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Very Easy Daily Prayers to Save Souls, Countries, the World.

There are many devotions to save the world and souls. The most notable, besides the Rosary, is the Divine Mercy Chaplet. A compilation of some very goods prayers and devotions are found in “Prayers and Heavenly Promises” compiled by Joan Carol Cruz with a nihil obstat. You will like that book; it will teach you of God’s mercy and the power of praying.

The following prayers are not listed in that book. They are two very easy devotions, approved of by the Church (nihil obstat), originating from Heaven and revealed to specific souls in the United States of America and the Netherlands, in the 1990s and the 1940-50s respectively. They are from the “Jesus, King of All Nations” devotion and the “Lady of All Nations” devotion.

You can say these every day. They do not take much time yet the promises associated with them are tremendous and joyful.

These devotions do not replace the daily recitation of the Rosary which was requested by Heaven for the salvation of the world 6 times at the Fatima apparitions, apparitions which have been approved of by the Church. St Louis de Monfort’s “Secret of the Rosary” is among the best places to learn to say the Rosary daily. The Saint recommends daily praying “for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins.” … God bless you.

First Devotion: Jesus, King of All Nations

This devotion has a nihil obstat. It is free from doctrinal error. I have received many graces from praying the Chaplet. The Chaplet from the Jesus, King of All Nations devotion is much longer than the following prayer. The following prayer is short and easy to say and has many wonderful promises associated with it. You can say it daily to win souls for Heaven.

In James 5:20, we can read: My brethren, if any of you err from the truth, and one convert him: he must know that he who causeth a sinner to be converted from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death, and shall cover a multitude of sins.

We can do that through this prayer. If we give up sin, God will hear our prayers. We don’t chose the soul who converts; we might not even know him or her. (Or maybe it will be our own soul.) But this is a holy work of our’s to do in God, a work which is pleasing to God and impresses unto us the great value of prayer; and as Saint James writes: “faith without works is dead.” James 2:26 and prayer itself is a very great work, even the greatest of the works, as prayer can save souls from eternal death. That is the greatest act of love and charity, both of God and of neighbor!

God will remember our good works; our works of charity for souls will help our own souls very much. “One act of charity [(sometimes translated as love)] covers a multitude of sins.” 1Peter 4:8 ( ) And how easy is this little prayer! Even though it has such great promises associated with it!

How can we know that these promises are true, except by faith in the Divine Mercy of Christ? … I have prayed the chaplet associated with this devotion and received many great graces and even impossible miracles that were for healing and resulted in a closer devotion to the Sacraments and God. I was healed of many symptoms of ADHD, including sleep disturbances associated with it (waking up in the middle of the night). I am very thankful. Therefore, I can personally conclude that this devotion and the promises associated with all the prayers of this devotion are true, because I have experienced it firsthand. Because I experienced this firsthand from the Chaplet, I can personally reason that the prayer for the conversion of souls will be true, as well. I know that blessings and conversions of a country are a longterm goal, one I may not live to see, but that all prayers will help achieve that goal, and no prayer is unimportant in this regard.

When you pray this, you will experience it firsthand. You can also pray the chaplet to experience firsthand the mercy of God through this devotion. Chaplet found here on official apostolate website:

Here are the promises associated with this the short prayer you can say daily (perhaps even more than daily, there is no specification, really) for souls and for God’s blessing on your own country:

What Jesus will do when you say this prayer:
  • will convert ten sinners
  • bring ten souls into the One True Faith
  • release ten souls from Purgatory
  • be less severe in My Judgment of your nation
  • mitigate the severity of the chastisements upon your country

Wouldn’t it be so nice if every devoted Christian said these prayers? Think of how many sinners would be converted, and how many brought into the True Faith. I wish all Catholics in my country daily said the following little prayers so that Jesus’ most loving Sacred Heart would reign in all hearts and in all homes, and we could have great peace on earth! Please share this post with your friends and family who are practicing Christians and we can all help save souls and our country together!

The following is the prayer for the daily conversion of souls.

O Lord our God, 
You alone are 
the Most Holy King and Ruler of all nations. 
We pray to You, Lord, 
in the great expectation of receiving from You,
O Divine King, 
Mercy, peace, justice & all good things.

Protect, O Lord our King, our families 
and the land of our birth. 
Guard us, we pray, 
Most Faithful One! 
Protect us from our enemies 
and from Your Just Judgment.

Forgive us, O Sovereign King, 
our sins against You. 
Jesus, You are a King of Mercy. 
We have deserved Your Just Judgment. 
Have mercy on us, Lord, 
and forgive us. 
We trust in Your Great Mercy.

O most awe-inspiring King, 
we bow before You 
and pray: 
may Your Reign, Your Kingdom, 
be recognized on earth! AMEN.

Our Father in Heaven,
hallowed is Your Name.
Your Kingdom come
Your Will be done
on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us today
our daily bread
and forgive us the wrong we have done
as we forgive those who wrong us.
Subject us not to the trial
but deliver us from the evil one. AMEN.

Hail Mary,
full of grace,
our Lord is with you!
Blessed are you among women
and blessed is the Fruit of your womb
our Lord Jesus Christ, King of all nations.
O Virgin Saint Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now and at all times
and at the hour of our death. AMEN.

Glory be
to the Father
and to the Son
and to the Holy Ghost
as it was in the beginning
is now
and ever shall be,
world without end. AMEN.

… That is all you have to pray! Isn’t that so easy and nice? God is so merciful to us!! Jesus wants to save all souls! Pray, every day! Please share with your friends and family who are Catholics, and if you do not know anyone who is a Catholic, do not be discouraged: you can still pray and God will use your prayer to convert many who will be able to pray for the salvation of others souls. God will be very happy. He is ready to pour out His grace, He only needs us to ask Him!

The following is the image associated with the Jesus, King of All Nations devotion. In my daily prayers, I put this image above the prayer and look at it before praying. It is a very nice image, so I thought I would include it in case you want to look at it while praying the above little prayer, also:

Jesus, King of All Nations Image

This is the image of Jesus, King of All Nations. The staff with what looks like an atom represents the Holy Trinity. It makes sense that God would put references to the Holy Trinity in all aspects of His creation (even the most basic, the atom) so that we may be drawn close to Him to honor and thank Him, and because He loves His creation which He has made holy.

Religious scholars refer to a “christocentric universe.” This means that all cultures, all people, all thought has some reference or foreshadowing to Christ, Who is the center of the universe (being that He is God and our redeemer). I remember seeing a traditional native american dance (of which tribe, I am afraid I do not remember) of three rings, or hoops, in the Captiol for a historic archival video for the country’s national library (USA). When the rings are put together, they form what looks like an atom diagram – as well as a reference to the Holy Trinity. This dance is very old, before an atom diagram was constructed and also before the Holy Trinity was revealed to them through missionaries. It is an example of a Christocentric universe, and the preparation God makes for souls to receive Him and His true Church. This is a very beautiful thing, God is so merciful to His creation!

It is true that the Catholic Church invented a great deal of science (the scientific method, the big bang theory, contemporary heliography – the study of the sun, which NASA uses almost exactly as was first recorded by a Catholic bishop in the late 1800s, discovery of genetics, etc etc etc the list is really endless) and that a great part of the very beginning of the Catechism is devoted to science as the study of God’s creation, praising scientists and their knowledge as wisdom from God, comparing them to King Solomon. However, because of heretics and atheists (who make a false idol out of everything and use science to pervert God’s creation rather than praise God), contemporary popular culture wrongly pits science and religion against one another, even though they are so compatible that science springs from religion as an act of devotion to God. … Therefore, the atom diagram as a reference to the Holy Trinity could also be an example of the christocentric universe in our atheistic culture to prepare atheists for God and to understand the relation between God’s creation, science, and God Himself.

The blue orb with the cross on it on top of Jesus’ heart represents the world. The world is also represented by the globe diagram. This is saying that God’s Mercy is poured out onto the world and that the world also rests in God’s Heart and rightfully belongs to Him and His Merciful rule, not the false mercy of people and their oppressive rule. Therefore, this could also be considered an anti-Globalist/communist/socialist/New World Order/whatever-new-title-they’ll-try-to-hide-sin-under devotion.

Some Notes on the Chaplet of Unity from the Jesus, King of All Nations Devotion
The above short prayer is not the Chaplet of Unity. The Chaplet of Unity is another prayer which is longer to pray. It is said on ordinary Rosary beads while meditating on God and all His Kingdom and work. It can be found on this page:

Jesus also promises to protect those who say the chaplet from plagues: “I, Jesus, Son of the Most High God… promise to hold out to the souls who pray My Chaplet of Unity the Scepter of My Kingship and grant them mercy, pardon, and protection in times of severe weather and plagues. I extend this promise not only for yourselves, but also for individuals for whom you pray. Any harm or danger, spiritual or physical, whether it be to soul, mind or body, will I protect these souls against, and clothe them over with My Own mantle of Kingly Mercy.”

I’m sure in 1990 when people read that, they thought, what plagues? (Well, I guess I’m not sure, but that is probably what I would have thought.) We were a very sanitized country back then. Now, of course, it seems rather obvious that we could have plagues because of the uncleanness of people. (There is even a large population that does not brush their teeth and their teeth rot out of their heads, that is how unclean we are. They will not even shower every day, that is how clean we have become.) This physical uncleanness is a spiritual plague brought about by the increase of sin (I think probably especially blasphemy and sins of the flesh). It is interesting to note that bacterial plagues can spread very easily and quickly by flies. Therefore the fact that humanity wasn’t wiped out long ago from plagues shows a constant act of mercy from God.

I think most news is scare tactics, “click bait” if you will, and I take it all with a grain of salt (a whole canister of salt, actually). But the BBC did an analysis on the movement of germs through our connected culture in comparison to the spread of the Spanish flu which spread to 500 million people in 1918 and killed up to 100 million people. The Spanish flu is rarely talked about but if the amount of deaths worldwide was 100 million, that is how many Russians the Soviets killed during the USSR. So that is a really significantly huge number. Even people in the Arctic and on remote Pacific Islands were affected (according to wiki).

I don’t mean this as a scare tactic to get you to pray. I think that the BBC documentary was a scare tactic, I’m not sure what they were aiming for (possibly more government control over the people, if I remember the article I read correctly; which won’t save). But it is interesting that there was this large plague and also it is interesting and a good and awe-inspiring, amazing act of Mercy from Christ that He promises to protect us.

I worry if there were a plague that it may easily come from California. They have typhus and typhoid fever and the bubonic plague because of their feces and flea problem from their drug addictions (which causes their homelessness problems). Even third world countries do not have the feces problem that CA has, because third world countries are just very poor and oppressed, they are not so viciously blasphemous and drug addled and porn-fed and… whatever else causes their feces problems. And also who knows what other diseases could come from such very unclean conditions, new ones that have never been heard of. It would be sad if the very dirty state caused a worldwide problem, and a great shame to me about my country.

Edit. Well, I wrote this post before the COVID19 Wuhan Corona Virus. Right before that. Even though this post had pretty amazing timing that one might wonder if it was God at work because it was such a coincidence, I am a lot more suspicious of the BBC knowing beforehand there would be a "pandemic." As well as their hyping it up to be as bad as the Spanish flu. Hmm... Sounds a lot like scare tactics for a power grab. Although the Coronavirus is really as bad as a bad flu. I don't think it was as bad as the swine flu, which killed elderly, children, and affected a lot of people in between (including me), but the way the media hyped it up you'd think it was worse. (Although it was good we closed our borders when we did. Some estimate we could have lost over a million lives if we had not. Too bad we didn't close our borders for the Swine flu...) But whether the plagues Jesus said He would help us against are naturally occurring, such as the filthy conditions of the state of California, or they a globalist conspiracy from a Level 4 Virology Lab in China, God will still help you against them! If you pray.

I’m sure that Jesus will help you overcome sin if you are having a problem with sin through the Chaplet of Unity, as well as other prayers, because Jesus promises to heal us in soul, mind, body, and heal our lives, if we say the Chaplet of Unity. And as I said, with the shorter daily prayer, maybe the conversion that will take place will be your own conversion! Which would save you from the yolk of the tyranny of sin.

I had swine flu (originating from China) back in early 2010s (I think maybe it was 2010, I don’t remember; whenever it was a problem where I live). I did not die because only children and elderly died, or those who had weak immune systems. However, it was an extremely bad flu. I went to sleep and woke up. Only when I woke up, 2 weeks had passed and I did not remember anything. I am glad to still be here.

I think if there was an outbreak of some sort of very infectious disease, I would start praying the Chaplet of Unity daily for me and my family (as Jesus promises to extend His Protection over those for whom we pray). I am relieved to know that I have protection. I wish I had known about this prayer when Swine Flu was on the rampage. … I also wish that many people had known about it, it would have spared the few children and elderly who had died. It is good to be aware of Jesus’ promises and be ready to flock to Him and take advantage of those problems, should a disease break out. (So let family and friends know, if they are practicing Catholics.) May you be blessed in God’s Mercy!

I lived through Hurricane Harvey, the most water dropped on a single place in earth in an estimated 1 million years. After the end of 2016, the local witches stole many Eucharists and desecrated them, which was a sin so tremendous that God punished us with the greatest Hurricane (I believe). Because of an efficient response on a state level and federal level, as well as neighbors helping out neighbors (we don’t riot in these parts during a Hurricane! And we help our neighbors!), much disaster that could have happened, did not happen. It’s true, there was a lot of property damage, and if the local governments had responded better, it is possible that there would have been even few lives lost, but I think most people did a historically excellent job helping one another and being charitable to one another.

My house did not sustain any damage even when my neighbors’ houses did; sometimes thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage. It does pay to pray, God can work many miracles.

(I did not know about this devotion of the Chaplet of Unity during Hurricane Harvey, I prayed various Precious Blood devotions in which Christ promised to protect us from storms. The Consolation and Adoration prayers, which He promises to protect us from weather.

Even if we have the prayer in the house, He will protect us. If I had known about the Chaplet of Unity, I would have prayed for the protection of my neighbors’ houses. … I also prayed the Chaplet of the Precious Blood during Harvey, but not until the last day, for an end to the storm… and then the storm ended. From my experiences, I believe that Christ can and will protect us from weather if He has promised to do so in association with a legitimate, Church-approved devotion, which the Chaplet of Unity is.)

Jesus also promises to extend protection over the souls who say this prayer. General protection.

There is so much that we need to be protected from in our day to day lives in today’s very sinful world. Abuse, exposure to sin, exposure to temptation, … more abuse…

Jesus said He will heal us, our lives, through the Chaplet of Unity. He is extremely benevolent and merciful; let us use our time and all of our lives to seek out His grace.

Second Devotion: Lady of All Nations
(Also known as, “Mother of All Nations.”)

This is a very, very short and easy prayer. Easier than the Jesus, King of All Nations little prayer. There is a beautiful image associated with the devotion. But first, the prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, 
send now Your Spirit over the earth. 
Let the Holy Ghost live 
in the hearts of all nations 
that they may be preserved from 
degeneration, disaster, & war. 
May the Lady of All Nations, 
the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
be our advocate. AMEN.

Our Lady said, “Child, this [prayer] is so simple and short that everyone can say it in one’s own language, before one’s own crucifix; and those who have no crucifix say it to themselves.”

This prayer is to prepare the world for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Mary promises that if we say this prayer, the world, our nation, will be converted. (Sooner or later.) It will happen.

Also at the apparitions at Fatima, Our Lady said “my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” (My emphasis on the word “will.”)

And in the Jesus, King of All Nations devotion, Jesus again repeats that Mary’s Heart will triumph and that the devils are working furiously against Jesus’ coming reign on earth through the devotion to Mary, as Mary will lead us perfectly to Jesus (as she alone has received the power and mission from God to crush the skull of the serpent and destroy all heresies).

So this Lady of All Nations devotional prayer is so easy to say and you can easily say it every day.

You can read very much about this devotion here (pick a language):

I recommend going to the website. On the left side is the words highlighted in blue “The Prayer”. I recommend reading the links under that – they are short but very profound and beautiful.

Testimony from their website

At the Third International Day of Prayer for Pentecost 1999, His Excellency Sooza Pakiam, Archbishop of Trivandrum, India made an impressive speech. This wonderful example is an excerpt taken from it.
Today, the devotion to the Lady of All Nations is spreading in different parts of my diocese. I wonder how I myself came into this movement? What attracted me most was the prayer taught by Our Lady. It is a meaningful, short and profound prayer. It is essentially an invocation of the Holy Spirit.
Now it has been ten years since I was ordained a bishop. During these past ten years, I initiated a number of activities and introduced a series of renewal programs in my diocese. As a result of all these, we now have a beautiful structure appreciated by all. But today what I realize is this: the greatest need of today is not structures and buildings, not methods and techniques, not machinery and blue prints. All these, without the Holy Spirit, are nothing but dead bodies without a soul. That is why in her prayer the Lady of All Nations teaches us to invoke the Holy Spirit so that the Spirit of God may come upon and live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.
For this reason, I wrote a pastoral letter and asked all my priests to learn this beautiful prayer by heart and to teach it to all their parishioners. I myself recite this prayer several times a day, because what we need today is not mainly new legislation, new theologies and new liturgies, but above all a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, so that the Spirit may take our hearts of stone and give us a heart of flesh. (Cf. Ezek 36:26-27)…
May the veneration of Mary as the Lady of All Nations inspire each and every one of us and all of humanity to imitate the example of Mary’s total surrender to God who “casts the mighty from the throne and exalts the lowly …” (Lk 1:52)

Image of Lady of All Nations
There is a beautiful, serene image associated with this devotion.

This is the image of the Lady of All Nations.

The sheep represent the nations of the earth, and the people of earth. She then says that we “...will not find true rest “until they lie down and in tranquility look up at the Cross, the center of this world” (May 31, 1951).

Laying down tranquilly sounds like, to me, having a great trust in the Divine Mercy and repenting of one’s sins and reforming the way of life, as well as giving one’s heart over to God in a sincere way. This can be achieved through meditating on the scripture of the Passion of Jesus (which is what the Rosary is), as well as devoting oneself to the Eucharist and His presence on the Sacrament of Confession.

How I came to know about this prayer is that I was making the Stations of the Cross in a chapel, and a woman came over to me to give me a small pamphlet, almost like a prayer card, about it. She was very excited. She said a very holy priest (I can’t remember if an exorcist or not) had blessed the prayer card. I took it home.

Even when very distressed, if I looked on the image, I found great spiritual relief. I laminated the little pamphlet.

I think one of the reasons I believe in this devotion is that, throughout the years I have suffered from a number of crippling mental or psychological disabilities which have, at various times, rendered me usually incapable of remember anything. It is not just, “oh I have a bad memory”; at times it was so bad, I sincerely did not know what I had done one second earlier. Prayer seemed almost impossible (although I prayed anyway, in my mental poverty) because I wasn’t meditating or contemplating, I didn’t know what I was doing at all. Not only for prayer, but ever. “Completely out of it” does not begin. It was immensely frustrating. A very difficult way to live, I depended very much on God for everything because I was so poor and weak. (Thanks be to God, He has healed me, particularly through confessions, which were also quite difficult because I had to remember sins, at least long enough to write them down, but He helped me in this regard as well and over my time going to confessions monthly I have been greatly, miraculously and impossibly greatly healed, and I believe it is God’s desire to one day fully heal me, although if it had been His Will that I remained forever a cripple, I would have submitted to it; but He wants to heal.)

But, my point is, that no matter how completely 100% messed up I was, where I didn’t know where I was or what the date was or what medicine I had taken or not taken or literally couldn’t remember or even know ANYTHING,
……. I always remembered to say this prayer.
Every day.
And I remembered that I had said it when I had said it, and that I needed to say it when I hadn’t.

That’s very powerful. I believe there is something truly special about this little prayer.

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How To Find Good And Honest Information About God, Your Life And Your Problems

As the grace of humility and a sincere seeking of God’s Will decreases in our society, the online garbage written about Catholicism by self-appointed Catholic experts has increased.

These writers often blame victims or give spiritual advice that might literally destroy readers’ lives and greatly damage their souls.

Especially dangerous for Catholic souls are forums where non-experts write ill-informed opinion responses that they pass off as factual.

Can you sometimes find good information at these sources? Yes. Sometimes great information.

But it is more often you will find information that is misinformed, heretical, self-absorbed and destructive.

It's as if they've forgotten the truth we are taught by Jesus: we will be judged for everything we say and write.

There are two sides of this coin. Considering how much time, effort and struggle it can take to become a Saint, and how few find the "narrow path," as Jesus our Savior tells us, it is a little silly to expect a stranger on a forum to provide Saintly advice that will help you deal with your life's spiritual problems. We ought to forgive everyone who doesn't know everything!

Where can a sincere God-seeking person find helpful writings?

There are 2,000 years of lessons written by Saints on the topics of sin and what misery sin does to our lives... and how God offers all sinners total forgiveness, strength to give up sin, heals them, and prepares their souls to enter into His Eternal Kingdom of everlasting peace and joy in the Light of God their Loving and Thrice Holy Creator.

These writers are Saints. What they have written is without error; they will not mislead you.

Many exorcist priests are sincerely pious and faithful, powerful in God, and engaged in battle with the forces of Hell. These good priests also write books to help you. - please see

Seek God in the writings of Saints. God has the answers for your life... online strangers might be worldly.

I consider this blog not an end in itself but motivation to get you to read the works written by great Saints. Their writing has infinitely brilliant and soul-feeding information. 

Recall how during John the Baptist’s mission, he pointed away from himself and toward Christ? Despite this, many of his followers continued to follow John instead of Jesus.

They frustrated John’s efforts to see where their True Salvation was. They spiritually resisted following Jesus. Many of them struggled to overcome that resistance.

In these blog entries, I am pointing to the Saints and their written works. You will find salvation in their words. Their writings will be your instruction, your help, your guide. 

God will reveal Himself to you through them.

The Light of God shines through His Saints. That is what a Saint is: one through whom the Light of God shines perfectly. That is why you will find the Light of God in their writings. 

The Bible is a compilation of the writings of Saints, is it not? There have been many Saints since the time of the Bible; God's grace has not stopped flowing. 

God is pouring His grace into our souls through these Saints from generation to generation, for the purpose of helping you. God knew you would read these works here, now, in this time period, and be lead to Him.

Those Saints were not writing for their generation only, but for all future generations as well.

God had Saints leave their writings behind for our generation -- for you -- because God loves His creation so much. We are His creation. You are His creation.

God is omniscient, He knows everything: God foresaw that you would one day read the Saints' writings.

Out of His infinite Love for you, and all souls, He bade His Saints to write.

The Light of God is what you are seeking. God is the answer to your problems.

I have my own testimonies, but only to encourage you to read the real stuff by Saints. Saints impart vital information. If you give up sin and read their works, and pray every day "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins," your soul will be in a better place. 

God will lead you.

You will find hope, especially in the prayer of the Rosary through which Mary crushes the skull of the serpent.

Pray specifically for the intention of "knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins.” God will set you free.

In short, you are more likely to find good information online and avoid bad, dangerous information if you fully understand what religion is, when you've already read holy works by Saints, prayed and gone to confessions, and spent time before the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration. Your soul will be raised up toward God. 

Soon, when you see something heretical or arrogant you will be more likely to recognize its errors from your the personal experiences you have had with God gained through holy reading and prayer. You'll find yourself on the right track, you'll be well anchored in God.  It will be very beneficial to you.

Here’s a link to a previous post containing writings by saints and pious people have benefited me greatly. I pray that they will help you, too: