Thursday, May 11, 2023

No matter what your problems are, you will be helped by praying these online deliverance prayer sessions with kind Priest

My life has changed and i have received a lot of healing from God through praying these. 

They will help you, too, no matter what problems you are suffering through.

No matter what your problems are, you will be helped by praying these deliverance prayers because they really close the doors to sin and open you up to God's healing and graces in your life. You can pray together with a priest, asking God to heal spiritual wounds and receive deliverance from darkness.

They are once-a-month live group prayers. All are invited from the privacy of their own homes.

They are in English: the prayers are both written as well as spoken clearly so you can follow along. I think even if you don't grasp English well, you will be be prayed over by the priest, everyone else, angels and Saints, and your soul will understand and be happy. 

You can RSVP here by following this link: 

When you RSVP, you will receive an email. A little bit before the live session begins, you will get an email with a link to the live session. (Do not share this link publicly because anyone against God's work will use it with bad intent.) 

The sessions are in Eastern time zone of the United States. You can use this time zone converter to find out what time that is for your location. The default conversion time is into EST — Eastern Standard Time, and the default top time should be for your current location, so it should give you the correct time just be clicking the link. If not, enter your city, state/province/etc, country in the first box and "EST" in the bottom box. 

If you find you missed the live session, you can still click the link and watch the video, it just won't be live anymore. You can continue to pray the session when you need it, even daily if you want. I do recommend watching live but I downloaded and watched the last session almost daily and it has changed my life a lot.

The priest is Monsignor Rossetti, an American priest who wrote the best selling book, "Diary of an American Exorcist." He is a very joyful, kind, sincere and humble man, and you feel a sincere relief and joy after attending one. "A peace the world cannot give you." 

You will probably want to watch your first in private. You may have a strong emotional reaction in the beginning or any point during the session when God's all-powerful love envelopes your heart. 

There may be some spiritual obstacles, resistance (not from God but allowed by God) to watching one, such as forgetting the time or being nervous, feeling indifferent, bored or impatient, but pray to God and your guardian angel and they will make sure you overcome those obstacles and resistance, in order to receive the healing Jesus lived, died and resurrected to give us. 

It is a real religious experience of real Christianity. That's why I want everyone to get to experience it. You really understand God and His angels and Saints in a new way. 

It is not a formal exorcism although many exorcism prayers are prayed by the priest. The goal of all exorcisms is deliverance. So, prayers, like the rosary or divine mercy chaplet, and partaking in the sacraments (baptism, confession, anything with the Eucharist like Eucharistic Adoration or Mass) can deliver you from demonic bonds and spiritual wounds if you participate in the prayers and sacraments. There are special deliverance prayers or the rite of exorcism that can help deliver a person. This does not take the place of an exorcism if you need one. I recommend reading the book "Interview with an Exorcist" by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea for understanding.

You will likely be helped by attending one of these deliverance sessions online. There are also amazing resources on the website God bless you! God's peace be with you!


Here is a link to some videos including other past deliverance videos - I suggest them, they are really good. 

[Update] a few days ago, this exorcist went to the holiest site in the world and he shares his pilgrimage grace with us in this video - very nice to remember us. 

Here is also an important video casting out the demons of shame. It's short and I like it so much, it's so impactful and life changing.

(Because I just saw this recently, I'd like to mention it here:) It's important to remember to not ever try to shame someone into believing something, nor argue with them. These are sins and so aren't from God. You can't help someone too well if you sin against them.

You will find if you are really delivered from the spirit of shame that you won't have the desire to shame others. :) Your mentality will really be different and you will have more of God's peace.

Also it is important to remember that we don't pray to control someone. That's not what prayer is. Prayer is about giving control over to God. Surrendering to God. Surrendering someone else to God. The God Who created free will, Who wants us to be trusting and peaceful little children in His arms.

6/10/23 Addition: This came up in conversation recently so I'd like to clarify the difference between the demons of lethargy, which the priest mentions and casts out, and healing sleep from God.

St. Therese mentions that there is a healing sleep. Sometimes she would fall asleep while saying the Rosary, but it was a healing sleep from God - she likened it to how a doctor puts a patient to sleep in order to perform surgery. God was healing her soul and she was asleep, being healed. This is usually a very "delicious" sleep. 

If you are praying along to this video, maybe not the first time maybe even several times later, and you nod off and sleep, that doesn't necessarily mean it is these unclean spirits of lethargy. It could be a healing sleep. I've listened to these prayers once and was falling sleep but it was very relaxing; I've been praying with my dad and my dad fell asleep. It's not the same thing.

The demons of lethargy are not pleasant. The eyes feel forced closed. The person feels dragged or weighed down. It usually stops immediately if the prayer is paused or stopped, no matter how forceful the "sleepiness" was. Immediately if you being praying again, the "lethargy" starts again. It's very weighed down. It's very forced, it's very oppressive, it's not pleasant feeling and it is to get you to stop praying.

If you keep praying when this happens, it will eventually stop. I remember when I first learned the rosary 2 decades ago, I had about a week where I would try to pray the rosary and this overwhelming, oppressive lethargy would force my eyes closed. The exorcist even says, "forcing your eyes closed." It is force. I would stand up and walk around while I was praying, and was completely unable to concentrate, and it would still feel like an external force, this unseen force, was trying to force my eyes closed. After about a week of this battle, it ended and never came back.

That's what it is.

It's very common to be healed and fall asleep in God's arms like a little child falling asleep in his/her father's arms, all cuddly and cozy. That's something else entirely and it is a fine thing to experience. I've seen people falling asleep during Eucharistic adoration and I've read about people who are converting and they fall asleep during Eucharistic adoration, in the chapel, and it is this holy sleep of a child of God in his/her Father's arms. This is a beautiful thing, a peaceful thing, and there is no force. It's very very good for your soul and from God.

You should be able to sit through these videos eventually while staying awake and following along the whole video.

Thank you.