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Curse? Everything turns into failure

11/11/23 update: if you feel you are cursed, please go to CatholicExorcism.org and pray along with the deliverance prayer videos. You may need to pray at least part daily or whenever you feel you need to.
God bless and free you.

There's no real way to know if you have a curse or not (I am quoting Fr Fortea, the exorcist, when I say that).
It could be that you have committed some sins and now they have caught up with you, or that someone is sinning against you, or a combination of all of that.

I will give Fr Fortea's advice from the book "Interview with an Exorcist" about breaking curses (which also involves getting rid of sins). You can read the book yourself, it's available at amazon and is very straightfoward and easy to read. The exorcist explains a lot in short paragraphs done in a question and answer style that makes it extremely easy to read. I recommend that book to everyone, I had spiritual resistance to reading holy works, but they are very important. Very very important.

Here is Fr. Fortea's advice.

1) Attend sacramental confession regularly. You can't go to confession if you aren't Catholic, but I would pray for a holy priest and call a Church anyway and ask about it, they will still help. (You have to pray for a holy priest. There are priests who don't consider the mystical or religious side of religion, they think of it as just a job and they're kind of atheistic. You have to pray for a good priest.)
Attend regularly, monthly, I would say, for several months, and then perhaps you can go down to every few months when your sins are less. 1 Sacramental Confession with a priest is worth 10,000 exorcisms. Basically if you attend sacramental confession regularly, you can't be cursed. It is an incredibly powerful sacrament, and the primary way to avoid being cursed.
Here is a prayer to know your sins and help foster a desire and confidence in attending sacramental confession, called "Prayer that Leads to Happiness and Healing": http://www.boldradish.com/2019/08/prayer-leads-to-happiness-and-healing.html

2) Attend Mass regularly, even daily. You  can't receive Communion if you aren't Catholic. Attending Mass will still help. It also helps to have an understanding and appreciation of Mass and Communion, if you read the Prayer that Leads to Happiness and Healing, you will see that there is a book linked there  called "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament" that explains a great deal about Jesus' true presence in the Eucharist. You can also read the book "201 Inspirational Stories of the Eucharist" by Sister Patricia Proctor to understand Jesus' true presence in the Eucharist through 201 stories written by various people from their various experiences with the Eucharist. 

I firmly believe in Christ's presence in the Eucharist from my own experiences from about 15 years ago. At that time, I knew nothing of religion, basically, except that I had recently learned to pray the Rosary. I went to a chapel of adoration. I saw no purpose in doing anything worldly, I had given up on that, but I had no idea about religion: I only saw no point in it because I saw we were going to all die some day, and I saw that no matter how "great" you were, there was always someone better, and I saw the emptiness in striving after all of this stuff. I did not see a purpose in it. I had also been abused, and I was also disgusted with my own sins and myself, life in general.

I went to the chapel and I immediately felt intense anxiety in the presence of the Eucharist. It occurred to me that this anxiety was from the wrong side of the "spiritual tracks," so to speak, and so I stayed. I decided to sit down and wait. So I waited. 

after a few moments, I felt as if someone stood up and ran from out of me. As if something... left me that had been attached to me. Then, an immense peace, that permeated me completely and that I had never experienced before, enveloped me, was completely in me, deeper than anything in the world. Deeper than the very atoms that made me up. Because it entered into my soul.

This was the Peace of God, the peace He promised to give that the world cannot give. I felt it, I experienced it, in my whole being.

I never had any difficulty believing that there are demons, that they can attach onto people, to whatever degree they work (I think a lot of it is just people ignoring God and doing evil moreso than demonic influence), and I never had any trouble believing that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.

I was like the demoniac that had been healed and I wanted to stay with Jesus forever. I always wanted to be at the Foot of the Eucharist.

It is interesting, when I went out in the world, I no longer strove after success the same way. However, God blessed me with many gifts and talents of success because I was no longer seeking the world first, I was seeking God first. So I did not have these false idols to success, and so He could bless my work, because essentially the work didn't matter to me, the idolatry to success didn't matter, I was only working for love of Him. (It did lead to a lot of problems because people were jealous, and this was confusing to me because essentially I wasn't doing it, God was working through me. So I can understand that a person is capable of being cursed because of success. But again, that's not necessarily the case, and if you do these things that Fortea prescribed, you will be safe, protected by God.)

Pray for the gift of Faith. God will hear such a prayer, God will answer such a prayer. Then He will lead you to having experiences with Him. And then you will be happy.

Spend a lot of time with Jesus in the Eucharist. He's available online at savior.org and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXHPHl1-vmw and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4A6RIOwC2E and other places online, but you should also go in person.

What's also interesting is that a 20 year study was done on suicide among depressed women.

The women who attended Mass at least twice a week had 0 zero suicides. None.

The women who attended Mass once a week had a very low rate of suicides.

The women who attended protestant "services" had a higher rate.

Of course the women who were atheists and got no religion at all had the highest rate.

This should tell you that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist and that He not only keeps people from sinning, but He also delivers us from evil, exorcising our souls in His presence in the Eucharist through which He enters our souls.

This is not to say you are suicidal: I am trying to say that if He can work such a powerful miracle for so many depressed people, that He can work great miracles in anyone's life, anyone who clings to Him where He can truly be found: in sacramental Confession and in the Eucharist. He is a very good and loving Father. He will take care of us if we cling to Him. He helps us. He loves us more than we can imagine. He wants to heal us of sin and of sins against us. He loves us.

3) Pray the Rosary every day. Again, the link Prayer that Leads to Happiness and Healing, that book "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament" has a Rosary section that is the most wonderful Rosary I have ever prayed. I do recommend saying all 15 mysteries daily, the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries daily.

The most thorough and complete book on how to pray the Rosary is "Secret of the Rosary" by St. Louis de Montfort. I highly recommend buying a copy of that book.

The Rosary is meditation on the mysteries of the life of Jesus, so also reading the Gospels is important as well. http://catholicbible.online/side_by_side/NT/Jn

4) Anoint yourself with Holy Water every day, making the sign of the Cross over yourself.
If you attend Mass, when you enter the chapel you will be doing this.

Saint Pio urged people to make the sign of the cross slowly and reverently, offering up to God the Father Jesus present in the Eucharist on all the altars of the world. He said that most people make the sign of the Cross very poorly and irreverently and that this was wrong.

That is the advice Fr Fortea gives for breaking a curse, I have added additional information to try to help you. Again, you can read his book "Interview with an Exorcist" for more information.

My personal experience, if there is someone you know, even a family member, or a friend, who is involved in the occult (including yoga, New Age, etc) or who has rejected God, turned away from the Church, or blasphemes God, or otherwise is a sociopath or narcissist (all alcoholics and drug addicts and porn addicts -- including people who read written porn -- are narcissists, and also porn is basically witchcraft because the most basic witchcraft is sex magic which is basically what pornography is), spiritually you need to distance yourself from that person. How you do that is basically by throwing away everything material they've ever given you. Or donating it. What they've given you has created a sort of spiritual tie between you and that person, and that needs to be broken. The object itself isn't bad, it's just that they've given it to you.

This can be complicated if it is a family member who has given you, for example, all your furniture or clothes. I personally have donated or given away or gotten rid of most of my furniture or clothes that was from someone who deeply deeply hurt me, and it really does help break the spiritual tie between you and that person. But also anyone involved in the occult, I had a friend who wasn't really a friend but pretended to be to my face, but became invovled with the occult behind my back and cursed me behind my back without me knowing it (actual witchcraft stuff, she was reading curses online and doing them). Anyway, it created all sorts of problems in my life and that's how i know about all of this stuff.

Such a person isn't really your friend. An addict or a narcissist or a sociopath isn't really a friend, either. They're not capable of it. Humans who have those problems aren't capable of real friendship. We can really only love each other selflessly if we are seeking God wholeheartedly and are loving one another in God.

It doesn't matter either if the person thinks he or she is doing "good" magic on you. There's no such thing. Jesus declared "only God is good," therefore if someone goes to a fortune teller or witchdoctor or places a curse on you to try to "help" you, they've still grievously sinned against you and against God and you are going to have a lot of problems because of their sin.

It's not really that there's a "curse", it's more that people sin against each other. One of the worst sins is hatred of God, and that's essentially what "magic" or the occult is. Also, people try to use religion as the occult. Basically, people use "magic" to try to control people, events, etc. Religion is about a relationship with God. It's not about controlling things, although with God's grace, profound meaning enters into our lives because we begin to understand God's love.

That's why you also have to forgive people. You can't seek revenge against them (even the revenge of "living a good life,") nor have anger or hatred to such a person. Yes, you have to not be friends with them or avoid them and get rid of the stuff they have given you, but it can't be done out of smugness, arrogance, hatred, revenge, etc. Those are all sins and those sins will create a bond between you and very person you are trying to escape.

Oh, yeah, also throw away any fiction where the good guys/heroes in the stories are vampires, werewolves or witches. Those are all symbols of sociopaths, narcissists, practitioners of the occult, in general people who have rejected God in order to worship themselves. And also people who listen to heavy metal or pop music or rap (because of the subject mostly, which is highly sexualized and therefore dehumanizing and a grievous sin, or is angry/rageful and maybe about revenge) tend to consider themselves cursed. It's because of their own sins in being vengeful or hateful or sexualized or whatever that they think they're cursed, essentially because through their sins, they let the Devil into their lives.

It's also good to get people to pray for you, yeah. That's good, too.

Most importantly, I would say that you have to understand that material and worldly success do not mean you are "blessed." Oftentimes you see people say "I am so thankful for my job and my family and my wealth #blessed". In the Gospels, Jesus says nothing about "you're blessed if you are rich." If anything, the people who crucified Him did so because they insisted that the Messiah would be someone who would make everyone rich. They clung to worldly wealth, worldly success. He warns against this idolatry to success a lot.

When we pray the Rosary, when we get to the sorrowful mysteries, notice that we are still hailing Jesus and Mary as "most blessed" even when Jesus is being abused, murdered, publicly humiliated, dying as a "failure" in the eyes of the world, and Mary, a penniless widow, is burying her only Son. They are most blessed because they are without sin. They are innocent. They are not naive, innocent doesn't mean naive, it means they are without sin. That is why they are blessed.

Many many people lose their souls and go to Hell because they worship Mammon and think that their souls are alright with God because they are [worldly] successful. If you look at the life of Jesus and the life of His Saints, their lives are wrought with struggle and hardship that brought them closer to God. 

But also, if you look at the lives of sinners, their lives are wrought with struggle and pain, too -- only it didn't bring them closer to God, they rejected God to cling to their strivings after worldly success, rather than seeking God.

Having failures doesn't mean you aren't cursed, but it also doesn't mean you are cursed, either. Usually you can tell if there is demonic activity in someone's life if, for example, you have difficulty praying all of a sudden, you feel a terrible weight on your chest whenever you try to pray, or like crying uncontrollably while trying to pray, and it goes away when you stop. That would be one example of demonic activity.

Rather, in your worldly "failures" God could be calling you into a deeper relationship with Him rather than a superficial life of seeking empty, worldly wealth and success that will all amount to absolutely nothing when you die.

He might be trying to call you to Himself to heal your soul and wash away your sins and prompt you to seek His Will and have a true conversion, which will give you eternal, and true, wealth and success.

If you pray the Rosary "for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon from your sins," Mary will help you. She will help detach your soul from worldly attachments and false idols. She will help you grow in virtue. The Rosary will be a ladder that leads you to God.

It is important to pray the Rosary because Mary is the one who will crush the skull of the serpent, as God said to the Devil, "I will put emnity between you and the woman... and she will crush your skull, and you will lie in wait for her heel." Mary is "the woman" who crushes the skull of the serpent. Jesus also announced this in the Gospels when He said of Mary that she is blessed because she is obedient to God. In other words, she is the one who is perfectly obedient to God, she is the Immaculate Conception. All of Hell is terrified of the recitation of the Rosary.

I recommend you listen to Saint Therese's Story of a Soul while doing all of the other things I've given you to do, so you can try to understand God better and be drawn closer to His Eternal Love. You can also read it, it's very good. She's a wonderful Saint who will lead you closer to God and will really help you, not just to learn from her but also to pray to her. http://www.mediafire.com/file/z3158y55033yqdd/Story_of_a_Soul_MP3.zip/file
It's the Green Button that says 'download file'
She will lead all souls that entrust themselves to her to the God that she has loved so wholeheartedly.

Here is the audio to Secret of the Rosary, also, by St Louis de Montfort, if you would rather listen (both books are also really good to read if you wouldn't rather listen to them): https://www.mediafire.com/file/bt28mt8wmuoiffy/Secret-of-the-Rosary.zip/file

Finally, read "All About the Angels" by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan. Inexpensive book that is very important. There is so much fake, diabolical information that is not based on real religion, but is new age or heretical, that is online and probably in books, too. But this was written by a priest and was written in the 1940s and also is based on scripture and the catechism teaching. The angels have a much greater knowledge of God and can help you to pray and to understand the importance of prayer and of the sacraments. They can assist you greatly also in all of your endeavors in life. You can get to know your own guardian angel who loves you very very much, even right now as you read this, he is praying for you with great love that you will have a greater relationship with God. Your guardian angel is very good and nice and intelligent, which you can find out all about when you read that simple book.

I have written a lot, and more importantly linked to a lot of good writings by Saints and holy men and women, in various posts on this blog. Mostly I think it is important to read the excellent things written by Saints. Those are the most important. Saints' writings are the best, because God imbues their writings so much with His grace to help lead us towards Him. Saints' writings effect our souls. Not just our minds with knowledge, God imparts knowledge to our actual souls.

May God bless you and keep you in His Mercy and bring you ever closer to Him.

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