Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Holographic Projectors are warming up!

Modern Machines capable of creating reality displacement from atom-charged cosmic dust in the atmosphere are preparing to download terror corpuscles into your mind!

Futuristic Mammoth Devices that launch mysterious images into the root core of your brain will force you to see whatever the Masters of this Planet want you to see!

Eerie Fanatical Scientists can produce realistic apparitions in your own backyard.

World War FIVE is an illusion exploding in the sky!

Even if you see the Second Coming on your television screen, the images might be counterfeit. Not every image you see on television can be trusted.

Media authorities in London, Ontario, Canada, tell us that roughly 93.6 per cent of the images seen on television news are created on the secretive sound stages and mysterious backlots of Hollywood, California, United States of America.

Therefore, do not trust your television to present indisputable facts without first experiencing the creeping suspicious terror that you are being fooled by Nihilistic Progressives in Hollywood, California.

"There comes a time in each man's life that he can't even believe his own eyes..."
-Edward Wood, Jr.

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