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Pray In Your Interior Chapel

 Interior Chapel

When Saint Catherine of Sienna was deprived by her parents of any place or time for prayer and meditation, Our Lord inspired her with the thought of  making a little interior chapel in her mind, into which she could retire in heart, and enjoy a holy solitude amid her outward duties.

And henceforward, when the world assaulted her, she was able to be indifferent, because, she said, she could retire within her secret chapel, and find comfort with her Heavenly Bridegroom.

She later counselled her spiritual daughters to make a retirement within their heart, in which to dwell.

In the same manner let your heart withdraw to an inward retirement, where, apart from all men, you can lay it bare, face to face with God.

-Written by Saint Francis de Sales (Wiki entry

Monday, June 21, 2021

Visions of Mercy and Joy given to the nuns from Mary of Good Success book and devotion

 In the events of Mother Mariana's life described in the book of Our Lady of Good Success published by Dolorosa Press, the non-observant nuns (meaning the ones who don't pray) made up false accusations and imprisoned the founders, that is, the nuns that founded the religious community. The holy warriors of God (the observant nuns, meaning the ones who prayed and followed the Rule of the Religious Order they belonged to) were kept in a very sad prison for crimes which they did not commit.

One night, God gave all of these women amazing visions.

I have often thought about the two transcribed below. You can get swept away contemplating them... I think also about how joyful it must have been for Elizabeth and John when Mary and Jesus visited them and the Holy Spirit came upon them! (Luke 1:41+:  )

I hope that you get benefit from contemplating these, also, and contemplate God's love; they are very beautiful and immensely profound, though short. ... I transcribe them exactly as is in the English version of the book unless you see a [statement] for clarification:

Vision of Mother Lucia of the Cross (pg 13):
She saw Our Lord Jesus Christ with His Sacred Heart visible on His breast, surrounded by thorns and bleeding profusely. The Blood of His Heart inundated the patios and cloisters of the Convent, until it became a sea of Blood. He said to her, "In this sea of My Heart's Blood I am ready to wash the guilt of those who, being repentant, have recourse to Me."

Vision of Mother Maria of the Incarnation (pg 14-5):
She saw the deliberation of the Blessed Trinity about how to redeem mankind. God the Son offered Himself to save it, and at that moment He made an act of humility so profound that no creature could ever repeat it. Then the Blessed Trinity sent Archangel Saint Gabriel to the place where the small and humble Mary was praying. When she gave herself over to God's will, in such an absolute way that no one has, or ever will do the same, saying, "Be it done to me according to Thy will," the Father and the Holy Ghost worked the ineffable mystery. The Holy Ghost embraced Mary's heart so forcefully with the Love of God, that three drops of blood came out, with which He formed the perfect body to which [God the] Son was united.
Mother Maria of the Incarnation saw how the Child grew in Mary's womb, His birth and hidden life in Nazareth. God sustained the life of this nun so that she would not die of love from these visions.

My (brief) experiences understanding some “Catholic” words from an English perspective

 This might be trivial for some people, but it did help me so I wanted to share in case it helps someone. I don’t know if anyone whose first language is English has experienced the same thing I have experienced. (Although I am ok now, I've had a history of depression, PTSD, etc, and all of these diseases causes one's dopamine levels or serotonin levels to be deficient which can hinder, to one degree or another, one's ability to speak, understand language, and learn, so, maybe it is just me, and maybe you don't have this experience.)

In another post a long time ago, I mentioned that I don’t say “thee” and “thou.” I translate to “you” because I have no experience with the words “thee” or “thou” and therefore they do not connect in my mind the way “you” does. (Not that I think there is anything wrong with thee and thou, and I don’t think one should be indignant about them or anything.) To me, they are like foreign words but used in the middle of an otherwise English sentence, which I feel I have to translate as I read, like climbing a wall, to be able to connect to the meaning of what I’m reading. This seems to distance me from what I am reading and from the persons who are speaking in the Gospels or who I am speaking to in prayer (ie, I don’t pray a Hail Mary or Our Father with “thee,” because I feel too separated, more like play-acting than speaking to God or Mary). So I replace it with the word “you” in my mind or writing. … I’m not saying you have to do that, but when I do it, it helps me better connect to, and be closer to, what is being said and to Whom I am speaking.

When I first converted to Christianity and I read about Mary, I read terms such as “mediatrix” and “co-redemptrix.” I thought they were very intellectual sounding words and also very… sort of fancy. Very impressive words and titles; very honorable, too!

But… they present the same problem as “thee” and “thou,” except even more so because they are made up words that I have never heard before.

I only recently started to translate these words into what they would actually be in English, which are Mediator and Co-Redeemer.

Because “mediator” and “redeemer” are actually real words in English, they have a much deeper impact on my mind, and they much more profoundly show me God’s Mercy in creating Mary and giving her to us as our Mother, Mediator and the Co-Redeemer.

“Mediator” and “Co-Redeemer” are real words in English so they are much more powerful words to me in helping me to understand what is really being said.

I have come to the conclusion that the sort of intellectual jargon words “mediatrix” and “redemptrix”, while very intellectual and fancy, … just… don’t have a lot of impact on me on a more profound level. Even more than “thee” and “thou.”

I feel the jargon has delayed and hindered my coming to a deeper understanding of God’s mercy in souls and Mary’s God-given role in the salvation of souls.

I also feel that translating these words from their more impressive Latin-based made up version to a real English version is more humble of me to do, more “little” (as in, the Little Way of Saint Therese). I’m not trying to be intellectual, I’m just trying to be close to God. I think that is more humble.

Mary typifies all of the promises Jesus gave in the New Testament (and throughout the Old Testament) about those who would believe in Him: for example, rivers of living water will flow from them. This is certainly truly observed in Mary. They will work wonders in His Name. This is certainly true of Mary, which we experience when we pray to her and ask her to pray for us. Etc.

I also sort of feel that these “Catholic” words are not condescending to the native English speaker and are also over-intellectualized, and therefore, a bit vain. (The word Catholic means Universal – it is not really universal if you don’t translate it so I can understand what you are saying and so see the fulfillment of Christ’s promises in His believers.)

What I mean is, if I were to go to, say, India to be a missionary, I would learn one of the native languages of India (there are many!) and I would try to speak to the people who spoke that language in the words that they speak so they can understand what I am saying about God. I would not try to make up new words based on my native language of English and try to make them understand what I am saying in my English-ized words. I would condescend to their language because I would want them to be able to understand better Who God is. And I wish I could see that condescension a bit better towards my native language of English.

The best example I can think of for this is Japanese. What we know as Japanese is really the common man’s Japanese. There is a second Japanese which is traditionally only spoken in the Imperial Court. It is like… Imperial Japanese. At the time of the end of World World 2, the Emperor came on the radio to speak to the Japanese people about the surrender. However, the people didn’t understand most of what he was saying. It was like a foreign language to them because he was speaking in the Imperial language. Which, frankly, is a mostly foreign language to common man's Japanese.

It would be like if someone said, “we should preach in an Imperial language because Jesus is King!” Yes, He is King. He is more of a King than anyone has ever been: He is King of Kings. Mary is Queen of Heaven and earth and all of us. … Yet… Jesus is not a king born in the cradle of gold and diamonds… He is a King laid in an animal’s food trough. To show that God will triumph over all the power and wealth of the world and public opinion. … He was not a King who was visited by foreign dignitaries, men and women dressed in embroidered silks and expensive dyes whose decisions impact millions of lives and who have considerable wealth. … He was visited by shepherds. Very, very poor shepherds. Who may have had nothing but sheep. They might not have even owned the sheep, they might have just been shepherding them. They might have wore sheepskins. They might have only eaten what they could catch or hunt. They might have been patched together. They might have smelled and had dirty faces and unkept hair that perhaps they did their best to clean before visiting the King, and it might not have been that impressive a transformation. Very poor persons. But they had sincerity… they were chosen… And when He spoke, it was not exclusively to educated men and women. It was often times to… the poor… the sick… the forgotten… the excluded… the sneered upon… the woman at the well who had been passed around, discarded by so many men and considered so unimportant… sinners whose confessions He heard and then healed them… the absolute worthless of society, either made so by their own sins or by circumstances they had no control over, by their societies or people’s sins against them… the “have nots,” the “losers.” The failures. The forgotten. The rejected. The unloved. The poor. The powerless. The unclean. The lowest caste. … And we know of He spoke even with an accent. A southern accent, which the intellectuals of the day sneered at and said of Him, “he is an uneducated yokel who keeps company with stupid fishers.” He didn’t have a college education or sound like a Harvard grad. … So… if you preach in an Imperial language… no one would know what was being said. Even if it is very impressive. … And it isn’t really what Jesus did in His whole Life. He was meek and humble of heart. Life, death, resurrection… and today, too…

English is not a latin-based language (although we do have a lot of words from Latin based languages). Unlike Latin-based languages, we do not have different nouns for male and female. For example, in Spanish, a male doctor is called “doctor” and a female doctor is “doctora.” If I had grown up speaking Spanish, this would be very straight forward to me. (Well, the words are super close anyway, it isn’t difficult to grasp. Adding -trix and -ess to the end of things sort of makes them part of a whole different language, it’s so far away from any English I know, and it just doesn’t have the impact.)

I sort of think whomever invented the term “redemptrix” was attempting to “Latin-ify” English by creating a feminine word for redeemer or mediator. But this does not connect to my thoughts as a native English speaker. For example, we do not call female doctors “doctrix” or “doctress.” We call them doctors. Just because that is the way that English is.

There are many languages besides Latin-based ones which have masculine and feminized words (including Hebrew), and there are many languages besides English which do not. (English may be the current international language, but English is not a top tier language in Catholic history – that would be the latin based languages and … Polish.)

I really like the Latin Mass because it is much more powerful for Exorcisms. The Mass is very beautiful and wonderful, and the High Latin Mass is actually quite “Jewish,” if you’ve seen Jewish things, which is very beautiful because… it fits very much with the whole Bible. It makes a lot of sense. It is wonderful. And even though at first it was very difficult for me to follow so I did not, I felt like the unconscious man on the side of the road in Jesus’ example of who the true neighbor is, and I felt that Jesus was coming to take care of my immortal soul despite me being ‘unconscious’ to what was being said at first. This was a very beautiful and wonderful experience and I received so many blessings and deliverances which impact my life to this day. I do not think there would be such a need for exorcisms if we had more Latin Masses. They really are wonderful for deliverance!

But Latin is a dead language and so it is everyone’s second language… Essentially it is the Resurrected Language. Latin in a Mass reminds all Christians in all countries that earth is not the Kingdom we must aim for, but rather a new citizenship in Heaven that is very real… even so far as to be in another language. Like a true country, not just the “idea” of a country. But a real place we must strive for and strive to bring on earth through our closeness to God, especially in prayer and in His Sacraments (baptism, Mass, confession).

But when a missionary preaches to a people in their native language, it seems a lot more humble for him or her to speak to those people in their native language… I think, anyway. (I’m not saying the Good News should be preached in slang or with the grievous sins of contemporary language such as foul language or anything like that – but at least in real English that I can grasp. Even if it is a more formal or correct English, it helps me to read real English words rather than made-up – and frankly, unnecessary – words. Unnecessary because I know Mary is a woman already.)

I started writing or translating over my Catholic books which use the word “mediatrix” or “co-redemptrix”, to “Mediator” and “Co-Redeemer” and this has personally helped me a great deal to understand. It has more impact on a deeper level.

So, I suggest that if your native language is English, you try writing or mentally translating these words in your books because maybe you will come to a new understanding of the great impact that these titles have, which would deepen your contemplation of God’s infinite Mercy and His infinite love for us by giving us His holy Mother as our mediator and co-redeemer, and the proper abandonment we should give to Mary to obtain graces for our souls from God through her intercession so that we can spend eternity in Heaven with God.

It might help you to do so; it helped me, anyway. That’s why I thought I would share.

Maybe you understood it already on a profound level and it won’t make a difference to you. That’s very good!

But it me, it really helped me to understand Mary and God better and I feel like I’ve begun a fresh contemplation of God’s Mercy.

(PS. This same sort of thing is in the Good Success book, where they refer to the founders of the community in Quito, Ecuador, as “foundresses.” It is a little redundant, given that they are nuns so we know they are women. I suggest trying out this translation from “foundress,” another attempt at latin-izing English with a made up word, to “founder” so you can again see the great impact of the work of the holy warrior of God, Mother Mariana, and all of the other holy founders. Again, unless it has no impact on you. Maybe it was just me.)

Have a nice day~!

Friday, March 12, 2021

St Joseph, patron of purity and family

 St Joseph is a patron of purity and family. He wants purity for the whole family. He is distraught by impurity in any member of the family, because impurity destroys the family, creates inequality and brings the devil and vices into the family, and ruins lives and souls. Hence why I think, in pagan false religions, the patron of the family is a female diety because of the physical reproduction, but i think in Catholicism, which is God's religion, it is St Joseph who is patron of the family because of the beautiful purity of his soul and his sincere concern for all the souls of the family, wanting them all to go to Heaven and reach their full potential in life. God is much more concerned about the soul of people, it is the soul which He judges us or approves of us by.

Joseph wants to help every member of the family with whatever his or her work is. Everyone has to do work, and he is the patron of work. He loves us all equally and he wants to see us reach our full potential and protect us and help us to protect one another. He does not think of us in worldly terms but he sees us all in the context of eternity and God. I have protected my family from many bad things, even though I am the youngest and female, which in the erroneous world's eyes, I would have to be the one protected; but by Saint Joseph's help, I have protected and saved my family, even despite sin, and even members of the family who are sinners. He has helped me in so many ways.

He will help anyone who comes to him! Because he is perfectly humble. Sirach, 3:17, one who conducts his affairs with humility is loved more than a giver of gifts. This describes every Saint, but also Saint Joseph, and as he is patron of workers, and we all have work to do, he will help us to do our work with sincere (not false, for show, but real) humility and gentleness, as he himself worked during his mortal life.

He is a very good daddy.

He wants us ALL to go to Heaven, spend eternity in Heaven with him, his Stepson Who is God Himself, and his holy and spectacular Wife, the Crusher of Demons, Mary most holy. What a wonderful, awe-inspiring family!

Mary is the example of every Christian because she followed Jesus perfectly as we are all called to follow Jesus perfectly.

But, so too, St Joseph is the patron of all Christians because he lived perfectly with Jesus and Mary, as we are also called to live perfectly with Jesus and Mary!

I am in awe when I talk to St Joseph. He has a real concern and love for me, as I know he has for everyone. He is a beautiful soul, he is so pure and full of true Christian love that brings so much comfort from God into our lives. Yes, there are prayers to Saint Joseph, which are good to pray, but also please, speak to Joseph in your own words about your problems, and know this holy father hears you and wants to obtain a true conversion and true faith for you.

This is the statue of Saint Joseph I have had on my desk for some time. I like to speak to Saint Joseph, and I hope you do, too. Saint Teresa of Avila used to leave a statue of Saint Joseph in her place in a convent when she went away, asking him to keep watch over everything, and when she returned, asked him for a report. People saw that statue's mouth speaking to her, and she could evidently hear what he was saying, though no one else could!

I have also heard stories by people who were not Saints. A young boy was careening down a hill out of control on his bicycle when he cried out, Saint Joseph help me and I will pray 5 Hail Marys in your honor! ... The bicycle miraculously slowed to a stop, in a way which could not naturally happen, and the boy prayed the 5 Hail Marys in honor of Saint Joseph.

I also heard of (and saw a new report about with pictures!) a shop keeper whose street was being flooded, and he had to evacuate. He left a very large statue of Saint Joseph on the floor of his shop (it may have been a resturant, I can't remember) and he told Saint Joseph to look after the place. Everyone else had damage on the street but the water stopped at the foot of the Saint Joseph statue and would not go further! I have seen miracles like this, living in a hurricane and flood area, and so I believe the news report (which was in America, a non-Catholic country) and the photos. Everyone on the street, although not Catholic, was in awe and wanted to see the statue and the miracle.

We have a prayer to Saint Joseph, which is a video, and one person left a comment that s/he (it was an anonymous comment online, I do not know the person who left it) could not pass a particular test, which s/he had taken many times and failed, but then s/he prayed the prayer in the video every day and Saint Joseph helped him/her pass the test!

There is also a lot of problems with the grievous sin of reviling language and foul language. St Joseph is not recorded saying anything in the Bible, although he certainly spoke in his life. But for this reason, if you go to confession and pray to Saint Joseph every day to not even think reviling language or bad words, and to be protected against being around that bad language, and to speak gently to others, Joseph will help you and free you from these grievous sins and give you the virtue to be godly gentle.

Saint Joseph has a LOT of concern for you. He is very, very loving sincerely, he wants to see you go to Heaven. He is a VERY good guy.

Devotion to Saint Joseph fits in perfectly with devotion to God through the Holy Rosary. Joseph loved his wife and his Stepson and was in awe of their virtue! You can ask Saint Joseph to contemplate them and to help you pray and to pray with you. He will be glad to pray the Rosary with you from Heaven! Sometimes people do not have anyone to pray the Rosary with them, but if you ask Saint Joseph, you will have a friend who will pray the Rosary with you — the Saint himself! A priest told me that the title which honors Saint Joseph the most is, "Spouse of Mary," so YES, Saint Joseph is a wonderful prayer partner of the Rosary! I cannot think of any better!!

Here is a picture of my statue of Saint Joseph from my desk, please feel free to say Hello to him today, now!

(This statue always photographs so well, I've taken pictures of him before, ...even with my cell phone camera like you see here, that I've always thought that's got to be a miracle in itself...)

May Joseph hold you in his holy and pure hands, pressed to his wonderful heart, the way he holds the Infant Jesus! Cuddle close to this wonderful Saint!!!

We are called to be imitators of Christ. Please contemplate how Christ sleeps so peacefully and securely in the arms of Joseph and Mary, and adopt this holy trust and confidence in them, that they may carry you from sin and the Devil, the way they both carried Jesus out of the grasp of Herod when Jesus was an infant. Herod was a physical threat of physical death, but Joseph wants to carry you now from the threat of sin. Just as he wept holy tears during the flight into Egypt, Joseph weeps for all souls entangled in sin, and is ready to help lead you away from sin and the Devil! 

As well as befriend you and help you practically do your work and practice virtue in your day-to-day life!

I love you, and so much more does St Joseph — have good confidence in him, and have a nice day!!!

(I know this is not the year of Saint Anne, but I also recommend devotion to Saint Anne. It seems that, when you are adopted into the holy family, Saint Anne will also come into your life. The same way a new baby is born and, in a holy family, the whole family wants to come and bless the child, so too, when you are born into a relationship with God, and strive to sincerely become a child of God through prayer and devotion, Saint Anne will also come into your life. She is most powerful of all the Saints, a near-omnipotent matriarch because of God's Law of holy obedience to parents, and Joseph, and Mary, and Jesus, all love her and obey her, and she loves them, and she loves you, too! Saint Michael and your guardian angel will also come into your life so much, also! In this way, you will have a very BIG holy family! Everyone wants to come into your life! And everyone will want to help you turn away from sin and away from the world and turn towards God, and you will have happiness in God that cannot be found in the emptiness of the world. God bless you!!!)

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Priest exorcist warns public on the danger of patronizing horror films 

Fr Fortea suggests that reciting the Rosary daily, making the sign of the cross with Holy Water, and frequenting the sacraments of Confession and Communion are powerful ways in which to keep the devil away. ❤ 

 Fr. Amorth said that violent thoughts, inspired from perversely violent movies, also causes demonic possession which is difficult to get rid of. That and promiscuity and sexually perverse thoughts. 

 Galatians 1:3-5: "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself for our sins that he might rescue us from the present evil age in accord with the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. AMEN."

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Joy of God revealed through Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana, link

 "I've mentioned this book a lot since reading it, I think everyone, everyone, should read it so you can understand how much God loves you as an individual and enjoy the flowing, merciful fountain of God's grace. It is the best book you can read, much better than any online information. 

Mary appears multiple times to a nun named Mother Mariana, and expounds to her the secrets of the 21st century and the plots of corruption, in both civil and religious leaders down to the lowest ranks of society, as well as God's immense love for each of us as individuals (there is a lot of race-hatred at the time the book was written, both on the part of the Spaniards as well as the natives and those who are mixed it is very clear that God loves us as individuals throughout this book, and everyone extols Mother Mariana for her sanctity). 

There is also how Mother Mariana saves the soul of an evil nun from Heck, and how many of the nuns do not even pass through purgatory, and pass through their final trials with God's consolation, because of the intercession of Mother Mariana and all of God's graces through Mary under the title of Our Lady of Good Success. And other occurrences and information which are of value for entering Heaven.

I think if everyone read this book, and prayed to Mother Mariana and Our Lady of Good Success to have the graces necessary to practice all of the advice for conduct that Mother Mariana gave to her convent as her last dying words, then the world would truly be a transformed place, a very wonderful place. ... Or even if every Catholic would take the time to... and be liberated from lukewarmness...

The book is a fountain of grace as well as information from Heaven's perspective about the secret corruptions (which of course are not secret to God's omniscience) that effect everyone's daily lives, which were prophesied in the 1600s.

The book can be difficult to find in an amazon search so here is the Dolorosa Press website link and the link on amazon, as well.

There IS a kindle edition, yes.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

The DNA of Jesus?

 The Northern Californians want to break off from the rest of California to create their own state, Jefferson, named after Thomas Jefferson.

The Left says that Jefferson abused a young slave girl and had many children with her, and they claim to back this up by DNA. (Ironically it was the Left at the time who was in favor of slavery during the institution of slavery in the US, an institution opposed by the Catholic Church with great vehemence, which is why Catholicism was largely banned in early USA. The institution of slavery was from England, who themselves could only become slavers after a Protestant Reformation, because they too had to first cast off the morality of the Church in order to commit grievous sin.)

DNA is passed down through families. There is familial DNA.

What happened is that Thomas' brother did, in fact, abuse a slave girl, a young girl of only 14 or 15, and had many children with her. That is why there is male Jefferson DNA in this family which was created through the brother's sin to this day.

So for the sake of the sin of the brother, the whole family stands condemned in a worldly perspective.

Jesus, God, was born to create a new race on earth.

But this race is not an earthly race. It is not based on DNA. It is not based on race, country of origin, gender, age, skin color, cultural habits, language, nobility, lineage, ancestry, pedigrees, or material successes or wealth. It is based on sincerely seeking God, in prayer, and in repentance, and in the forgiveness of sins. There is one spirit which guides everyone and this Holy Spirit does not differentiate based on gender, age, health, wealth, lineage, nobility, or anything else that humans use to differentiate one another on. The Spirit stays with those who are sincerely humble. 

And who are those humble people? They are those people who pray to God and ask Him for the grace to be truly humble, every day of their lives, to to sincerely know God. And God Himself pours out His Spirit on such people who do not exalt themselves. There are very few. But anyone has the opportunity to, by simply praying for the grace to be humble. There are only few of them because people do not pray for this, and if they do, sometimes they stop praying for this, thinking themselves already saints because they practice one or two virtues, and so they exalt themselves.

But God does not weary of repentance and these souls who have hardened themselves can once again repent and begin to pray for the grace to be sincerely humble and to know who God truly is. If only we would! God will not reject us, it is we who condemn ourselves by trying to exalt ourselves based on age, race, gender, or past graces we received from God, rather than continuing on the open path towards Him.

Jesus and all of His relatives were all virgins. His Mother was a virgin. His step father was a virgin, and He does not share the DNA of His stepfather anyway, He shares the DNA of His Mother. She was a Virgin. Her parents only had 1 child, they were very old. Jesus' cousin, John, was a virgin. All of Jesus' friends were virgins and were childless in the material sense.

Jesus has many many children in the world, but they are His spiritually adopted sons and daughters. This spiritual adoption is far more significant than a material birth. The bond is far stronger between God and His spiritual children. His spiritual children, however few, are those people who have given up worldly standards and they seek wealth in the next life, they seek successes in the next life (that is, they seek Heaven), they seek prayer (not to be seen by others but in private, to be seen by God), they seek God in prayer, they seek to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through prayer and hidden sacrifice. 

They do not live for the events of this life or for the kingdom of earth, for earthly politics, for current events, for themselves or for others, but for God and for the salvation of immortal souls, thus bringing Jesus more spiritual children. 

Certainly current events have an effect on them because current events often result in their marytrdoms, but that is not especially relevant because they see God's Hand in their sufferings and they use these sufferings for the salvation of immortal souls, to bring many sinners into the Kingdom of God.

So in this way, their lineage, their age, their health, their wealth, their success, their gender, their skin color, their nationality, is not of utmost importance, because it is not through any of those things that the Kingdom of God comes to save souls. It is only through sincerely seeking God, primarily in prayer.

Like Jesus.

However, some people, still blinded by the idea of a worldly kingdom, wrongly believe that there is DNA of Jesus' lineage somewhere on earth. There is not, though. There are records of Jesus' family, clearly made in the New Testament and backed up by several supplemental historical documents, which quite clearly point to the well-documented, if not infamous, martyrdoms of Him, His family, and all of His friends, who mostly either did not have children or were also simply virgins.

This is because they knew that the Kingdom of God is not one like an earthly kingdom with earthly lineages, but is entirely mystical, in God, in the soul.

The kingdom of God comes in the soul, and must continue to come into the soul throughout one's whole life, as we are obliged by God to grow closer and closer to God every day. Only this will fulfill the longings of our souls.

There have been mighty and powerful kings and queens, emporers and empresses, who were Saintly people and who believed this, and either were themselves virgins or did not object to their children being virgins, because even though they possessed an earthly kingdom themselves, they lived for God and they trusted in God and they believed in God's promise more than they believed in the material kingdom which they themselves possessed. Surely we, too, who have far less in this life, can imitated God's Saints and pray to God for the grace to trust in God.

So there is no "Jesus' DNA" on earth, except in those Saints who have the stigmata, in which case there have been DNA tests done on the blood which comes from their stigmatas, which is of different DNA and different type, than their own DNA, and therefore is presumably Jesus' DNA. 

But no one in Jesus' family passed on their DNA through a normal human means, and certainly the DNA tests of the stigmatics, which is a very rare grace, is entirely a mystical phenomenon which science cannot explain.

[ How can we accomplish this? Aside from saying many prayers, and devotions, which I reference on this site because I want you to share in the graces that I have received from them (including the litany of humility and St Therese's prayer of humility), let us wake up in the morning and the first thing that we read, is "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament." You can open it at random, and there is usually a scriptural quote, or a psalm, and some meditation on Jesus' love in the Eucharist next to it. Let us read these 2 or 3 times, over and over, and study them, before we begin our morning prayers. You can open up and see Jesus in the Eucharist.

In this way, we will wake up and bath our tired souls in the love of Christ, which will feed and refresh our souls. And we can ask Him to tell us more about Himself. Because the wise are those who know they don't know everything and so they ask God to know Him.

Do you remember the demoniac who was possessed with Legion, and how after he was liberated, he wanted to spend the rest of his life at the feet of Christ? Let us imitate him, and desire to spend the rest of our lives at the feet of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Do you recall Anna of Phanuel, the prophetess, the first public evangelizer of Christ, how she spent her life, day and night, in the temple of God? Let us strive to imitate this virtue, again, at the foot of Christ in the Eucharist, both literally when we pray in front of them, and by turning our thoughts to those of love and appreciation towards Him during the day, for all the days of our lives.

We can imitate Jesus' true friends and children. Let us ask our Mother in Heaven, Mary, for these graces, because she is the first to practice them and she practiced them with great perfection, and wants us all to share in the graces she has received from God, so will lavish these graces on us.

In this way, we will be happy and filled up in our souls. Thank you. ]