Thursday, October 25, 2018

  1. Anonymous wrote: I have giving up on everything, i have lost my friend forever, she has blocked my number, i just wanted our friendship back... I prayed and my prayers haven’t been answered now im hurt don’t know what to do 

    To which we reply: Pray for healing from abuse and pain rather than praying to control another person (make her be your friend again). Praying to control other people is not good.
    Especially pray the Rosary, all three sets of mysteries, every day, to ask for healing. Forgive this person and put her in God's Hands and then don't think about this person again: it is not a spirit from God that tempts you to go back to this person or think about her anymore (unclean spirits feed on spiritual wounds). Jesus and Mary know about betrayal more than anyone and will heal you of all pain if you turn to them and trust in God's Will.
    I've lost friends too, it is extremely painful, but it will be terrible for you later on if you keep clinging to the person who is gone instead of turning to God completely. (see also deliverance videos at under "resources" tab for healing of wounds and sorrows, inviting Jesus into your life to know His love for you; this will help you so much.)
    Especially grow close to Jesus in the Eucharist, as He is our only true friend the only One Who understands us completely and loves us completely. 
    I recommend the book "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament", which is also a book St Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) wanted everyone to read.
    Also when you are ready throw out (or donate) everything this person has given you, including texts, pictures, etc even small things like birthday cards, as it keeps you spiritually connected to her and keeps your soul in pain.

    It's important to pray the Rosary for the purpose of knowing the Truth and obtaining contrition and pardon for your sins.

    It's easy to always blame other people (I'm not saying it's not true: other people do sin and can damage us this way), but we also have to consider that we can be blind to the Truth (God's Will is Truth, as Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth, the Life" and Jesus is God), and we can also be blind to our own sins which are making us miserable. For example, we might have a false idol and it is making our lives miserable, and we don't even understand that something in our life is idolatry. We wouldn't be able to understand that without praying all the time.

    Jesus' healings in the New Testament are frequently accompanied by Him saying, "go and sin no more, or else something worse will befall you." Many people never receive healing when they pray to God because they are not praying for the purpose of knowing the Truth and obtaining contrition and pardon for their sins.

    But if we pray to know our sins and offer our Rosary prayers in atonement for our sins, then we are repairing the damage done by our sins in this life and saving our souls for eternity. If we are not aware of our sins and not atoning for our sins, God cannot heal us and comfort us: our sins and idolatry will always stand in the way of God's Grace, and so we will always be miserable.

    Mary obtains for us from God knowledge of our sins and contrition for them and the courage to receive forgiveness from her Son in sacramental Confession when we say the Rosary. She intercedes for us to her Son. Jesus said He wished the people of the earth were on fire with love for God, and through the Rosary, Mary obtains this fire for love of God, and many good works flourish because of her intercession.

    Mary said in the Our Lady of America apparitions that people cannot cling to God if their hands are full of sins. When we cling to God, we are comforted; when we hold onto sin and idolatry because we are blind to our sins and idolatry, we are not going to be able to receive God's comfort. So it is actually a good thing for us to pray for the knowledge of Truth (which is the knowledge of God) and also to obtain contrition and pardon for our sins. Mary wants us to be close to her Son, and leads us close to Him.

    Saint Louis de Monfort wrote a book called "Secret of the Rosary" which is the best instruction manual on how to say the Rosary and the immense spiritual value of the Rosary to our souls. The "Come to Me" book also has a section on the Rosary that is extremely informative and comforting, which includes additional information not included in St. Louis de Montfort's works, because it has special emphasis on the Eucharist and reciting the Rosary in front of the Eucharist. In the Eucharist, Jesus remains night and day to comfort us, but few people come to Him because few people know about how much He loves us and how much comfort He wants to give us in the Eucharist.

    Saint Louis de Monfort urges us with this quote: "Even if you are on the brink of damnation, even if you have one foot in Hell, even if you have sold your soul to the devil as sorcerers do who practice black magic, and even if you are a heretic as obstinate as a devil, sooner or later you will be converted and will amend your life and will save your soul, if--and mark well what I say--if you say the Holy Rosary devoutly every day until death for the purpose of knowing the truth and obtaining contrition and pardon for your sins."

    You might not be someone who practices the occult, but it is still important for everyone to pray the Rosary for the intention of knowing the Truth and obtaining contrition and pardon for our sins, because we all have sins we are blind to that could be hurting us and keeping us in misery and apart from the God Who loves us.

    The Rosary is one of the most wonderful gifts from God because God will free us from our sins and heal sins against us, and help many other people's souls, if we ask Him to and pray the Rosary: He will lead us closer to Him in all other Sacraments and through the Rosary, will lead us closer to God the Son, Jesus our Lord, who truly is the most wonderful gift we have.

    Mary is the Gate of God: Jesus said to enter in through the narrow gate. The Rosary is the highest honor to Mary, and through her Rosary, God enters our souls, just as He first entered the world through Mary.

    It also helps God protect us from future harm caused by our sins or idolatry because the sin won't be in our soul. It invokes God's protection against other kinds of harm as well. For example, the missionaries in Japan in WW2 weren't harmed by the dropping of the A-Bomb, even though they were nearby, because they said the Rosary every day. And when evil does befall us, it helps us conform ourselves to God's Will and have grace during hardships that we wouldn't otherwise have if we didn't say the Rosary, or if we didn't turn to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (the Eucharist).

    It also brings us close to His Comfort. Most souls on earth don't get to experience God's comfort while on earth because they don't seek God through prayer for the purpose of knowing the Truth and obtaining contrition and pardon for their sins. They also don't seek a personal relationship with Jesus.

    You will be happy if you do this because Mary will intercede for you in a special way and you will be closer to Jesus, Who truly is Joy and Salvation. Mary will establish a truly personal relationship for you with her Son because she had a very personal relationship with Him while she was on earth, both during His Life on earth and after He ascended when she adored Him in His Eucharist, until she was assumed into Heaven.

    I know this comfort and these graces can be obtained. I know it to be true because I have been through many sorrowful events. Jesus is truly our Joy and Salvation, and Mary opens the path to His Heart and will give you a ever-deeper love for Him.

    There is a new Eucharistic Adoration Chapel that opened in Poland, where a beautiful ciborium (what holds the Eucharist for display during adoration) is shaped like Mary and surrounded in light, to show how Jesus comes to us from the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They have online adoration here for everyone all over the world to participate in:
    you can read more about the new Chapel here:

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