Monday, June 21, 2021

Visions of Mercy and Joy given to the nuns from Mary of Good Success book and devotion

 In the events of Mother Mariana's life described in the book of Our Lady of Good Success published by Dolorosa Press, the non-observant nuns (meaning the ones who don't pray) made up false accusations and imprisoned the founders, that is, the nuns that founded the religious community. The holy warriors of God (the observant nuns, meaning the ones who prayed and followed the Rule of the Religious Order they belonged to) were kept in a very sad prison for crimes which they did not commit.

One night, God gave all of these women amazing visions.

I have often thought about the two transcribed below. You can get swept away contemplating them... I think also about how joyful it must have been for Elizabeth and John when Mary and Jesus visited them and the Holy Spirit came upon them! (Luke 1:41+:  )

I hope that you get benefit from contemplating these, also, and contemplate God's love; they are very beautiful and immensely profound, though short. ... I transcribe them exactly as is in the English version of the book unless you see a [statement] for clarification:

Vision of Mother Lucia of the Cross (pg 13):
She saw Our Lord Jesus Christ with His Sacred Heart visible on His breast, surrounded by thorns and bleeding profusely. The Blood of His Heart inundated the patios and cloisters of the Convent, until it became a sea of Blood. He said to her, "In this sea of My Heart's Blood I am ready to wash the guilt of those who, being repentant, have recourse to Me."

Vision of Mother Maria of the Incarnation (pg 14-5):
She saw the deliberation of the Blessed Trinity about how to redeem mankind. God the Son offered Himself to save it, and at that moment He made an act of humility so profound that no creature could ever repeat it. Then the Blessed Trinity sent Archangel Saint Gabriel to the place where the small and humble Mary was praying. When she gave herself over to God's will, in such an absolute way that no one has, or ever will do the same, saying, "Be it done to me according to Thy will," the Father and the Holy Ghost worked the ineffable mystery. The Holy Ghost embraced Mary's heart so forcefully with the Love of God, that three drops of blood came out, with which He formed the perfect body to which [God the] Son was united.
Mother Maria of the Incarnation saw how the Child grew in Mary's womb, His birth and hidden life in Nazareth. God sustained the life of this nun so that she would not die of love from these visions.

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