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Why isn't my prayer answered/is it a curse to not have what I want in life?

I get a lot of messages from parents who want fame and fortune and a good name and/or marriage for their children.

And they say they are cursed because they don't have these things. Or because something bad happened to them.

First of all, I believe in curses because I've seen them. I've seen them ruin lives, I really have. If you read my posts about how friends or family or coworkers can curse you even with the evil of their own hearts, it includes Biblical quotes and quotes from Saints and exorcists.

So I'm not saying that it isn't a curse or that curses don't exist.

But consider a couple of things, too:
God can't bless us if we are living in sin. 
Therefore, the first thing we should pray for is illumination about our sins in the Light of God's Infinite Mercy.

"But I see so many sinners with such nice stuff!"

That doesn't mean they are blessed.

Satan puts no obstacles between a soul and Hell, and attaching a human heart onto all manner of passing worldly things is a quick and easy path to Hell.

Over and over again, He says in the Bible that He can't bless us if we are living in sin. See Divine Mercy articles for God's Mercy in detaching us from sin.

He can't give us anything we pray for if we aren't actively growing in our relationship with Him.
If He did give us what we asked for and we weren't actively growing in our relationship with Him, we would make a false idol out of it, and our hearts would be attached to that thing or person that we got rather than to God.

It wouldn't make us happy. It would ultimately make us miserable, not only in eternity but even in this life.

Think of how many famous, wealthy, successful, married people are COMPLETELY miserable.

MOST of them. 99.99% of them.

It's because of only one reason: they did not seek to depend totally on God.

Only God can fulfill us.

Money and success aren't evil in and of themselves. They're neutral.

But human hearts are weak and quickly make attachments to things, these disordered attachments that go above God. That attachment above God, the being dazzled with whatever it is that is taking our sight off of God, is what is evil.

That attachment is what a false idol is.

I see that someone prays because they are looked down upon. They say because they are looked down upon, they have a shame curse upon them.

I think that, depending on the situation, it might be that a parent making such a prayer request and having such an outlook, might actually be the one guilty of shame cursing his or her children to make those demands of them, getting married and having a high paying job, without considering what God's mysterious Will is for the children.

Discovering God's Will requires so much prayer.

It might be that you have never ever considered what God's Will is until now. Or that you thought prayer was sort of like making a wish on a star or rubbing a genie's lamp and getting a wish.

But God has a will for us, He is not just a mindless "universe" or something that, if we please Him by saying the "right" words or doing the right things or lighting the right colored candle, He'll magically grant us all we ask for.

No, He actually has a will of His own. You often hear the phrase, "God has a plan for us." They're referring to God's Will.

When we don't get what we pray for but instead submit to God's Will and continue to grow in our relationship with Him, He grants us something much better.

Beyond what we could have even thought to ask for. DEEPER than what we could have thought to ask for.

I see this with New Agers. They say things like, "well I'm affirming that I'll get these new pair of shoes. Are you saying God doesn't WANT me to have shoes?"

Shoes, no shoes, it doesn't matter. It's so trivial compared to what God has planned for you.

The material world is so trivial and small and, quite frankly, boring compared to the plans God has made for Him and you together.

But, whatever problems you have in the material world, talk to God about them. Talk to Him about EVERYTHING.

Nothing is too small or insignificant to talk to God about. He will enlighten you.

He would help that person understand why she wants those shoes so badly. He would heal the deeper wounds that caused her to become so brittle, so in pain, so striving, so hungry for something to try to fill her up and make her feel like someone important.

(Shoes can't do that, by the way. Shoes can be nice, but they cannot fulfill the deeper emotional longing that is destroying her life.)

God works so deeply. He is so profound and beautiful. He sees so clearly into the depths of our hearts. He knows us better than we know ourselves, far, far better. He is so infinitely wise, smart, clever, generous, helpful.


So yes, bring everything to Him.

Entrust yourself to Him. He has bigger and better plans than we have ever seen or could ever dream of.

He will fulfill you beyond ANYTHING ELSE. ANYTHING. Relationships, family, shoes, money, a good name, beyond any vice, beyond alcohol or drugs or every sexual partner, beyond gossip or whatever the vice.

That is how people give up their vices in favor of God's grace. Heroin addicts, that drug goes straight to the brain, manipulates the chemicals like a master pianist plays a piano. They will do anything to get their next fix, sell their souls, degrade themselves with prostitution, far beyond what they ever could have imagined they'd ever be willing to do for something. Because that drug so thoroughly manipulates their brains.

And even they give up their false god of their drug because of God's grace, in order to seek God, to experience God in prayer, to have a connection to God.

False gods, no matter how perfect, are never as perfect or fulfilling as God.

All of what the world has to offer is so small, so nothing, so BORING compared to what God has that He wants to share with you. To even be able to communicate with God is so amazing a grace. To even be able to meditate on His Passion has the potential to bring so much into your life.

Seek God first. The rest of your life will fall into place.

There's nothing wrong with having a good paying job or being married or whatever (non-vice), but it might be a shame curse to say that your kids or you are shameful or cursed for NOT having those things.

Those are pretty strong words, saying you're cursed just because your life isn't going as you planned it or because some potentially very worldly people are looking in onto your life from the outside and judging it.

People can be mind-bogglingly shallow: their opinion of you does not determine if you're cursed or not. (Thank goodness.)

They can hurt you with their opinion and insensitivity, and then you might consider if it isn't like a curse to even know such a person because they are so shallow and worldly. Some people, it really is like a curse to know them because they are so worldly. Sometimes, it is a burden we have to carry, a daily cross, because that is human nature when it hasn't sought God.

God will comfort you from all of their hurt, though. Turn to God.

You also might consider if you have ever done anything like that to anyone else, if you have judged someone else in misfortune with insensitivity. And maybe if this isn't God's way of trying to teach you empathy.

I don't know, of course, but it might be something to pray about.

Consider too if suffering isn't a way to get closer to God.

If you read many of the posts on here, which include my personal experiences, by suffering and praying, meditating on the Passion of Christ, I have grown much more to understand Jesus' Passion. This increases a soul's love for God and eternal merit.

But without a close relationship to God, without praying and meditating and reading the works of wise and enlightened Saints (I recommend a few good books in these posts), suffering is confusing, pointless, meaningless, and leads only to more misery.

Does one really know if it is a CURSE to not be married or have wealth or have a good family name? What if it is God's Will so that you can become detached from these things and attached only to God?

That is the greater blessing.

Also consider, what is God's timing for your children or your own life? Does God even WANT your children to have those things? Does He want them to have them right now, or ever?

Isn't the REAL curse to be living in sin and far from God and having your heart entangled with false idols that make you so miserable because you don't have exactly what you want, which wouldn't make you happy anyway?

(Or, a real curse which leads to having a demonic force acting in your life, making you demonically possessed, oppressed, or afflicted.)

Some people can't have a high paying job without it going to their heads and they become very worldly and attached to money or to their own strength, and they forget about God. This can cause them to go to Hell for all eternity. They can't handle it. All eternity, not just a million years or a billion years or a trillion years, but forever. Over some stupid money or a relationship, that took precedence over God in what that person worries about.

When we have a worry, we SHOULD ALWAYS bring it to God. If it's money or a relationship or whatever. We NEED to communicate with God about everything. Every opinion we have, every anything.

We just also need to pray for the intention to be able to hear God, and respond to Him.

Because... hearing God is the only thing that will fulfill us.

There is nothing greater than hearing the voice of God, and those who are touched by it become consumed with it, in a joy greater than anything on Earth, because it is the joy of Heaven itself.

because God's voice is the voice of mercy itself, which brought everything into existence, out of His own Love for us.

Those might just sound like words, but to a soul that has been touched by God, it is awe, it is everything.

And at the same time, it is just the start, because the soul that tastes God, needs more God, and can never stop needing more.


Many people I tell that to say back to me, "But I AM detached for sin and idols and etc. I DO love God more than anything!"

I sort of feel like if you are saying that, then you aren't detached enough from sin and false idols or seeking God enough. (Like they say, thinking you have no sin is the greatest sin of all because it keeps you from God's Mercy acting on your sins.)

Because people who really strive for a close relationship to God always know that they can get closer to Him.

And they always WANT to.

God is infinite, we can get infinitely closer to Him. Those people know that they can be purified more and more from sin and from the influences of the world (idols). They don't say, "yes, I'm close enough!" With love, there is never enough, and a real, personal relationship with God is completely based on love for Him, spawning from getting to know His love for us.

People consider themselves CHILDREN of God. That is how close they are.

That's not an abstraction or just, sort of sweet or cute saying: there are actually people on this planet and in our human history who have felt so consumed with God's Love that they have felt CLOSER to God than a small child feels towards his parents.

Isn't that remarkable? Isn't that amazing? Isn't that ... just, out of this world? Can you imagine that?

Have you ever seen a little child? Mum goes to the bathroom to take a shower and the kid has his hand under the door and is crying because mum is out of sight for even a few minutes.

Dad picks up the kid and the kid falls asleep in his arms because he is so comfortable.

And people actually FEEL closer to God than that. Really! Right now!

They trust in Him so much that they don't even worry about money or marriage or what people gossip about!

Crazy, right? It's just... remarkable, how could we have a God that is so strong and capable of... of really filling us up so much? Nothing in this world fills us up that much. Even parents don't, when you get old enough and realize they are imperfect.

Trust in God. Submit to God's Will. Learn who God is. Pray. Hope. Don't worry. Remove curses, sins, and false idols. And grow closer to God.

And then, if what you pray for happens, it happens, if it doesn't, God will give you something even better, and you'll come to get closer to Him, and that will be what makes you happy and fulfilled.

Even if you get what you want, you won't be happy because of what you have: you'll be happy because you are closer to God.

God, Who is Love and Joy and Mercy.

God is wisdom. Seek wisdom. Seek God.

Read this easy-to-read article explaining what idolatry is and how it makes us miserable and how to counter it! It is an inspired article: I prayed a long time and suffered greatly before writing this article. It will help you!

Side note: Whatever the intention is, wealth and marriage or overcoming sin, whatever it is AT ALL, big or small, we always pray for it, every day, for every intention, putting it in God's Hands, and letting Him decide what to do.

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Welcome to the blog posts of YouTube Bold Radish.

Getting started :

Promises Jesus Made to Those Devoted to His Sacred Heart:

  1. I will give them all the graces necessary in their state of life.
  2. I will give peace in their families and will unite families that are divided.
  3. I will console them in all their troubles.
  4. I will be their refuge during life and, above all, in death.
  5. I will bestow the blessings of Heaven on all their enterprises.
  6. Sinners shall find in My Heart the source and infinite ocean of My mercy.
  7. Tepid souls shall become fervent.
  8. Fervent souls shall rise quickly to great perfection.
  9. I will bless those places wherein the image of My Heart shall be exposed and honored and will imprint My love on the hearts of those who would wear this image on their person. I will also destroy in them all disordered movement.
  10. I will give to priests who are animated by a tender devotion to My Divine Heart the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.
  11. Those who promote this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart, never to be effaced.
  12. I promise you in the excessive mercy of My Heart that My all-powerful love will grant to all those [Catholics or other Orthodox Christians, ex: Russian Orthodox, Coptic, etc.] who communicate [receive Communion] on the First Friday in nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence: they will not die in my disgrace, nor without receiving their Sacraments. My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment. (Outside resources on: RCIA, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults; a web search for RCIA or "becoming Catholic" will turn up a plethora of other websites and information)

How to receive these promises?

Daily pray the following Consecration Prayer to Jesus, with completely sincerity, with all your heart hoping that: God leads you along the right path, opens your heart to His grace, and takes care of you; seeking that God gives you the strength to abandon and reject the paths and ways of life that lead to loss of soul, misery, sin.

Always keep saying the Consecration prayer (below) every single day, asking God for these promises in your heart, no matter what. He will hear you, if you keep praying and asking for strength.

Consecration to Sacred Heart of Jesus

"Lord Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I consecrate and commit myself to Your Sacred Heart. Mould my heart after Your Heart so that You will live in me ever more. Lead me to You! Teach me Your paths! Open my ears to You! Open my heart to You! 
"O Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, help me to accept the Gospel in my heart and to live it in faith, hope and love, that Jesus Christ will, through His Cross and Resurrection, become the way, the truth, and the life for me. May I be nourished on heavenly bread and live out the sacrifice of the Eucharist so that I will overcome every evil and always choose Your Will and teaching."

Beautiful Prayer by Saint Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy, that could alternately be used:
  1. O Wound of Mercy, Heart of Jesus, hide me in Your depths as a drop of Your own blood, and do not let me out forever! Lock me in Your depths, and do You Yourself teach me to love You! Eternal Love, do You Yourself form my soul that it be made capable of returning Your love. O living Love, enable me to love You forever. I yearn to eternally reciprocate Your love. O Christ, a single gaze from You is dearer to me than a thousand worlds, than all heaven itself. Lord, You can make my soul capable of understanding completely who You are. I know and I believe that You can do all things; if You have deigned to give Yourself to me so generously, then I know that You can be even more generous. Bring me into an intimacy with You so far as it is possible for human nature to be brought....

  2. In the dwelling of my heart is that wilderness to which no creature has access. There, my God, You alone are King. 

You can enter your prayer request on the Prayer Request page , which includes a links to some posts about Divine Mercy, lifting curses (quotes from Catholic exorcists), spiritual healing, stories of God's Powerful Intercession in people's lives, links to videos, etc.

Not all posts are listed on the Prayer Request page, so please enjoy browsing all blog posts, as well.

Healing Being Prevented After Sacramental Confession

Updated Dec 22, update next to the bolded word "Update" (after the halfway point, towards the bottom) -- NEW POWERFUL spiritual meditation! Great spiritual armor!

Received a prayer request about trying to foster relationships with people and at the same time experiencing a prevention in total healing (emotional, physical), a lack of joy in God, and a lack of motivation.

This is very common and there is a reason for it, one that I have experienced many many times.

From Interview with an Exorcist by Father Jose Antonio Fortea: 
Often, when we experience a [spiritual] wound—either self-imposed due to sin or from some outside source or person—demonic spirits can "attach” to the wound and prevent healing. We can also experience unhealthy “soul ties” to people, through sexual contact or abusive relationships. Demonic spirits can “cling” to us as well and, thus, prevent healing, which is the primary aim of such spirits. Although our sin is forgiven [if we’ve repented in confession and stop committing the sin], the demons want to prevent deep emotional and spiritual healing.

From Father Amorth, late top vatican exorcist (performing over 100,000 exorcisms):
Suppose, for example, that someone you work with is envious of you and casts a spell on you. You would get sick. 90 percent of the cases that I deal with are precisely spells. The rest are due to membership in satanic sects or participation in séances or magic. If you live in harmony with God, it is much more difficult for the devil to possess you.

From 2 John 1: 
And now I beseech thee, lady, not as writing a new commandment to thee, but that which we have had from the beginning, that we love one another. And this is love, that we walk according to his commandments. For this is the commandment, that, as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in the same: [7]For many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh: this is a seducer and an antichrist. [8] Look to yourselves, that you lose not the things which you have wrought: but that you may receive a full reward. [9] Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father and the Son. [10] If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house [the soul, the heart] nor say to him, God speed you. For he that saith unto him, God speed you, communicateth with his wicked works.

(This admonition is in general, to forewarn the faithful of the dangers which may arise from a familiarity with those who have prevaricated and gone from the true faith, and with such as teach false doctrine. But this is not forbidding a charity for all men, by which we ought to wish and pray for the eternal salvation of every one, even of our enemies.)

It sounds like you might be fostering closer relationships in your heart with people who are living far from God, and these close spiritual bonds are preventing your total healing.

Living far from God could mean that the person is not sincerely seeking a relationship with God through prayer. You'll notice that this is most people, and it always leads to tragedy. Most people think that God is only important when someone is dying, instead of every moment of the day.

Others call themselves Christians or even talk about Jesus all the time, but it is evident by their actions that they are not Christians, and they only talk about God instead of to God in prayer, and they do not seek God's Will or to know Him better or read books by Saints or anything like that. It's all external and very shallow.

It could mean that the person is living in mortal sin (living in a state of rage, gossiping, practicing the occult, New Age, fornicating, contraception instead of natural family planning, abortion, pornography, getting drunk, doing drugs, putting things or people above God and so making those things into false idols... many things, including not praying every day). This means that spiritually, they are dead.

They might not even notice that they've lost their soul because they are so transfixed with the passing things of this world.

A Christian experiences the power of God and so wants everyone else to experience this, as well. That is a beautiful thing. The Christian is aware of how God can transform a life completely. He or she is filled with generosity as a gift from the Holy Spirit and so wants to share his or her joy in God with others.

However, we are all given free will: many people will refuse to let God in. That is a side effect of free will.

Love cannot exist without free will. If God forced everyone to love Him, that wouldn't be love.

You can see from 2 John 1 that love and charity means to avoid close relationships/approval of/friendships with people who are far from God because they are not following the commandments of God.

Charity can mean to AVOID close relationships with people. Love can mean to AVOID people. (This can make us sad because God increases our capacity for loving one another; keep reading for consolation about that.)

Why? Because God is love. God is charity. God is good. 

Luke 18:19 “And Jesus said to him: Why dost thou call me good? None is good but God alone.”

Jesus is Truth Itself and incapable of any lie.

"Love," "charity," "good," "truth" are not abstractions: they are God. When we are charitable, when we have self-sacrificing, balanced love for others ordered under our love of God, we are experiencing God.

In the total absence of God, Hell, there is no love or charity or good or truth, because God is not there.

Actions taken without God aren't good. Humanitarian atheists (or really, anti-theists, people who have seen God's mercy and miracles but rejected Him), people who have deliberately rejected God, aren't good if they are apart from God, no matter what "good" they try to do. Their whole lives are lies, every word out of their mouths is consecrated to a lie. They become spiritual wells of darkness that infect those who are close to them, even if, by their surface actions, they attempt to do or appear to be good. And/or, they are blown around by those who attack them spiritually because they have no armor because they have not put on the armor of God. God alone is goodness itself. That goodness is the defense against darkness, both from within the self and from attacks from others.

Truth outside of God does not exist: if one is not living with God, one is not living in truth. A news reporter cannot report the truth if it is against God, if that reporter has rejected God in his or her heart. A person who rejects God deliberately after seeing who He is, cannot do anything in truth or charity, because both of those things are God.

Diary of Saint Faustina: "When we began to share the wafer, a sincere and mutual love reigned among us. Mother Superior [Irene] expressed this wish to me: “Sister, the works of God proceed slowly, so do not be in a hurry.” In general, the sisters sincerely wished me great love, which is that which I desire above all. I saw that these wishes truly came from their hearts, except for one sister, who had a concealed malice in her wishes, although this did not cause me much pain, for my soul was pervaded by God. Yet this enlightened me as to why God communicates so little with a soul of this kind, and I learned that such a soul is always seeking itself, even in holy things. Oh, how good the Lord is in not letting me go astray! I know that He will guard me, even jealously, but only as long as I remain little, because it is with such that the great Lord likes to commune. As to proud souls, He watches them from afar and opposed them."

In that sense, it makes sense that Saint John is saying love and charity is to avoid people who reject God in their hearts.

When we foster close relationships with people who are far from God, we receive the same spiritual punishment for their sins because our souls are united. These punishments are usually what you are describing in your prayer request: inability to heal, lack of joy in God, etc.

Consider also that Jesus said (John 16): 
But because I have spoken these things to you, sorrow hath filled your heart. [7] But I tell you the truth: it is expedient to you that I go: for if I go not, the Paraclete will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. [8] And when he is come, he will convince the world of sin, and of justice, and of judgment. [9] Of sin: because they believed not in me. [10] And of justice: because I go to the Father; and you shall see me no longer. And of judgment: because the prince of this world is already judged. [12] I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. [13] But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth. For he shall not speak of himself; but what things soever he shall hear, he shall speak; and the things that are to come, he shall shew you. [14] He shall glorify me; because he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it to you. [15] All things whatsoever the Father hath, are mine. Therefore I said, that he shall receive of mine, and shew it to you.

Jesus had to leave His apostles after His resurrection in order for them to receive the Spirit of Truth that would guide them and teach them. It made them sad but it allowed God into their lives which would ultimately make them happy. Consider that you must leave bad people and they you that God may work in both of you, so that you may have hope in God to one day see this person again, not only in this life but in eternity.

Saint Paul writes to Philemon:
For perhaps he therefore departed for a season from thee, that thou mightest receive him again for ever: [16] Not now as a servant, but instead of a servant, a most dear brother, especially to me: but how much more to thee both in the flesh and in the Lord?
God is also hope. Where there is God, there is hope. To keep God, to keep Hope, we must submit to God's ways and His Will. If we don't, there is no more hope. If we do, there is hope! It shows God that we love Him more than ourselves or others or our idea of the way things should be, or anything like that.

Onesimus, who is being discussed by Paul, ran away. He was a slave or a servant who was in the company of Christians. It is not clear exactly what happened just from the letter. It is possible he ran away because he hated Christians and that his boss prayed for him. It seems he came into contact with Paul and converted, or converted and then came into contact with Paul, and became as a son to the Saint. Then Paul sent him back from where he ran away from, not as an unprofitable servant, but as a fellow brother in Christ. 

And not that they might have him back just in this life, but that they may have him back in this life and for all eternity in Heaven.

You see, if you keep the soiled relationship with people, it just feeds all these spirits between all of you. They feed off of your misery and energy. Humans have great energy because we have physical bodies. Bad spirits that exist in a person's life because he or she is away from God or living in sin or rejecting God, these spirits feed off of the energy of our misery. So they get stronger, and their bond with the person gets stronger.

It is essential to sever the ties with these spirits and people. If God sends them back to you and they have converted, then that is good. (If they have not converted, sincerely, do not let them back in.)

It is good for you to offer prayer requests for such people, and get others to pray for them, and to be kind to them, but do not foster a close relationship with them. Sharing any information about yourself, spend a lot of time with them in a friend setting, those are bad. Even if it is through social media. Facebook and the like, where all your interests and birthplace are there for everyone to see, and so much information and photos of you are there, that is really, really spiritually bad.

It is okay if you are helping them get closer to God because they asked specifically asked for information on how to get closer to God, something such as teaching them how to say the Rosary for example, that is okay. It probably won't happen, but if it did, that would be okay.

Work related things are okay if they are a co-worker,  but don't go into business with such a person if you are starting a business, and don't discuss non-business related topics if you are a co-worker. They can talk about anything, but don't share anything about yourself, your opinions or views or ideas.

If you are a caretaker of such a person... that is okay again, we have to take care of those we are in charge of. But you are not the caretaker of your friends. There is a big difference between friend and caretaker. Caretakers are either paid to be caretakers or they are caretakers because they are family.

Though if a family member is involved in the occult, avoid such a person. Such people might say, because they know you are a Christian, that they aren't involved in the occult, when they really are. Be very careful of those who were involved in the occult. Most cases of possession and the like are from curses people dabbling with the occult put on others. Father Amorth, top Vatican exorcist, who died today, said in his books never to trust even family who were once involved in the occult, because often people let them back into their lives and they begin cursing them all over again.

Intense hatred of God, although not specifically occult, is so intensely demonic that I include that as a group of people to avoid, because it is like a curse even knowing such a person, because they have kicked God out of their lives. And God alone is love, charity, and goodness. This is why such people corrupt into being selfish, cruel, lying.

(Again, even people who call themselves christians but kick God out of their lives, or hate God, they are important to avoid. They might appear to be holy but if you look a little closer, you will see them gossip and be cruel and do this or that, learn that they are only doing these "pious" things to be seen, or to try to control God or "trick" Him into saving them even though they hate Him, and their relationship with God is null, shallow, empty, not there.)

Saint Faustina from her Diary: "Where Satan himself can do no harm, he uses people."

Meaning, when a person is in a state of grace because that person is receiving Communion and going to Confession frequently and saying the Rosary every day, and studying works to become closer to God and learn more how to please Him and follow His Will, it becomes very difficult for Satan to attack that person with temptation. The soul begins to be awakened to temptations against humility, purity, charity, love of God, and obedience to God's Will. So, instead, Satan sends people, who are blown like wind because they do not have God as the rock and anchor in their lives.

2 Peter: [17] These are fountains without water, and clouds tossed with whirlwinds, to whom the mist of darkness is reserved. For, speaking proud words of vanity, they allure by the desires of fleshly riotousness, those who for a little while escape, such as converse in error: [19] Promising them liberty, whereas they themselves are the slaves of corruption. For by whom a man is overcome, of the same also he is the slave. [20] For if, flying from the pollutions of the world, through the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they be again entangled in [the sins of the world] and [are overcome by sin]: their latter state is become unto them worse than the former.
[21] For it had been better for them not to have known the way of justice, than after they have known it, to turn back from that holy commandment which was delivered to them. [22] For, that of the true proverb has happened to them: The dog is returned to his vomit: and, The sow that was washed, to her wallowing in the mire.
Wisdom 5: "So we also being born, forthwith ceased to be: and have been able to shew no mark of virtue: but are consumed in our wickedness." [14] Such things as these the sinners said in hell: [15] For the hope of the wicked is as dust, which is blown away with the wind, and as a thin froth which is dispersed by the storm: and a smoke that is scattered abroad by the wind: and as the remembrance of a guest of one day that passeth by.
[16] But the just shall live for evermore: and their reward is with the Lord, and the care of them with the most High. [17] Therefore shall they receive a kingdom of glory, and a crown of beauty at the hand of the Lord: for with his right hand he will cover them, and with his holy arm he will defend them. [18] And his zeal will take armour, and he will arm the creature for the revenge of his enemies. [19] He will put on justice as a breastplate, and will take true judgment instead of a helmet. [20] He will take equity for an invincible shield:
[21] And he will sharpen his severe wrath for a spear, and the whole world shall fight with him against the unwise. [22] Then shafts of lightning shall go directly from the clouds, as from a bow well bent, they shall be shot out, and shall fly to the mark. [23] And thick hail shall be cast upon them from the stone casting wrath: the water of the sea shall rage against them, and the rivers shall run together in a terrible manner. [24] A mighty wind shall stand up against them, and as a whirlwind shall divide them: and their iniquity shall bring all the earth to a desert, and wickedness shall overthrow the thrones of the mighty [(that is, the mighty of the world will lose everything because of their sins, but the Just who trust in God instead of the passing things of the world will reign with Him in Heaven and in the Kingdom to come forever)].

And these people, like carriers of a disease, come to infect and destroy, without even understanding what they are doing, because they have hardened their hearts so much towards God that they have no wisdom. They have been temporarily blinded to the absolute horrors of their actions, given a false sense of security, which will one day be pulled from them and they'll be forced to face the full horrors of their sins. Hopefully, that day comes before they die so that they have time to repent. That is what we pray for, that they might be spiritually awakened by God, so that He might save them. The way He awakened Saul on the road to Damascus.

With such people, which is most people, never, ever share anything personal, anything about what is happening in your life, anything that you are doing, pictures of your children, nor share any of your ideas, thoughts, opinions, dreams, or any information about yourself. This is very spiritually bad, this is how you let people into your life, into your heart. They use this information to spiritually intertwine themselves with you, because they make false idols out of this information if they are not seeking God. If a person isn't seeking God, everything becomes a false idol in his or her life, including information you tell them about yourself, and you yourself. This is very dangerous spiritually. It leads to misery and prevented healing.

Being close to such people will destroy you and do nothing to help them.

Prayer and sacrifice and a personal, deep, private love of God, that is the only thing that will help others (by private I mean, not done for show or in group or by talking, but taking place in the silence and depths and hidden of your heart, just you and God alone, prayer both spoken freehand and formulaic like the Rosary, the Eucharist, reading the Bible and Saints' works, the Confessional, these things that aren't done to show off and that you don't brag about and aren't done for any other reason than to develop a relationship with God).

Jesus died a brutal and absolutely humiliating death for souls. He did that because of the enormity of sin, how horrible it is. If it were nothing or just a little thing, something that didn't require an entire life change, spiritual change, radical change of outlook and interaction with the world and others, He would not have died so brutally. It wouldn't have been necessary. But it was. Without His death, there is no salvation.

Some scholars even believe that the angels in Heaven were saved through the Blood of Christ. That is how essential that is. Saint Paul tells us that our suffering completes Jesus' redemptive suffering, which is why we mystically pray to unite our suffering to God's suffering. And it is the suffering of those overcoming sin with God's grace, or enduring persecution with God's grace. That is what makes it fruitful: it is with God. God-less suffering leads to death, whereas suffering with God leads to eternal life because it develops a mystically unified relationship with Him.

It is not like those people who reject Christ but call themselves Christians and say "once saved, always saved" and then continue to live in sin. It is about coming to God, in a big, beautiful, wonderful, even painful at times but always with hope and a coming resurrection, way.

Sometimes that pain involves leaving close relationships with people for a time who will destroy us spiritually, who could lead us to being damned through their own sins. Our suffering in leaving helps to complete Christ's suffering and helps Him save them, when we offer that suffering united to Jesus' for their salvation. Sometimes it involves forgiving people and praying for people who hurt us or hate God. These are big, important things, big struggles. They pull us close to God. They cause God to stoop down to us. He gives us His ear when we do this because He hears the cry of those who trust in Him and His Ways.

Remember how Sarah in the Book of Tobias was tormented by Asmodeus the demon? If you have never read the book of Tobit, it is one of the few novellas in the Bible (it's a little story from beginning to end) and features an angelic battle between Rafael the Archangel and Asmodeus the demon. Asmodeus couldn't touch Sarah because she was in a state of grace (and because God did not allow it), but tormented her by hanging around her and killing her fiancés off, one after another, every time she would get a new one, until she was ready to commit suicide from despair. But she didn't, she prayed instead, and God sent Rafael to exorcise the demon.

But think of that story: it is a story of spiritual attachment. Asmodeus was attached to Sarah. It was a story of this horrible tragedy arising from interacting with people she wasn't supposed to, these fiancés didn't have right to her according to Jewish law.

And also think that this demon was able to kill these men.

So to make you a little sick, or to prevent your healing, or to make you depressed so they can feed off of your misery... how is that hard?

The demon was overcome through obedience to God, prayer, and an exorcism.

There's a wonderful painting of it where Rafael is punching out Asmodeus, taking place in the spirit world, while Tobias and Sarah pray in the material world.

It's a very happy painting, the little angels stringing up flower petals, the dog contentedly asleep because the atmosphere in the room is so at ease and joyful (unlike when a demonic presence reigns), he newly wed couple in awe contemplating the power and mercy of God, Rafael handing it to Asmodeus on a platter.

Part of arrogance is disobeying God, saying you know better than God. God is brilliant. God is beyond a genius. There is no amount of praise that could adequately describe God's intelligence or wisdom or kindness. He IS wisdom and kindness and intelligence itself! He uses that to guide us, He teaches only what will ultimately make us happy.

If God is keeping you from a person, it is for a reason. That person, that relationship, pray and think about it a lot. Might it be leading you to lose your life or your soul, or both? Maybe God doesn't want you to be a martyr for that person. Maybe He sees what he or she will become in the future and wants to save you from that. I have seen that many times in my own life, someone I am close to suddenly does something to reject God, a horrible sin that might be encouraged by society, or something else, and then they completely change, they become cruel and awful because God's grace is far from that person's heart. Or that person was lying about being kind and he or she is actually a monster, or that person gets involved with the occult and New Age, or something along those lines.

It's a fine thing to offer in prayer oneself for martyrdom in exchange for the salvation of another person. It is. Saint Yevgeny Rodionov, Russian Orthodox, did that in the 1990s, a very recent Saint, for his atheist mother, that she be converted, and he is my hero. And God heard his prayer. But he wasn't at all around her when he died, he had joined the army and was far from home. He was killed by Islamic terrorists who beheaded him for refusing to remove the crucifix from around his neck. He was extremely brave. He loved Jesus very much and rejected the evil he was being induced with, both from his home and during his martyrdom.
Ephesians 5:11-12: "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. [12] For the things that are done by them in secret, it is a shame even to speak of."
People of the world consider your faith in God to be a shame, even though it leads to happiness from knowing God in this life, and happiness in eternity, and is in every way beautiful. Their depending on their own strength and putting their faith in material success leads to the most abject misery, which makes their faith in themselves shameful, yet they still are ashamed of faith in God. They are wrong in every way for being ashamed for you: it is illogical, unwise, cruel, superficial, hypocritical, shallow, unenlightened by God, led by their own arrogance and by the devil, and all around in trouble in the future.
Matthew 10:28: And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell.
Matthew 10:14-15: And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words [of God]: go out of that house or city and shake off the dust from your feet [in testimony against them]. Amen I say to you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city [house, person].
I know all of this to be true because, not only have I dealt with such people and seen their lives fall into terrible ruin, which they refuse to get out of because they refuse to ask God for help or conform their lives to God's Will, which is the only will that will save them. They refuse to accept that God's ways are merciful, so just keep falling apart, with no God to cling to or save them, or even pray to. I have seen this over and over again. Their own wisdom does not save them, money does not save them, their boyfriend or girlfriend does not save them, their brothers or sisters or mother and father do not save them, their drugs or fornicating or contraception or pornography or workaholism or alcoholism or whatever else they cling to, does not save them. Even medicine, psychology, ultimately, without God, fails.

Contemporary views of humanity do not save them. Being the perfect stereotype of whatever they think they have to be-- the rebel, the idealized female, the idealized man, the gender rebel, the genius, the cute one, the super sweet one, the one who makes the best grades, the popular one, the alcoholic, the junkie, the depressed one, the hard-working one, the rich one, the poor one, the outcast, the one who fits in, the moody one, the one who tries to control what everyone else is doing, the snarky one, the tough one, the funny one--whatever stereotype or set of behavior, it does not save them.

Becoming whoever mummy and daddy wanted them to be, if it is far from God's Will, like so many parents who just want their kids to get married and be rich and have a "successful" career and have babies with no regard to what God wants for his or her life or even what the child wants, that does not save them.

Suicide does not save them. Being depressed does not save them.

ONLY GOD. There is no other God. So many people think they just have to act a certain way and it'll be okay. ONLY GOD will make it okay. ONLY forsaking one's sins will make it okay. Even sins they don't think are sins or are uncomfortable forsaking because society says that those sins are okay or even good. Even those sins have to be given up for everything to become okay, and that means, okay with God. That is the only "okay" that matters. Even if terrible misfortune befalls a person, if he or she is stable in God, it is okay. And it is a terrible thing for those who are unstable in God. And those are the ones we pray for.

Lamentations 1: Jerusalem [that is, mystically, any soul] hath grievously sinned, therefore is she become unstable: all that honoured her have despised her, because they have seen her shame: but she sighed and turned backward.
Proverb 24: For a just man shall fall seven times and shall rise again: but the wicked shall fall down into evil. [17] 
When thy enemy shall fall, be not glad, and in his ruin let not thy heart rejoice: [18] Lest the Lord see, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him. [19] 
Contend not with the wicked, nor seek to be like the ungodly: [20] For evil men have no hope of things to come, and the lamp of the wicked shall be put out. [21] 
My son, fear the Lord and the king: and have nothing to do with detracters. [22] For their destruction shall rise suddenly: and who knoweth the ruin of both? 
These things also to the wise: It is not good to have respect to persons in judgment. [24] They that say to the wicked man "Thou art just" shall be cursed by the people, and the tribes shall abhor them.
I have seen these things with my eyes. They are not arbitrary statements, nor are they statements that do not apply to certain persons. They apply to all. I have seen them befall all the people. Not one of them has escaped.

Why do you think Jesus was praying for His enemies that were in the act of publicly tormenting Him and physically destroying Him?

Because He knew with absolutely certainty the completely horrors that would justly fall upon them for their sins, even in this life. He pitied them because their sins would overtake them. He knew that. He did not befriend them--they were not interested, anyway. They were killing Him. That was all that was in their hearts: death. Because they had cast out God. And they were religious, as well, those considered pious on the outside, but by their torment of Jesus, were not.

That is why we pray for our enemies: because we know the horror that is certain to come upon them for their sins. We know also because we have experienced it when we sin, the devastation that comes upon us. And we know that we did not deserve to receive God's grace, any more than our enemies do, and so we ask for it for them, as well. But do not befriend such people. Do not even think about such people. If you have the opportunity to help such people, do so, only show kindness out of the Love of God rather than people or yourself, so that when they repay your kindness with cruelty and disregard, which they certainly will because they do not even appreciate the God who daily gives them breath so how could they appreciate a human, you will have your merit stored up in Heaven where it awaits your entrance into Heaven, where it cannot ever be taken away.
1 Corinthians 15:33: "Be not seduced: Evil communications corrupt good manners."
Even if it doesn't on a superficial level, that is, as far as visible behavior goes, the invisible spiritual workings are corrupting, as in the case of those who curse one another.

Be it noted, a person who is so far from God can even curse another person just out of the fury and anger and hatred and envy in his or her own heart, and this is a curse that can bring death

“You have heard that it was said to them of old: Thou shalt not kill. And whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment. [22] But I say to you, that whosoever is angry with his brother, shall be in danger of the judgment. And whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca (bad words, like f-bombs, etc, plethora of other language), shall be in danger of the council. And whosoever shall say, Thou Fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. […]
“You have heard that it was said to them of old: Thou shalt not commit adultery. [28] But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

These are in references to spiritual murders and rapes, that those who are not seeking a real relationship, a personal relationship, with God can commit. I have seen it, and experienced the wrong end of it. It comes from people meditating on violence or sexual acts towards another person, and although it may destroy the other person, it ultimately and most horribly destroys the person committing the sin.

And is this not the way of the world? Do they who are apart of the world and refuse God’s grace, live day and night on these meditations? Is this not all they think about?

And the end result can even be the same in the material world, even be felt in the body, and it is horrifying, although there are some who do not realize the spiritual danger in it and so try to take pleasure in it, but it quickly descends into horror because they have opened their hearts to invite these disasters into their lives, they have opened themselves up to really demonic stuff, thinking, in their arrogance, that it would be fun or enjoyable.

We must listen to God, and we must hand over our sins to God, so that He can remove them from our hearts. On our own, we cannot remove these sins, they will always come back. And on our own, we might not even be able to remove another person from our lives. We must trust in God, we must hand our lives over to God, and all our relationships, as well.

I have seen so many people die because they would not stop sinning. I knew of one woman who meditated violence day and night. In the occultic world, this is called malicious animal magnetism. Spiritually what happens, the person attracts so many demonic forces that they (the spirits) can actually go out and curse another person, the object of the violence. This "curse" eventually causes a worse spiritual backlash in the person who did the cursing because the demon eventually returns to it's "home," that is, the person who invoked it. The backlash can cause death after a prolonged suffering of total degeneration of life.

An elderly man had a gift from the woman in his house, an innocent gift because she had feigned being his friend, then over petty jealousy (which she felt towards everyone because her heart was far from God), she hated him. He became extremely ill for several months, no medicine would cure or help the sickness. And then his spine collapsed and he became two inches shorter. The very hour I removed the woman's gift from his house, it lifted the curse and he became well again. (He didn’t regain his height, though.)

Updated the following paragraphs, added another deliverance technique Another time, I saw a woman stalked. She was first spiritually stalked, and could not do many many things. When she started to do what she liked doing, an overwhelming depression, sense of guilt, and intense anxiety creeped up on her.

Then it turned into cyber stalking and spiritual stalking both, and then she was stalked physically in the world, with a car, and her property being invaded. She did not have enough evidence to get the person convicted (and this wouldn't have stopped the spiritual stalking anyway). It was an old friend, who had rejected the woman because she became a Christian, and then became obsessed with stalking and tormenting her. Very much like Pharaoh, who wanted the Egyptians gone and then refused to let them go, and then pursued them as they made their escape. The victim found and threw away a very old birthday card from when they were friends, went to confession for hatred of her stalker, and had many monks and nuns (via online prayer requests) pray for the stalker. Still, the stalker didn’t stop, did not repent or turn to God.

A few weeks after throwing away the card, the stalker died from texting while driving. God had drowned Pharaoh’s chariot and army. The woman did not take pleasure in the death, as God says not to, and then she was free to do many things which she had been prevented spiritually from doing.

Another story, a man kept fantasizing about a woman and she would feel like she was being sexually molested and it physically hurt her very much. She knew such a thing was demonic and rejected it by praying while it was happening and sprinkling a little blessed salt around her bed. She told God, "I will not pray for his man unless he stops [spiritually] raping me and I stop feeling it." The feeling of being molested stopped and she continued to sprinkle blessed salt around the bed at night, and continued to offer a little prayer for his conversion daily (in keeping with the promise she made to God, especially out of fear that the attacks would come back).

(It's worth mentioning that the woman was living a life striving after grace, having been to confessions and praying. If she were living in sin, for example a fornicating relationship or on-going sin like pornography or not praying or not striving after God or not handing her sins over to God, it likely wouldn't have stopped.)

Despite the sexual aspects stopping, the presence of the man did not leave. It was as if his living soul was haunting her, in her room at night, probably while he slept, and it disrupted her sleep. Like a ghost story, but of a living man.

During the daytime, no matter how hard she tried or worked, she could make absolutely no progress. Much like the woman whom this response is written to. She also developed severe insomnia, as did other people in her house who were spiritually sensitive, without knowing why. She eventually prayed to bind and cast him out of her house in Jesus’ Name (“In Jesus’ Name, I bind and cast ___ out of my house.”) She did not think any thoughts towards him (like how one might have an imaginary conversation with a person,) even to tell him off or explain his spiritual state to him because it seemed to reconnect them spiritually.

This cleared up her insomnia, however, he still persisted in connecting to her spiritually, although not with the violence (sexual or others) that he had before.

This brought about real trouble for her. This is because his person was so far from God and so discouraging, that having such a soul near to her, even though he wasn’t physically present, was very terrible. It was as terrible as being around someone constantly criticizing and complaining about everything one does, whom one can never please, who no effort, no matter how great, is ever good enough. Because he was devoid of encouragement in his soul, and he hated and was angry at everyone (but his direction was focused on her), because he was far from God. It gave her bouts of anxiety that she had not experienced before. It was as if someone was physically there, standing over her, criticizing her; but it was a living man's soul.

Like Jesus said, anger in the heart is murder. It destroys lives. And it destroys those even worse who have this anger.

That's why when we have this sin, we must admit it to God in prayer and ask Him to take the hate and anger from us, from our lives, to liberate us from this sin. Only God who created our hearts can recreate our hearts without these sins, and only if we turn to Him in prayer and ask Him, sometimes very very much. These sins are bad, some of them require very much prayer to expel. (Other times, God removes them immediately. Either way, the removal is usually instant, whether it happens after much prayer or in a very short period of time.)

God gave her pity for the man because he was so miserable, but He did not stop helping her spiritually casting him out. She discovered that his spirit loathed the phrase, “Christ the King,” or any thought she had about Jesus being King and ultimate judge of souls, as we see so many people loath. It was evident that he wanted to be in control of his life completely, rather than hand his life over to God, even though such a philosophy led him to great agony and misery, and also that he idolized other people as being more powerful than God and above God’s reach.

So whenever she felt his presence or sensed that he might be around, or noticed a behavior in herself that was responding to his presence, she would pray in her mind with all the strength of her soul, “God alone is king! Jesus alone is king! Jesus is king of all souls, even of [the name of the soul that was haunting her]! Jesus is king of everyone’s actions, no action takes place without Jesus allowing it! Jesus is king of this very moment, if He wants me to suffer, it is for the good of my soul, because He is king of my heart and my soul!” Etc.

This frustrated him intensely and he always left immediately when she prayed in such a way. He very quickly stopped haunting her in such a strong way that she could feel him. If she thought about him after that, she always prayed to put the man into the hands of God for his conversion and the salvation of his soul.

This only worked because she was in a state of grace from confession and communion and obeying God and rejecting cruel thoughts and she was praying and the like. If she had been sinning or cursing him back or the like, it would not have worked.

Update Even though he was no longer able to completely haunt her, it was like a block was on her soul, her life. She couldn't do things, she couldn't complete anything, even though there was nothing psychologically wrong with her.

Saint Paul had said in the letter to the Colossians, "All whatsoever you do in word or in work, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." What this means is, that pagans (real pagans, from ancient pagan cultures, not "pagans" from Western "developed" cultures, which aren't real pagans) have to pray to the god of anything. So, for example, if one turns a doorknob, one has to silently pray to the god of doorknobs, so that god isn't offended. If one crosses a threshold, one must pray to the god of thresholds. Etc. It is cumbersome. This is true paganism and multitheism. Paul told those who were giving up their paganism, that instead of praying to these many many gods, instead do everything while praying to the one true God in thanksgiving.

Furthermore, an aspect of Buddhism that people find very appealing is to focus on what one is doing at the time he is doing it, as if that is the only action and only thing that exists in the entire universe. So, if one is drying a plate after it is washed, that plate, and the action of drying that plate, is the only thing that exists in the entire universe.

But this is a meditation that is greatly lacking! It quickly comes to mind, "what is the point of drying this plate? What is the point of so mundane an action?" And such a meditation is not dedicated to God, so it has spiritual armor and no purpose. It can lead quickly to nihilism.

Unfortunately, many Christians don't realize that Christianity teaches to do the same thing, only in a perfect, complete way. Saint Teresa of Avila speaks of it, as does Saint Therese of Lisieux, both great Doctors of the Church. (And Paul, as quoted earlier.)

Every action we do, we can do for love of God. This is because God created all things. He created even the so-called mundane daily actions, He created in our lives that we need to eat and wash and do these chores. So we can offer them to Him in love. And we are to do them consciously, which means thoroughly, as well as spiritually.

So she began doing absolutely every action "because God is King." This wrapped all of her actions in love and thanksgiving to God, as well as fortifying all of her actions with intense spiritual armor. It also filled her with tremendous love and humility towards God, and made her stop to think about what she was doing before she did it (which of course helped prevent sin, as one can't do a sin when God is king). It filled her with a deep sense of peace and a sort of euphoria. (She was a repented drug addict and didn't want to go back because of stress related to these spiritual attacks, and this new devotion brought greater joy and peace than any drug.)

So, she would pray in her heart, "I stand up because God is king," "I take these steps because God is king," "I microwave this drink because God is king," "I am breathing because God is king," etc. And this is true, all of our actions and movements take place in God because God makes it so. She meditated on this for every action, all day, for many days.

This was a powerful meditation and she was able to quickly and easily and joyfully accomplish everything. What had taken her 4 weeks before to do, she did in 1 afternoon.

She had been struggling to complete a painting, and each brush stroke was a meditation on God's kingship, and she knew that the painting would turn out well because "God is king." She was able to complete it in no time and much better than she could have done in the past.

By doing this meditation on God's omnipotence and grace for every action, she broke through the last of the spiritual blocks caused by the man who was haunting her, as well as developed huge confidence in God for overcoming all her spiritual enemies and for supporting her to be able to do all of these things. God truly became the recognized spiritual King of her life, and the foreign invader who was trying to "conquer" her spiritually was no longer able to attack. God acted for her in a response to the great praise and trust in Him that she gave Him by acknowledging His Kingship over every moment, to the fullest extent that she was able to.

I highly recommend this meditative practice and prayer, especially for those who seem to not be able to move forward and do something from depression or who are cursed (as well as frequenting confession and Mass).

From the article "On the Mysteries and Miraculous Power of Orthodox Holy Objects," (full article here) to explain how God can make even the material world holy (explaining holy icons and images):

During prayer we open our hearts before God, and in response the Lord sends us His saving grace, healing and transfiguring us internally. God alone, and no one else, is the source of this grace, however, as man is a creature both spiritual and bodily, grace reveals itself also through visible, physical realities: icons, relics, holy water. Orthodoxy, as opposed to dualistic concepts, never considered matter evil. God created everything “very good,” and therefore, according to the holy apostle Paul, not only men will attain theosis, but creation itself in the end will be freed from the power of corruption (Rom. 8:21). Christianity doesn’t call man [...] to wholly detach from matter, but quite the contrary—it uses matter in the work of man’s salvation. God saves man as a material creation, not without participation in this matter.

That’s why we can say that every icon is miraculous, above all witnessing to the true miracle—the miracle of the possibility of man communing with God.

I have instructed many people on getting rid of either demonic spirits or spirits of demonically aligned people and it failed to work, their lives kept crumbling around them, only to find out they were fornicating or looking at pornography or meditating sex or violence instead of rejecting such thoughts as they arose in their minds or handing over their addictions to God.

(A sexual addiction includes thinking about sex constantly, and can only be overcome by handing such a thing over to God. I once heard of someone who realized that sin and Mary cannot be in her head at the same time, and because Mary is the top exorcist, she recited the Hail Mary whenever she thought about sex, which was constantly because she was obsessed, so for three days she constantly recited the Hail Mary mentally, even though her mind was still obsessed. She knew Mary and the filth couldn't be in her mind at the same time and that Mary would win the spiritual battle. On the third day, the addiction was completely broken and never returned, she was free from the constant thoughts of sex.)

That was a story of a man spiritually raping a woman, which one thinks of happening in the physical world, but in the spiritual world, strength of soul exceeds strength of body. Violence and molestation or rape can be committed by anyone against anyone else: age (young or old) and gender (man or woman) and physical size or strength (weak and dying or healthy and fit) or either the perpetrator or the victim are not at all a factor, in either developing or overcoming this spiritual problem.

Meaning spiritually, tiny little girls could haunt and disturbingly spiritually rape or destroy others. Old grandmothers can destroy others. It's all about the sin of the heart, the degree that a person rejects what God is asking him or her to do.

Do not judge a book by its cover, I knew a very conservatively, sweetly dressed woman (polka dots and hearts, all pastel and coordinated) with the most polite manners you have ever seen in your life. She spoke the kindest words with her mouth. However, she was extremely vicious spiritually, BEYOND vicious, crushed her best friend and her boyfriend, gave them both a world of problems through curses and blasphemies, occult curses, sexual molestations, suicidal problems, just huge evil, huge demonic problems, like you could not believe. It was like the movie "the Exorcist," that is how intense the demonic problems she cast onto others through her secret witchcraft were. They manifested physically, with physical phenomena, as well as caused diseases. She made her victims look like complete messes so that you would have thought they were more likely to be spiritual criminals and she the victim, but the opposite was true.

She was a true devil, and so excessively miserable on the inside because of it, there was no recounting the misery, especially when the spiritual backlash hit. She looked and acted so polite because she believed in “good” or “white” magic, and New Age, all of the “good” occults; she wanted everyone to think she was "good." But there are NOT any, they are all demonic, and she knew it on some level because it was all about controlling others. Anyone could see they were demonic by the results of them (that is, annihilation of these people around her). When the spiritual backlash hit, (starting about two years into her occult works when she was very involved with it), she no longer looked or acted so sweet, everyone saw her for who she really was: a vicious monster, a true wolf.

And her life CRUMBLED overnight! You have never seen anyone go from the top to the skids as instantly as her. Mentally, physically, her home, her life, an awful anxious job, her miserable miserable relationship with her "boyfriend"... She became completely dead inside, her spiritual life absolutely destroyed by the multitude of her mortal sins. She got involved with the worst kinds of people, lost her family, her friends--you would have to believe in the devil and curses if you saw how instantly her life made a 180 degree turn into the absolute Abyss for no apparent external reason. It was dreadful. Even she, who claimed not to believe in God or spiritual life (besides witchcraft), had nightmares of worms eating her. That's what was really happening in the spiritual world--her soul was decaying and rotting.

She made a pact with the devil through her sins and he trashed her, worse than anything she did to anyone else.

This is all because it is said and it is true: “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” (1 Timothy 3:15)

The Church of God, the Orthodox Church, is the mystical bride of Chris. It is the Invisible Church, that is, that exists in the spiritual world, although is evident in the tenants of the Catholic Church (although not always her members) and the churches that were cut off from her last millennia (Syrian, coptic, Russian, etc) or more recently (Pope Pious). And this Church is the absolute pillar and ground of truth and behavior, into Whom no corruption (sin) enters. The spiritual, invisible, mystical Church, the One Whom the Saints and Doctors of the Church defend and explain, is the ground of ALL human behavior. All human behavior stands on her. She defines sin and rejection of her tenants lead to misery, in EVERYONE, whether they have ever heard the Gospels or they have rejected them or they claim to follow them. ALL people. ALL that we do. It is absolute: God is absolute. It is completely unchanging, it doesn’t matter what contemporary morals are or what some corrupt bishop or priest or nun or monk says is “ok.” Defiance of it results in having one’s life blasted down. We know this to be true because we can witness others’ lives and reflect on our own lives.

If you are friends with these people, just kind of politely phase them out. Throw out all objects they've given you, even cards, even gifts, no matter how nice or how expensive. (Matthew 19:29: "And every one that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands for my name' s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall possess life everlasting. And many that are first, shall be last: and the last shall be first.") Delete references to them in emails and such.

Don't let them know you've done this, don't rub anything in their face or be cruel, because then you are doing it for ego and not for God, Who only blesses those of good will, Who only blesses the peacemakers.

And if it is someone who would listen to the word of God and benefit from it, and you have not offered, in kindness, the word of Truth, or explained a little story of conversion or how Mary has helped someone or the like, and you blot this person out of your life, than your sins are upon you for ignoring someone in need of God. So it's really, really important to pray a lot and try to determine if God is saying to help someone spiritually or not (not by your own will or design, your own determination of who would be receptive, but God's judgement on this).

I remember one mother prayed a lot for her son and left books about Mary answering prayers, Medjugorie (such as "The Miracle Detective," by Randall Sullivan, that's a great one, and there are 101 Stories of the Rosary, and other Catholic or Orthodox Christian books about Mary that are all so wonderful), the like, around the house for him to find. She prayed tremendously for him, but let him come to read the books if he chose to, if he found them on his own. And he converted, it worked very well.

It's different with close friends because they don't live with you. Prayer is the best weapon to help their souls, and your own. God will guide you if you pray sincerely. (Remember, too, that Judas ultimately rejected God and he was prayed for by God Himself: prayer isn't a means to control someone and force him or her to convert. But it can and has worked miracles. Sometimes our prayers feel so worthless, or we feel so worthless--go to confession with a real priest, and pray, knowing that God hears you, no matter how tiny and helpless you may be feeling).

As far as coworkers goes, if you try to evangelize verbally at work, you'll be fired sooner or later, and probably in a very humiliating way because it will be by someone who hates God or is possessed or something, and they will really set you up to have it. The best on-the-job (or public education, or college) evangelization is to be a hard worker, be very contentious in your work, don't steal, don't gossip, don't make fun of people (ANY people), don't blaspheme, etc. Be kind to everyone and smile instead of scowl.  Evangelize through your actions. Pray a lot in private, God will be with you and there will be something different about you because of it.

When God is with a person, he or she becomes a pillar of spiritual light. I believe my Jewish high school English teacher had a lot to do with saving my soul, and she never spoke about God. God was spiritually, invisibly working through her. She loved Him very much.

I said I offered my death for others the way Yevgeny did. Obviously I didn't physically die, God has a set death for everyone. Instead once, I developed PTSD, and that was like dying, and it did save a soul from Hell. It also detached me from a lifestyle that would have led to complete misery for me, a lifestyle of workaholism. It was a person I didn't like, I actually struggled with hatred against because he was so cruel, but because of a love for God, I didn't want him to go to Hell, and it seemed that would be what would happen because of his sins.

Another time, nothing bad happened to me: my life sort of reset and started moving in an upward, positive direction. My old crumbling life just kind of stopped, so in a way, that old life died, but a new better one took its place. I didn't think that would happen, I was expecting death. I did go through a humiliation for trying to evangelize to the person I was trying to save, but the spiritual punishment landed on him instead of me because I hadn't sinned but he had. And then, after that, everything started changing for the better.

So it is a good practice, I do recommend offering your life for someone's conversion if God guides you to do that act of charity, and if you are receiving Communion every day (convert to Catholicism first so you can receive Communion), because it will require the strength of daily communion and daily Rosary. It's a good spiritual practice because you don't know what will happen.

God came to save sinners. Even the ones that hurt us. We become true children of God when we believe this, and God fills our spirit and we love Him more because we are closer to Him. If we do not believe this, then we un-do the mercies we have received from God's Mercy.
God to Faustina: My Secretary, write that I am more generous toward sinners that toward the just. It was for their sake that I came down from heaven; it was for their sake that My Blood was spilled. Let them not fear to approach Me; they are most in need of My mercy.
Diary of St Faustina: When the same poor people come to the gate a second time, I treat them with greater gentleness, and I do not let them see that I know they have been here before; [I do this] in order not to embarrass them. And then they speak to me freely about their troubles and needs.
Although Sister N. tells me that is not the way to deal with beggars, and slams the door in their faces, when she is not there, I treat them as my Master would. Sometimes more is given when giving nothing, than when giving much in a rude manner.
Often the Lord gives me interior knowledge concerning the persons I meet at the gate. One pitiable soul wanted to tell me a bit about herself. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I made her understand, in a delicate way, the miserable condition of her soul. She went away with a better disposition.
See, you don't want to deal with people in a rude manner if you can help it. Sometimes, for example, stalkers, spiritual or otherwise, require very direct speech, as you've seen from some of the examples. But otherwise, we can always be very delicate and merciful towards people. All people. And all people are made in the image and likeness of God, even if they reject Him. So we must be patient with people, and, as I have said, even sacrifice for sinners. This is important for our own relationship with God.

But that doesn't mean that we let them in, that we let them passed the gate and into our lives or make deep connections with them. We love them out of our love of God.

Approach God; He might frequently protect you from them approaching you.

It is important to sever all spiritual bonds between you and them (see this article for that, as well as other articles including Divine Mercy articles, which talk a lot about healing).

Obviously, I've been through this a lot, and it can be painful at first, but it's always best to follow God, best for everyone. God is most merciful, He protects us and guides us. It might save others' souls. It very really puts our souls at risk for being lost forever if we don't follow Him. We have to put our trust and faith in Him and Him alone.

Make a list of all of the things that you think that friends do with one another (especially talking), and then ask God to be your best friend. And do those things with Him, while not letting your familiarity reduce the respect due to God. You will be surprised how very happy this spiritual exercise makes you.

I could write a whole article about the spiritual exercise of making God into your best friend. However, experience it for yourself, it will be better than any article I could have written. It is good to receive Communion (if you are Orthodox) frequently, and to go to confession, as well, during this exercise.

To me it seemed, the more popular I was, the emptier my life was. You'll have friends, people-friends, in this world. They will come and go. But, those people friends will never be as good as having God as your friend. And if you don't have Him as your friend first, your best friend, in a real way, have experienced it firsthand in your heart in a real way, really feeling it, than people-friends will always be dissatisfying and empty.

Because people are dazzled by what they can see with their eyes, or sometimes want friends so that they may boast about them, this might not seem appealing to have God as a friend first.

But no human can ever understand another human heart the way God can. You can't even understand your own heart the way God can. And nothing will fill up your heart the way God will, because you were made out of God's love, in order to return that love to Him.

Only God's love can divinize human love. Everything that is of nature, is going to decay and die. So many people reject God; how can their love do anything but decay and die? Only God makes things live forever, including people's love for one another. Everything of the earth, returns to the earth; everything of God, returns to God, Who lives forever. Therefore, love that is of God, returns to God; and when two people have put God first in their lives, in a real way so that they feel it and make a determined effort to live their lives like that, only then, can love last.

That is why when people fornicate, they get a divorce. By fornicating, they are rejecting God, and so letting in death and decay. And it is not enough to get married, they have to stop fornicating first, and repent, and get a real marriage that is recognized by God.

(This is why we need Sacramental Confession; to renew the Baptism so that the soul becomes once again Sacramentally clean, so that it might communicate with God.)

To a lesser degree, it is the same with platonic friendships and familial relationships -- unless God is first, if someone is living in mortal sin, that person can't really have any lasting relationship. His or her soul is decaying and dying; how can such a soul be expected to maintain anything? It is impossible!

If you are feeling left out because of people's sins, ask God that you might not feel that way; that He might show you His goodness, the goodness of His friendship. (And remember, no one is being rejected as badly as God Himself, especially considering the greatness of His Love.)

Because even if you have 100 friends, you can feel left out. Even in a crowd, you can feel alone, if God is not first in your heart, in a true way that you can feel. Because it is not possible to truly feel loved in a deep way unless it is from God; and it is not possible to love others unless there is a deep swell of God's love in your heart, otherwise, there will always be a selfish motive behind it, as well as a ton of anxiety behind it, because it will become idolatry. It will be a "need." A distraction. Ultimately, an emptiness.

The same is true of romantic relationships. People seeking spouses or in a bad relationship. Ask God to mystically be your spouse, first. In a true way that you can feel. Especially if the person is praying for a spouse; God has to be the first spouse. Ask that you might feel all the love of a spouse, and more, from God.

Ask God that you might have all the loneliness in you dissolved, by Divine Love, that Divine Mercy that only God can give to a soul.

Many times, I see this, and people are always dissatisfactory in romantic relationships. It's always complicated and problematic at some point. This is so, people can learn to put God first, and not make false idols out of romantic relationships. When I see people ask about this, 90% of the time I see that they are actually longing for a deep relationship with God, and they don't see their own longing in themselves; they think they want a spouse. But what they are actually doing is seeking God, and they want the spouse to give them all the feelings that God wants to give them and that a spouse can't truly give to them in a perfect way.

And then I hear from people, "but I already love God very much, no no what I really need is a spouse or a friend," ...

Seek God. Even if you think you already have God. Trust me. I've been through this. I could write huge volumes on this.

Seek God, in a real, concrete way. Ask God, "make me know you, so that I don't even care if I have friends or have a spouse or have children!"

And then, when God has filled you up to the tiptop with Divine Love, you won't care if you have friends or have a spouse or whatever your people relationships are.

And when you don't care, when you sincerely, truly don't "need" (not just wish you didn't care so pretend you don't, but honestly deeply don't "need"), THEN God can bring people into your life. And you have the anxiety and the "need" and all that weighing you down; God's yoke is easy and His burden is light.

And then you will be able to truly love, even during difficult times, even imperfect people (which is everyone), because God's Love will be your heart's fortress and foundation. You will be able to care about the soul of the person out of love of God, and you will have the strength to be more poised and loving and merciful, knowing how merciful and mild God is to you.
(You won't always be perfect, either, but then you can turn to God's mercy with sincere contrition. And you'll learn to be able to forgive and forget offenses the way God has forgiven you.)

The charity of Christ, is one who loved even the enemies; but not unto masochism, but unto their salvation and out of obedience to God the Father. From those He said to be apart from, He was apart from, and from those He said, "love these out of love of Me," He loved out of love of God.

And the charity of Christ surpasses all knowledge, Paul tells the Ephesians; so do not take my word or my knowledge for it, but ask God yourselves that He might write this into your heart, so that you may experience it from Him. God is an experience, not an abstraction. Communicate with Him, in plain words, expressing all that is in your heart, that He might give you the experience of His love.

Remember that God is the ultimate spouse of every soul, which is repeated throughout the Old Testament quite frequently. And so God can be clung to emotionally and spiritually as closely as a spouse.

This is something we should take advantage of during life so that we can be truly happy, even in this life. Most will not experience such happiness until Heaven, but God has descended to earth in the Eucharist so that we might not be alone. It is wise and clever of us, and pleasing to God, to take advantage of God's generosity.

Who among humans is a trustworthy companion? There are so many quotes in the Bible about who is a trustworthy companion. My rule is, I do not share any information or get close to any person (even family) unless he or she will pray, especially with me, the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and/or Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is because God has promised to mystically form the souls of those who consecrate themselves to Him. You can read the promises of those who consecrate their hearts in this post.

Even if God tells me to help someone and know them very much, and even care about them very much, I don't share things about myself with them unless they are being formed by God. Because they will otherwise use knowledge about me to destroy me, because they don't cling to God first and so are not as stable.

Who knows, maybe you will introduce someone to the Consecration to the Sacred Heart and it will completely change the course of his or her whole life. (It will probably be only those seeking God who will be open to it; you might want to pray first and ask for guidance.)

And how do you defend yourself from the curses of those who aren't so inclined to seek God?

Between the two most quoted and highly respected Catholic exorcists, Fr. Fortea and Fr. Amorth, we are told that if we receive daily Communion (you would have to convert first), frequent confession, (sacramental, every few months or so, and at home saying the act of contrition and doing an examination of conscious frequently) and daily say the Rosary (which can be done in front of the Eucharist, even from home with online adoration here or, if it's down, here).

And I say, throw out any objects given to you by someone not following God (definitely from satanists or occultists or blasphemers) and delete all written or typed references to them, all photos of them in a personal space (computer, phone, etc), and hide all personal information on social media from the masses. You are important to protect; your soul is important to protect.

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