Thursday, November 2, 2023

Spiritual Wound Healing Links

In my last post, I posted about praying deliverance prayers with the friendly and kind Exorcist Monsignor Rosetti in the SMC videos at, that he is very sincere and you will have a deep experience with God's Love, a real experience with God like in the Gospels.

I also linked to a "healing from shame" video.

So I'm just going to post some links from their website.

The "shame" video is linked here along with a bunch of other brief videos (deliverance from fear, demons of pornography, healing mind and heart, Holy Land blessing, etc lovely collection of little videos):

There's a link at the top of the site that says "blog." Once you click it, keep scrolling down the page to get to the actual blog (it's a ways down the page). It's a very interesting blog. 

There are also little videos on instagram linked from the front page where the exorcist explains things or tells stories of exorcisms -- if you are like me and don't have social media accounts, you can still see the instagram videos if you click on them from the front page of their website (just not their instagram page). The reason is because you can see instagram videos if you have a direct link to the video, which you get by by clicking on them from the home page of

Also after this last deliverance session video, October's video, I've been able to pray constant Hail Marys all day in the back of my mind -- a wonderful devotion i have mentioned in other posts. I recommend doing this, praying them in the back of your head from when you wake up to when you go to sleep (except when you are talking or writing of course), asking God to be your Light to understand and be close to Him and praise Him. I recommend it if you can (are physically able, sometimes we can't always use our minds so constantly, I've noticed within myself) - if you have spiritual resistance, keep pushing through. 

You were born to love and praise God. You'll be praising and loving God for all eternity. That's what the Hail Mary is - the praise of God. Praying this way has made me happy like nothing on earth has ever done. So I thought I'd share it, hoping you would also be happy from it. Chases those bad thoughts away, sooner or later, because if the devil and Mary occupy the same place, Mary will always win and crush his proud head, forcing him out.

Well, no matter what you decide to do or can do, I certainly hope that God touches you and brings you much closer to Himself so you can be happy and experience the goodness of His holiness, His love.

Having a charming day in the love of Christ!

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