Thursday, January 2, 2020

How To Find Good And Honest Information About God, Your Life And Your Problems

As the grace of humility and a sincere seeking of God’s Will decreases in our society, the online garbage written about Catholicism by self-appointed Catholic experts has increased.

These writers often blame victims or give spiritual advice that might literally destroy readers’ lives and greatly damage their souls.

Especially dangerous for Catholic souls are forums where non-experts write ill-informed opinion responses that they pass off as factual.

Can you sometimes find good information at these sources? Yes. Sometimes great information.

But it is more often you will find information that is misinformed, heretical, self-absorbed and destructive.

It's as if they've forgotten the truth we are taught by Jesus: we will be judged for everything we say and write.

There are two sides of this coin. Considering how much time, effort and struggle it can take to become a Saint, and how few find the "narrow path," as Jesus our Savior tells us, it is a little silly to expect a stranger on a forum to provide Saintly advice that will help you deal with your life's spiritual problems. We ought to forgive everyone who doesn't know everything!

Where can a sincere God-seeking person find helpful writings?

There are 2,000 years of lessons written by Saints on the topics of sin and what misery sin does to our lives... and how God offers all sinners total forgiveness, strength to give up sin, heals them, and prepares their souls to enter into His Eternal Kingdom of everlasting peace and joy in the Light of God their Loving and Thrice Holy Creator.

These writers are Saints. What they have written is without error; they will not mislead you.

Many exorcist priests are sincerely pious and faithful, powerful in God, and engaged in battle with the forces of Hell. These good priests also write books to help you. - please see

Seek God in the writings of Saints. God has the answers for your life... online strangers might be worldly.

I consider this blog not an end in itself but motivation to get you to read the works written by great Saints. Their writing has infinitely brilliant and soul-feeding information. 

Recall how during John the Baptist’s mission, he pointed away from himself and toward Christ? Despite this, many of his followers continued to follow John instead of Jesus.

They frustrated John’s efforts to see where their True Salvation was. They spiritually resisted following Jesus. Many of them struggled to overcome that resistance.

In these blog entries, I am pointing to the Saints and their written works. You will find salvation in their words. Their writings will be your instruction, your help, your guide. 

God will reveal Himself to you through them.

The Light of God shines through His Saints. That is what a Saint is: one through whom the Light of God shines perfectly. That is why you will find the Light of God in their writings. 

The Bible is a compilation of the writings of Saints, is it not? There have been many Saints since the time of the Bible; God's grace has not stopped flowing. 

God is pouring His grace into our souls through these Saints from generation to generation, for the purpose of helping you. God knew you would read these works here, now, in this time period, and be lead to Him.

Those Saints were not writing for their generation only, but for all future generations as well.

God had Saints leave their writings behind for our generation -- for you -- because God loves His creation so much. We are His creation. You are His creation.

God is omniscient, He knows everything: God foresaw that you would one day read the Saints' writings.

Out of His infinite Love for you, and all souls, He bade His Saints to write.

The Light of God is what you are seeking. God is the answer to your problems.

I have my own testimonies, but only to encourage you to read the real stuff by Saints. Saints impart vital information. If you give up sin and read their works, and pray every day "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins," your soul will be in a better place. 

God will lead you.

You will find hope, especially in the prayer of the Rosary through which Mary crushes the skull of the serpent.

Pray specifically for the intention of "knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins.” God will set you free.

In short, you are more likely to find good information online and avoid bad, dangerous information if you fully understand what religion is, when you've already read holy works by Saints, prayed and gone to confessions, and spent time before the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration. Your soul will be raised up toward God. 

Soon, when you see something heretical or arrogant you will be more likely to recognize its errors from your the personal experiences you have had with God gained through holy reading and prayer. You'll find yourself on the right track, you'll be well anchored in God.  It will be very beneficial to you.

Here’s a link to a previous post containing writings by saints and pious people have benefited me greatly. I pray that they will help you, too: