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The Near Death Experience of Marino Restrepo

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The Near Death Experience of Gloria Polo

(The only alterations are that grammar and spelling errors are corrected from original translated English text.)

The 5th of May, 1995: a Colombian woman was walking near the university of Bogota in the rain, sharing an umbrella with her young cousin, when they were struck by lightning. The young 23 year old boy died instantly, while the woman, terribly burned, lived the most stunning experience of her entire existence: death, God's judgement, and coming back to life.

This is the true story of Gloria Polo [...].

While her body lay carbonized, with all her major vital organs destroyed, Doctor Gloria Polo found herself going through a beautiful tunnel of white light, happy and at peace. She understand that she was dead, and saw and hugged all the people of her life, the ones alive and those who had passed away.

It was a moment of great joy!

But was she saved? Did she reach Paradise, the peaceful resting place promised to people once they die?

This is what followed.

At the end of the tunnel, there was a beautiful lake and a magnificent garden with the most incredible colored flowers.

Everything was LOVE. Her cousin that was, during life, a very devoted Christian went there, but she couldn't. She painfully returned back and found herself in the hospital near her destroyed body and discovered, with fear, she was surrounded by devils and that they were there for her.

She became aware that she owed each one of them something for every sin she had done in her life, and in the struggle to escape from them, she ran like mad through the hospital and she found herself falling down through darkened tunnels where the light became weaker and weaker; the tunnels were filled with men and women, young and old, that were crying and screaming in terrible sorrow. The atmosphere was full of horror and shame, and the stench was intolerable. 

Gloria was desperate. She was going farther and farther down without being able to stop herself, until a plain where the ground opened up into a horrible gigantic mouth filled with evil spirits ready to seize her. That was the door to Hell.

Her soul was being swallowed into it and the demons inside started attacking her, like blood suckers, in the effort to switch off the little spiritual light she still had.

She was almost completely in when Saint Michael the Archangel grabbed her by her feet and she screamed, "souls of Purgatory, save me!" She heard the cry of thousands and thousands of people, many of them were young. Gloria discovered, with piety, that those were the souls who in life, in a moment of desperation, had committed suicide, and that now ere imprisoned in that plain without God near the mouth of Hell, tormented by the evil spirits that enjoyed showing them continuously the despair they caused to their families on Earth for what they had done, and this for the number of years they were originally established for them to live if they had not taken their lives.

They could not help her.

Then she saw her parents who had died years ago. Her father was at the last stadium of Purgatory just a step before Hell. God had not sent him to Hell because a few years before dying, he repented and turned back to Him because he had been a good father and also because of the prayers of his kind and religious wife, but he was now serving the Justice of God for his drinking and having cheated on Gloria's mother. He was crying desperately for her, understanding how his misbehavior in life had effected his children.

Parents answer to God for the type of education they give their children, the example they have set for their children and how they have helped their kids to develop the talents the Lord has given them.

Gloria's mother instead was in the Light, at peace, but at the same time in pain for her (Gloria).

They also could not help her.

Then Gloria, in a last painful struggle, screamed "I'm a Catholic!" and something changed. Jesus came.

The devils fell down in adoration asking to leave. They couldn't bear the beautiful, overwhelmingly loving, sweet person of Christ. They received permission to leave. Only one remained: the one to which she owed the most for her sins who was now claiming her soul.

But there was also the magnificent Virgin Mary that came to her rescue, in adoration, praying on her hands and knees before her Lord and Son Jesus, for Gloria, and bringing to Him all the prayers that the people of her country were offering after reading in the local newspapers about her terrible accident.

Jesus said to Gloria, "Well, you are a Catholic, then remember the Law of God. His Commandments."

She could only recall that there were ten. But with the help of Jesus, she examined her entire life under the lens of the Ten Commandments and the result was very poor.

She saw the Book of Life where was paraded before her all her existence, with all her falseness and faults: lies, lack of respect, rebellious attitudes towards her parents, lack of compassion, bad advice, and many other faults that caused so much harm to people.

Jesus reminded her of how many times she prayed to God for money, social position, a profession, wealth -- making all kinds of promises to God, and once she was blessed with those things, she didn't fulfill a single promise and did not give God one single thanks.

Instead, she betrayed Him by cursing His Name when things didn't go how she wanted, denying His Existence, swearing, believing in reincarnation, following horoscopes, fortune telling and card readings that allowed Satan to make her forehead with his sign.

Jesus showed her how many hours a day she devoted to her body by doing gymnastics and going through expensive beauty treatments, and not even 10 minutes to the health of her soul through prayer or praising and thanking God [or holy reading]. 

She saw how her laziness and distraction during the Holy Mass and her bad and incomplete confessions didn't allow the priests to free her spirit from the chains of her sins, putting her straight into the hands of the Devil. Jesus warned her [during life] for her complaining about the priests, reminding her that the [Sacraments of Confession and Communion administered by the priesthood of] the Catholic Church alone can free a soul from sin and its consequences.

Confession allows Him to clean people's souls from their sins and break the tie that binds them to Satan, and this through the absolution given by the same priests she criticized so much, instead of praying for them. No matter their faults* they are always His devoted and the only ones to whom is given the power to absolve sins, because God said: what they untie on earth will be untied in the other life.

(*obviously if they commit a sin that is automatic excommunication, such as molestation or something extreme... then they're automatically excommunicated through their sins. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about human failures.)

Communion, the Holy Eucharist that allows people to repair their sins and the evil done to others and that evil's consequences.

And what wife and mother had she been? She left for work at 5AM and returned at 11PM and was always in a bad mood, grumbling and screaming at her husband and children, robbing them of their peace, not teaching them to know and love God and one another.

Gloria Polo had to also face the sin she had committed when she was a [teen?]: she had an abortion, and had committed many other sins she was not aware of by [fornicating] and using contraception, and also the ones she was responsible for when she encouraged young teenage friends to have physical relationships before marriage. She saw how fundamental it is for boys and girls to keep their virginity in tact until holy matrimony and to remain faithful, and how severe would the judgement will be if they do not.

She saw how the Heavens tremble and Jesus suffers on the Cross each time an abortion is done, but not only that: the sigils (seals) of Hell break and thousands of devils, like disgusting larva, are freed to haunt human beings on earth, and increase crime and all sorts of aberrations and addictions, tragedies and the spreading of terrible and contagious illnesses.

Jesus reminded her of an episode in her teens when some friends had offered her drugs. She just couldn't and refused, adding the excuse that she was frightened of her mother, but the Lord told her that it wasn't through fear of her mom, but it was the grace of God that stopped her, due to her mother's daily prayer of the Rosary.

The Lord severely criticized her low cut dresses and very short skirts, emphasizing how it tempted men, inducing them into sin. He also showed her how easy it was to ruin people, planting into them the seed of hatred, like when she was young and with her friends and she used to bully a school girl with nasty remarks and criticisms.

Gloria had to admit that when she had done charity, it was only to satisfy her vanity, to be admired by other people. She adored people complimenting her, saying how good and kind she was to help those who were in need, but actually used to send them to do this or that for her her.

It was showed to her all the times she neglected to help people who were really desperate that God had sent to her to help, as well as showing her all the bad consequences of her failures to sincerely help others, all the pain and destruction that caused in their lives.

Jesus also showed her how, when she was dying, He came to rescue her soul, holding her in His Arms and instead of saying, "Lord, forgive me, have mercy on my soul," she was worried about her diamond rings! If she had just said those words with sincere repentance, He would have taken her in spirit to the First Church, where during Holy Mass she would have taken Communion and be saved, because only the one who received the Holy Blood and Body of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist can go to Heaven. Until the very last moment, God searches for His [lost] children! When people are agonizing, the Lord stands by them and reveals Himself: if they ask forgiveness and accept Him, they go to Purgatory, but they save themselves [from Hell].

Now, the final sentence. Was she going to Hell?

Gloria Polo was crying asking for Mercy. Jesus took her hand and pulled her out [of Hell]. He was going to give her another chance, not for the prayers of her family, but for those of the many people that, not knowing her, were so touched by her tragedy that was reported in the local newspapers and TV news.

All their prayers were like little white lights, full of love, in front of the Lord, but there was on bigger and brighter than the others. The prayer of a very poor farmer, a holy man, that always blessed and thanked the Lord even though of all of his misfortunes! Gloria saw how, after Holy Mass, he went to buy with the little money that he had, a piece of soap. The soap was wrapped in a newspaper page were there was Gloria's photo of her terribly burned body. This Saint poor farmer was so touched that, crying, he prayed with all of his heart for God to save her, promising that he would have walked to honor Jesus for his sister*, so badly injured, to the famous Sanctuary on the other side of the country. All this for a person he didn't even know. 

That is true love of neighbor, of other people, Jesus emphasized.

(* he was not physically related to Gloria, but prayed for her as her sister as part of the universal human family under God the Father, with Mary the mother of every soul. It was because of his saintliness that he called her "sister," but he hadn't ever met her and didn't know her at all.)

Because of all these prayers, Gloria came back to life.

Today she lives in Colombia, where she still continues to work as a dentist, but now she is a real and devout Christian and travels world wide, as she promised Jesus, to give testimony of what she went through so that people can change their ways and return to God before it's too late.

BR commentary:
It's important to daily pray the Rosary "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for sins." The Rosary is like a ladder leading to Heaven. There are people who pray the Rosary insincerely, to hide their sins and idolatry rather than to expose and overcome them, or who pray arrogantly because they think it makes them seem better than others, or to show off. That is why it is important to pray "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for sins," as Saint Louis de Montfort says. 

(Don't pray while doing other things, unless it's just walking or something that requires no mental attention like sitting in a bath tub. Don't pray only while driving. Pray with all your attention focused on the Rosary, on what you are praying.)

Saint Louis de Montfort wrote a book called "Secret of the Rosary," which you can still read, which explains the importance and power of the Rosary and a few different ways to pray it. 

This book is available on amazon for $5 (or $1 on kindle, which you can read even if you don't have a Kindle, you can read it with amazon's free kindle reader that you can get for your computer), or for free on this website of the Rosary Center, or as a free PDF at Rosary Bay.
Rosary Center online: 

Also mentioned is the importance of Eucharistic Adoration, loving Jesus in the Eucharist, in order to make repairs for all of the evil one has done in this life, as well as for the grace for true love of Christ. Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) wanted everyone in the world to read the book "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament," by the Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament, which also has a Eucharistic Rosary that will make you feel so loved and so close to God in good times or in bad times. You will have so much comfort during sorrows and sufferings when you pray this Rosary and read this book because it will open your eyes to how much God loves you, in a way that you cannot imagine.

I had a lot of spiritual resistance to reading this book initially, and then it became one of the most important books in my life. In addition to spending an hour reading each part, I read a few paragraphs (or even one paragraph) many times over in the morning when I wake up. Because there is so much information that is all so profound. And I also frequently say the Rosary. Many times, the sorrowful passion mysteries make me very sad and are difficult to say, but with the Rosary meditations in this book, because it so closely combines one's own suffering as an offering united to Jesus' suffering, I draw great strength and consolation during times of struggle from the Sorrowful Passion. I consider this to be a very vital book, and Saint Teresa wished everyone in the world could read it so they could understand Jesus' love better.

From the Mssionaries of the Blessed Sacrament website:

There is also special emphasis on the Divine Mercy, revealed to Saint Faustina. Her incredible experiences with God and the Divine Mercy prayers and way of life that will save souls can be read in her diary, which is available in book form and also as a free PDF.

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"Men Have Forgotten God" – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, an award-winning scholar who studied the Russian Revolution that killed an estimated 70 million Russians, very concisely explains how Communism took over Russia, and consequently what is happening in the United States right now. Please read this link to understand:

This article was written in 2011, warning about how the American society is on the cusp of the Abyss. Since then, our society has crossed over into the Abyss. In many contexts it's now a "hate crime" to talk about religion, and in some states these "hate crimes" are jailable offenses. In other states where it is not illegal, you can still be attacked, harassed, stalked, blocked, cursed, deprived of job or name, — or much, much worse.

It will get worse before it gets better, Saint Therese said in an apparition just before 911 World Trade Center attacks. But only if we pray, especially the Rosary.

You can read the apparition account here:
"N.Y. Woman Claims Apparitions of St. Therese In Week Before WTC Attack" 
A follow-up story: "Woman Who Was Healed By Vision Says Virgin Spoke About Crisis In The Church": 

The persecution of Fr Kalchik, articles 1 & 2 (I don't know what sites these are on, comments, etc, I'm not vouching for these websites or the rest of their content, this is just where I found these particular stories of Fr. Kalchik, which I know are real events and have taken place very recently) : 
"Fr. Paul Kalchik Leaves For Undisclosed Location After Chicago Archdiocese Threatens Forcible Removal by Police" 
"Cupich Foceibly Removes Pastor Who Was Sex Abuse Victim...":

The answer to all of this external and internal persecution, darkness, and Abysmal society, Heaven told us at Fatima, Portugal, in the early 20th century, 100 years ago, is: prayer, especially the prayer of the rosary (especially for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for sins); and repentance of sin.

Americans historically have been anti-socialist (our defeat of socialist Nazis) and anti-Communist (McCarthy, who was a good Catholic and working to prevent the horrible mess we're dealing with now, is a good example, but also the election of Catholic John F. Kennedy running on an anti-Communist platform, to try to downsize the increasingly globalist — aka Communist, socialist — and corrupt CIA, and who was martyred for trying to do so).

Catholics, the people of God, are intended to speak out against Communism, because God sent the world Mary at Fatima to speak out against the Communists and socialists first at the beginning of the 20th century, when she warned against the militant atheists who would kill many millions of innocent people, cause many souls to be damned through subversive propaganda that would lead them from God, and erase whole countries off the map, as the Nazis and the Communists did all over the world.

One of the basic subversions of Communism (militant atheism) is the redefinition of words. The word "communist" becomes "socialist," which then becomes "globalist." Americans know communism is deadly, but "globalism" — what is that? It's not been so  warned about. It's just rebranded communism, and we've already been living under it, especially under the last president who legalized propaganda (although we had already been getting it in public schools for decades from atheist teachers).

Whether communism, socialism or globalism, it's all the same thing that Heaven warned the faithful about 100 years ago, and many many times since then. It all has the same cause — atheism — and it all leads to the same result: death, destruction, damnation. More misery than can be imagined.

Since JFK's assassination, there were a number of globalist presidents, most outstandingly Nixon and Carter, until prior to contemporary times when, despite the political party, all Presidents (notwithstanding the current one) were globalists, in fact openly globalist (therefore, communist, socialist). They traded the country back in forth between the two parties with the same political agenda; elections didn't matter because either party that got in would be a globalist party working with the other party, under the same control of the same political machine bent serving world dominating powers that desired the subjection of the human race and the annihilation of God. It was that very same political machine that pushed the envelope of what Americans would accept in terms of globalism-socialism-communism-atheism. That's a dictatorship. That's beyond unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, ... simply evil, no matter which way you cut it.

Here is George Bush Senior's Globalism and New World Order speech (a clip, little more than a minute long) from 1991. One of the scariest moments in contemporary politics, and worth everyone watching, because it laid the foundation for future globalist presidents' platforms, and they were so arrogant that they would openly say these words, openly admit it and tell everyone they had to get on board with it. 

It's worth noting Bush Senior was head of the CIA when the CIA was pumping cocaine into the United States, another Communist (socialist, globalist, atheist) ploy to destroy and conquer a country (as we see through the example of the Communist conquest of China through opiods, and the fact that America was a dry country until Communist Franklin D. Roosevelt repealed prohibition).

Politics and atheism aside (because that conversation could go on indefinitely with examples and history), it's important to examine the rest of Heaven's Fatima message from 100 years ago.

God would not give us a situation we could not get out of, so that we might not lose hope.

What was it He told us at Fatima, and then later at Akita (which is an extension of Fatima, the secret of Fatima revealed publicly when the Vatican wouldn't do it, which a bishop who would eventually become Pope Benedict XVI, the true Pope, dubbed "the Pope of Hope," who was illegally and illegitimately pushed aside by the corrupt antipope Burgoglio and the crew that got him in there, approved the apparitions of)?

God told us repentance of sins and praying the Rosary every day would be the only way to save the world from these disasters.

He said that if we didn't better ourselves by giving up sin, and by praying the Rosary, fire would reign down from Heaven and kill the majority of people (which Jesus warns in the Gospels, which also sounds like an EMP bomb or a super volcano) and only the Rosary would be of any help to anyone.

If this is true, which we know it is through various revelations in various places and times on earth which are in confirmation to the messages Jesus gave us before His Passion, why is this topic not the exclusive topic of homilies and Catholic education around the world? 

Shouldn't the Catholic Church exist solely as a factory to produce spiritual warriors for God who pray the rosary and are strong against vice and sin so that God's very just wrath is turned away from the human race, because the human race doesn't need His wrath for our salvation, because we are already on the path of salvation?

It's true, that should be the sole purpose of the Catholic Church. It doesn't do this. Priests don't, either because their bishops forbade it or because they're narcissists and/or want to be "just one of the guys," and not deliver God's message that He demands be delivered. It was foretold about 400 years ago in the Our Lady of Good Success apparitions to Mother Mariana that our time now would be the time when more priests go to Hell than any other time because of their failure to perform their duty as priests (or bishops, for the ones who forbid good priests from talking about this), and that the society in general would be what I'm calling a sin support group and send more people to Hell than in any other time.

Because of these failures and because of God's great mercy, Mary has been building an army of spiritual warriors. It's up to us, the people, to truly seek God and do what He asks, and to pray for His Church. 

Hell will not conquer His Church, but it's up to us to pray as God told us and to give up sin, so that we can be found doing what we're supposed to be doing when the Master (Christ) comes, either at he end of our lives or at the end of the world, whichever comes first.

Those who apostasy the Church, they're only adding sin unto sin. It's true, find a church, a priest, that is not corrupt, or is less corrupt. But to apostasy from the faith entirely only makes the sentence against the rest of us worse.

Heaven gave us a plan to save the world.

The recitation of the Rosary and Sacramental Confession and giving up your sins are what God said would turn away His Wrath. Stop holding onto sin so you can hold onto God, Mary told us at the Our Lady of America apparitions.

“My beloved daughter, what I am about to tell you concerns in a particular way my children in America. Unless they do penance by mortification and self-denial and thus reform their lives, God will visit them with punishments hitherto unknown to them.
“My child, there will be peace, as has been promised, but not until my children are purified and cleansed from defilement, and clothed thus with the white garment of grace, are made ready to receive this peace, so long promised and so long held back because of the sins of men.
“My dear children, either you will do as I desire and reform your lives, or God Himself will need to cleanse you in the fires of untold punishment. You must be prepared to receive His great gift of peace. If you will not prepare yourselves, God will Himself be forced to do so in His justice and mercy. 
“Making the rosary a family prayer is very pleasing to me. I ask that all families strive to do so. But be careful to say it with great devotion, meditating on each mystery and striving to imitate in your daily lives the virtues depicted therein. Live the mysteries of the rosary as I lived them, and it will become a chain binding you to me forever.
That is exactly what she said at Fatima.

This is the ONLY plan Heaven gave us for saving the world. 

That means that is our only choice, if we want the world saved.

Since the writing of the article in 2011, it's true America has crossed the line into the Abyss, but Russia has since 2011 started building Churches at breakneck speed and is rapidly becoming one of the most religious countries in the world again (we hope they keep up this progress), as they were before the fall (even when their religion was in decline they were more religious than any other country).

The US was obviously supposed to be the last high ground people who wanted to worship God could run to, when all the rest of the world was flooded out with communism, secularism and materialism (a belief only in the material world).

But when the Last High Ground is fully submerged in the Great Flood of spiritual darkness, atheism and immorality, secularism and Communistic persecutions, where is there to go?

The Ark.

And who is the Ark?

Mary. She crushes the skull of the serpent; she leads us to her Son without heresy.

We must escape to her, especially through devotion to the rosary for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for our sins, that the Great Flood may recede from the Church and from all the world, by the reentry of Light into the world, the Light of God, Who is Jesus Himself, first brought to the world through Mary, that He may reclaim our hearts and all the world as the "King of kings and Lord of lords."

(Catholic Supreme Court Justice Scalia was a devotee of Jesus King of All Nations and in 2016, all the parishes of Poland and the country of Poland itself were consecrated to Christ the King. Bishop Enrique Hernandez Riviera granted a nihil obstrat in 1993 stating that the devotions were free of doctrinal and moral error and that there is nothing contrary to the Faith about them.
You can read the prayers here, the chaplet is especially efficious and easy to recite on ordinary Rosary beads: 

The Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet are more important to pray but this is a good devotion, and the daily short prayer, in which Jesus promises to convert souls, is very good. The chaplet is short and easy to pray and many healings of body, mind and soul, as well as spiritual protection, come from God when we say it, so it is worth saying daily, in my opinion. I've experienced important graces from praying the chaplet. If you are in distress, depressed, agitated, angry, etc, or in physical pain, pray the little chaplet. It is special, and fits in well with the devotions of the Rosary and Divine Mercy.)

We can hope, despite the despair immediately in front of our eyes, that if we fulfill God's plan and do not stop doing as He told us to do at Fatima and Akita, that He will also convert our country and our Church, that good will triumph over evil if we sincerely set out to do the work He told us to do (which is, pray and repent, change our lives and avoid sin and attend Confession).

Pray the rosary every day — even all three (or four) sets of mysteries — for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins.

The opposite of globalism/communism/socialism/hedonism/atheism is not capitalism. Only communists sneeringly lie and say the opposite of Communism is capitalism.

There was no such thing as capitalism until Communism existed, paying people for their labor and trade are just the way things are naturally done. 

The opposite of globalism/communism/socialism/hedonism/atheism is freedom.

Not the freedom to sin, which is slavery to sin, as Christ Jesus tells us in truth.

The freedom to seek God.

God alone is happiness.

The pursue happiness can be accomplished on the same plan that Heaven gave us to save the world.

The plan to pursue happiness is, therefore, to pray the rosary for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins.


Catholics to Consecrate California to Virgin Mary to 'Defeat Culture of Death, Abortion, Natural Disasters'