Friday, February 5, 2021

The Joy of God revealed through Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana, link

 I've mentioned this book a lot since reading it, I think everyone, everyone, should read it so you can understand how much God loves you as an individual and enjoy the flowing, merciful fountain of God's grace. It is the best book you can read, much better than any online information. 

Mary appears multiple times to a nun named Mother Mariana, and expounds to her the secrets of the 21st century and the plots of corruption, in both civil and religious leaders down to the lowest ranks of society, as well as God's immense love for each of us as individuals (there is a lot of race-hatred at the time the book was written, both on the part of the Spaniards as well as the natives and those who are mixed it is very clear that God loves us as individuals throughout this book, and everyone extols Mother Mariana for her sanctity). 

There is also how Mother Mariana saves the soul of an evil nun from damnation, and how many of the nuns do not even pass through purgatory, and pass through their final trials with God's consolation, because of the intercession of Mother Mariana and all of God's graces through Mary under the title of Our Lady of Good Success. And other occurrences and information which are of value for entering Heaven.

I think if everyone read this book, and prayed to Mother Mariana and Our Lady of Good Success to have the graces necessary to practice all of the advice for conduct that Mother Mariana gave to her convent as her last dying words, then the world would truly be a transformed place, a very wonderful place. ... Or even if every Catholic would take the time to... and be liberated from lukewarmness...

The book is a fountain of grace as well as information from Heaven's perspective about the secret corruptions (which of course are not secret to God's omniscience) that effect everyone's daily lives, which were prophesied in the 1600s.

The book can be difficult to find in an amazon search so here is the Dolorosa Press website link and the link on amazon, as well.

There IS a kindle edition, yes.

(Unfortunately when you try to find info about it online, most people focus on prophecies of contemporary times and how they've come true. It's true but it also kind of seems like doom-and-gloom clickbait. The most important thing in the book, the major theme of the book, is God's love for souls.)