise everything You want me to for love of You. I want to spend eternity with You in Heaven, and I know that You love me so much that You want me to spend eternity in Heaven with You, even more than I want to go to Heaven! Because You are Infinite and I am finite, my love is limited, but Your's is unlimited! No one has cared for me with the patience and selfless love that You have. Will only in my physical death I no longer be offensive to You because then I will no longer have opportunity to sin further? But I believe in Your omnipotence and infinite Mercy, to change me, if it is Your Will. Salvation is not in death; it is in You, in whatever it is that You Will. I love You, I love Your Will: change me.

You are Infinite, and I am finite: so weak, yet so ambitious; so prone to sin, yet so self-righteous, full of self-love and self-pity, macho-ism/false stoicism, perfectionism. I desire to repent and be changed by You! I wish to forget myself and focus only on You! And to be filled with Your Charity, Patience, Obedience to God, and Humility -- even just a tiny crumb of Your Goodness! And what hidden idolatries within me are causing me to worry? Happiness may come and go in this life, but if I lack true joy in the depths of my soul, it is only because I have forgotten You, Your generosity to me and to all souls, Your Goodness, Your Justice, Your Mercy, Your Omnipotence. In Your Infinite Mercy, please change me wholeheartedly forever: a new creature, even in this life, even on this miserable, sinful earth. Wash away my sins in Your Blood, take them far from me, and transform me even in this life to no longer offend You, O Love. Your Mercy Wills that I ask You for this immense favor.

My heart was once burned thrice over by my sins and the sins of the world. Your Own Sacred Heart burns, not with the destructive fires of the world or of Hell, but with Your life-giving Fire, the Fire of Your Love and Mercy, which imparts healing and true life — life in You! I consecrate my heart to Your Sacred Heart, out of love of You, as a response to Your Love. Let me speedily rise to spiritual perfection and perfect trust in Your Ocean of Mercy — Your definition of spiritual perfection, not my erroneous definition. Place but a small flame of Your Fire over my heart, and my heart will be healed… forever transfixed by Your Love and Mercy, discerning Your Will, and leaving behind the chains of sin and all sinful relationships to devil-people and unclean objects and undue fear. Heal me, Lord. Heal my soul. If not for my sake, then for Your own glory, and because You have said that my sanctity will effect the sanctity of other souls, whom You suffered, died and arose from death to save.

If I am productive in all the passing things of the world, but lazy and neglectful in seeking Your grace in contemplation and prayer, how can that help my soul? It will only make me empty, hollow, with a rotting, putrid soul. Please take away my laziness in seeking and obtaining Your grace when and where it can be found, from You, Who give yourself to us through prayer and in Your Sacraments. Please instill deep within me understanding and deep reverence for, and belief in, Your Power and Presence in Sacramental Confession, the Eucharist, Mass, Baptism, and prayer that I may be found worthy to enter into the unspeakable and unimaginable joy of contemplating Your Glory for eternity in Heaven.

It pleases You that I ask boldly, in Jesus' Name, and through the infinite Mercy of His pierced most Sacred Heart, for these graces which I need the most and which I deserve the least: please grant me full and true knowledge of all my sins, sincere contrition for my sins, and a sacramental confession that is worthy in Your Eyes, so that I may be able to avoid the miseries on earth due me by my sins and avoid the pains of Hell or Purgatory; and so You (and to the extent that I am able) can repair all the havoc and destruction my sins have caused in my and others' lives, and so You can bring me into the joys of Heaven; but most of all because You, my God, are worthy of all my love. I thank You from the bottom of my heart, a gratitude words cannot describe, for all the previous confessions of mine that You have heard and all my sins You have forgotten through Sacramental Confession, and I thank You for all priests who have ever heard my confessions. Please enlighten my future Confessor, whomever he may be, that he may understand my confession, and grant him peace and joy, protecting him always in this life, because You accomplish Your Work of Mercy through the sacrifice of his life, his life that he sacrificed to Your Love. I love You, my God — You alone are my Peace.

Matthew 12: [Jesus said] It is from the heart’s overflow that the mouth speaks; a good man utters good words from his store of goodness, the wicked man, from his store of wickedness, can utter nothing but what is evil. And I say this, that in the day of judgement men will be brought to account for every thoughtless word they have spoken.

Precious Blood Prayer: Dear Holy Spirit, My God. Teach me to speak wisely. 
Let me avoid useless thoughts and useless conversations. Help me to speak often for You. Grant that my words may never hurt men of goodwill. May My words always bring consolation to those in sorrow and guidance to those in need. Take my lips and make them Yours. Take possession of my mind and make it an instrument of Your goodness and a channel of truth. I hope to become a man of silence, who prefers to talk to God then to men. In my human conversation, may I always bring them closer to You and You closer to them. I ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen. [Optional, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory Be, or pray while gazing at the beautiful Miraculous Medal.]

God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, take over!

Mary, take over!

Philippians 4: Joy to you in the Lord at all times; once again I wish you joy. Give proof to all of your courtesy, modesty. The Lord is near. Nothing must make you anxious; in every need make your requests known to God, praying and beseeching him, and giving him thanks as well. So may the peace of God, which surpasses all our thinking, watch over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. And now, brethren, all that rings true, all that is holy and commands reverence, and all that makes for right; all that is pure, all that is lovely, all that is gracious in the telling; virtue and merit, if there be any virtue, if any praise of discipline, think on these things.