Sunday, December 27, 2020

The DNA of Jesus?

 The Northern Californians want to break off from the rest of California to create their own state, Jefferson, named after Thomas Jefferson.

The Left says that Jefferson abused a young slave girl and had many children with her, and they claim to back this up by DNA. (Ironically it was the Left at the time who was in favor of slavery during the institution of slavery in the US, an institution opposed by the Catholic Church with great vehemence, which is why Catholicism was largely banned in early USA. The institution of slavery was from England, who themselves could only become slavers after a Protestant Reformation, because they too had to first cast off the morality of the Church in order to commit grievous sin.)

DNA is passed down through families. There is familial DNA.

What happened is that Thomas' brother did, in fact, abuse a slave girl, a young girl of only 14 or 15, and had many children with her. That is why there is male Jefferson DNA in this family which was created through the brother's sin to this day.

So for the sake of the sin of the brother, the whole family stands condemned in a worldly perspective.

Jesus, God, was born to create a new race on earth.

But this race is not an earthly race. It is not based on DNA. It is not based on race, country of origin, gender, age, skin color, cultural habits, language, nobility, lineage, ancestry, pedigrees, or material successes or wealth. It is based on sincerely seeking God, in prayer, and in repentance, and in the forgiveness of sins. There is one spirit which guides everyone and this Holy Spirit does not differentiate based on gender, age, health, wealth, lineage, nobility, or anything else that humans use to differentiate one another on. The Spirit stays with those who are sincerely humble. 

And who are those humble people? They are those people who pray to God and ask Him for the grace to be truly humble, every day of their lives, to to sincerely know God. And God Himself pours out His Spirit on such people who do not exalt themselves. There are very few. But anyone has the opportunity to, by simply praying for the grace to be humble. There are only few of them because people do not pray for this, and if they do, sometimes they stop praying for this, thinking themselves already saints because they practice one or two virtues, and so they exalt themselves.

But God does not weary of repentance and these souls who have hardened themselves can once again repent and begin to pray for the grace to be sincerely humble and to know who God truly is. If only we would! God will not reject us, it is we who condemn ourselves by trying to exalt ourselves based on age, race, gender, or past graces we received from God, rather than continuing on the open path towards Him.

Jesus and all of His relatives were all virgins. His Mother was a virgin. His step father was a virgin, and He does not share the DNA of His stepfather anyway, He shares the DNA of His Mother. She was a Virgin. Her parents only had 1 child, they were very old. Jesus' cousin, John, was a virgin. All of Jesus' friends were virgins and were childless in the material sense.

Jesus has many many children in the world, but they are His spiritually adopted sons and daughters. This spiritual adoption is far more significant than a material birth. The bond is far stronger between God and His spiritual children. His spiritual children, however few, are those people who have given up worldly standards and they seek wealth in the next life, they seek successes in the next life (that is, they seek Heaven), they seek prayer (not to be seen by others but in private, to be seen by God), they seek God in prayer, they seek to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through prayer and hidden sacrifice. 

They do not live for the events of this life or for the kingdom of earth, for earthly politics, for current events, for themselves or for others, but for God and for the salvation of immortal souls, thus bringing Jesus more spiritual children. 

Certainly current events have an effect on them because current events often result in their marytrdoms, but that is not especially relevant because they see God's Hand in their sufferings and they use these sufferings for the salvation of immortal souls, to bring many sinners into the Kingdom of God.

So in this way, their lineage, their age, their health, their wealth, their success, their gender, their skin color, their nationality, is not of utmost importance, because it is not through any of those things that the Kingdom of God comes to save souls. It is only through sincerely seeking God, primarily in prayer.

Like Jesus.

However, some people, still blinded by the idea of a worldly kingdom, wrongly believe that there is DNA of Jesus' lineage somewhere on earth. There is not, though. There are records of Jesus' family, clearly made in the New Testament and backed up by several supplemental historical documents, which quite clearly point to the well-documented, if not infamous, martyrdoms of Him, His family, and all of His friends, who mostly either did not have children or were also simply virgins.

This is because they knew that the Kingdom of God is not one like an earthly kingdom with earthly lineages, but is entirely mystical, in God, in the soul.

The kingdom of God comes in the soul, and must continue to come into the soul throughout one's whole life, as we are obliged by God to grow closer and closer to God every day. Only this will fulfill the longings of our souls.

There have been mighty and powerful kings and queens, emporers and empresses, who were Saintly people and who believed this, and either were themselves virgins or did not object to their children being virgins, because even though they possessed an earthly kingdom themselves, they lived for God and they trusted in God and they believed in God's promise more than they believed in the material kingdom which they themselves possessed. Surely we, too, who have far less in this life, can imitated God's Saints and pray to God for the grace to trust in God.

So there is no "Jesus' DNA" on earth, except in those Saints who have the stigmata, in which case there have been DNA tests done on the blood which comes from their stigmatas, which is of different DNA and different type, than their own DNA, and therefore is presumably Jesus' DNA. 

But no one in Jesus' family passed on their DNA through a normal human means, and certainly the DNA tests of the stigmatics, which is a very rare grace, is entirely a mystical phenomenon which science cannot explain.

[ How can we accomplish this? Aside from saying many prayers, and devotions, which I reference on this site because I want you to share in the graces that I have received from them (including the litany of humility and St Therese's prayer of humility), let us wake up in the morning and the first thing that we read, is "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament." You can open it at random, and there is usually a scriptural quote, or a psalm, and some meditation on Jesus' love in the Eucharist next to it. Let us read these 2 or 3 times, over and over, and study them, before we begin our morning prayers. You can open up and see Jesus in the Eucharist.

In this way, we will wake up and bath our tired souls in the love of Christ, which will feed and refresh our souls. And we can ask Him to tell us more about Himself. Because the wise are those who know they don't know everything and so they ask God to know Him.

Do you remember the demoniac who was possessed with Legion, and how after he was liberated, he wanted to spend the rest of his life at the feet of Christ? Let us imitate him, and desire to spend the rest of our lives at the feet of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Do you recall Anna of Phanuel, the prophetess, the first public evangelizer of Christ, how she spent her life, day and night, in the temple of God? Let us strive to imitate this virtue, again, at the foot of Christ in the Eucharist, both literally when we pray in front of them, and by turning our thoughts to those of love and appreciation towards Him during the day, for all the days of our lives.

We can imitate Jesus' true friends and children. Let us ask our Mother in Heaven, Mary, for these graces, because she is the first to practice them and she practiced them with great perfection, and wants us all to share in the graces she has received from God, so will lavish these graces on us.

In this way, we will be happy and filled up in our souls. Thank you. ]