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Demonic Attack Message and Response

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You have such an amazing channel! I listen to your channel before I go to bed and it has profoundly changed my life. I had extreme anxiety, it became so bad I didn't want to leave my home. My anxiety started when I was a child, I would be sleeping in my bed and I would suddenly wake up paralyzed and hearing a deep groaning voice that would fill my head and force me into a deep sleep state, and no matter how hard I fight back it would feed off my fear and depression as a child. This affected my sleeping patterns to the point that I had nightmares on a regular basis for over 30 years and I became afraid to fall asleep. I recently started playing FATHER CLEMENT MACHADO - SPIRITUAL WARFARE every night on a loop while I'm sleeping, and that same night something evil was trying to fight back giving me nightmares that would scare someone that had done four tours of duty. I used Father Clement Machado's energy, and my 30 plus years of victimization and built up anger to mercilessly fight back. I fought so hard that I was visited by an Archangel with a blinding blue sword. We "The Archangel and I were fighting in a black pit of "nothingness" sense numbing blackness but his sword was so bright it illuminated everything around us. The Archangel was 7ft. tall transparent with blue light outlining his armor, wings and entire body. His armor looked like kings armor and as shiny as fish scales and his wings looked like a collection of glass feathers and his sword was a blinding blue flame. Once the Archangel appeared; the fake veil of what these demons wanted me to see disappeared and what I saw was a deformed looking reptile-man; that looked like a shadow. It was such a philosophically profound experience, The Archangel came to help me. He stood in defense but wouldn't move his sword until I moved it for him. It was like he was teaching me how to fight, how to wield a sword and sense them in the darkest. I led him through the pit killing as many demons that we could find. While I'm yelling out how dare you take from the "CIRCLE" and not knowing what that meant. Before I woke up I was also visited by a blue Deity that was half man and half woman holding a spear in one hand with 2 fingers and a bowl in the other hand. I tried to see if the Archangel and the Deity face would change by using a mirror in my dream and it didn't at all. I don't know what that means. I'm still trying to figure out who the Deity and Archangel are. When I woke up I literally felt like superman no fear at all it was the purest I have ever felt. Ever since I had that experience I don't see the demons manifested veil anymore. But, about two days ago I was laying in bed sleeping and I felt something touch my feet and move up to the top of my head. Then I woke up, I was paralyzed. When I opened my eyes I saw a demon standing over me that looked like an empty suite of snake skin with glowing eyes and sharp teeth exactly like a "tape worm". Once I saw It, it jumped into my mouth and it tried to crawl down my throat. I couldn't move and I could feel it squirming down my throat then I said "St. Michael the Archangel protect me in battle". I was instantly able to move! I moved my hand to my mouth pulling and ripping it before it got half way down my throat. I could feel my physical arm at my side paralyzed, but my spiritual arm moved and grabbed the demon and tore it out of my mouth like an old rag. I wasn't afraid or angry it was just a little bothersome like a fly.

T Richardson


This morning, during Mass, during the consecration of the Host, it donned on me what the deity you mentioned might be.

Do you remember the concept of what a ‘Sphere of Influence’ (SOI) is from History? You may want to wiki it and read the first paragraph or two to get the gist of it. I remember at one point in history, the 1800s, China had these different European powers who had SOIs there and it made the country really weak.

The angel and the deity are two Spheres of Influence battling for control over you (who is the nation). The deity is a false god, meaning it is a demon. In many pagan/pre-Christian places, demons have demanded veneration in the place of the one true God, and these demons pretend to be gods (ancient Greek and Roman gods, the ancient gods of the Bible, Hindu gods, etc., are all demons who demand veneration in order to steal that veneration from the actual God). Where God has not yet been preached, we see that He has been forgiving of their ignorance, although their ignorance still causes them so many troubles because their false gods afflict them the way you have been hitherto spiritually attacked. If you lived in a world that actively and publicly worshipped these deities, you might know of someone who might have told you about similar experiences that you have had, without knowing necessarily where they have come from or why. Even in places where there isn’t public veneration of deities, people experience these sorts of phenomena. Sometimes people see them as alien abduction. So called “alien abductions” can usually be immediately stopped or halted by calling on Saint Michael. They also closely follow stories of demonic interference that has been happening all over the world for thousands and thousands of years. Or, even more frequently, the victims of these attacks simply have no language whatsoever to describe what is happening to them or has been happening to them all of their lives.

However, like the leader of a sphere of influence that divides a nation but wants full control over it, that false god is attacking. He is using deception, the veil, the demon monsters, the attacks, you can sense, fear, etc.

You are fighting alongside the angel, and the angel is fighting alongside you. Like a local national force that might take sides with one Sphere of Influence in order to drive out another in the political arena. I was wondering even if you were seeing your own guardian angel in full battle armor, which can be very spectacular, so much so that you might even consider that you are seeing an archangel or Michael himself. But it also could have been an archangel, or Michael himself. Whomever it was, keep praying to Michael, he is helping you and is most loved by all of the good angels.

Many times in the Old Testament, you read about a nation having personality, or a nation collectively committing a sin, or a nation collectively turning to God. And in the Book of Revelation, it also describes this, as well as afflictions that befall a rebellious world. There are two senses of this: an actual nation (or the actual world), comprised of many many people, OR an individual person, comprised of many different views and urges and aspects to his or her personality, as well as a unique history. If you read the Bible mystically, but in a way that is obedient to the catechism and teaching of confirmed saints, you will that this works: the term nation can easily be replaced with the actions of an individual person.

Saints say to read it like this, even in the New Testament: Saint Paul urges us to see things mystically (however, in an obedient to the Church sense, so that we aren’t led astray) when he says in Ephesians 6:12 we are not at battle with flesh and blood but rather powers and dominions (which are two of the 9 hierarchies of either good or evil angels; evil angels are also known as demons and fallen angels; the word angel literally means ‘messenger,’ and evil angels deliver a lie whereas good angels deliver the truth that comes from God).

Sphere of influence, that is why you saw both of them. They were both of the same hierarchy, presumably, which is why they were both blue and large, however the angel was good and the demon was evil.

I encourage you to keep calling on Saint Michael and resisting.

However, I also got the impression that you would benefit greatly and get a great deal out of reading the book "Interview with an Exorcist" by Father José Antonio Fortea.

Most people are afraid of this book because they hear “exorcist” and become terrified. But an exorcism is the triumph of good over evil in spiritual battle. If anything, it is powerfully hopeful and strengthening to read about. 

But you have already learned through experience that once God and His warriors are called upon for aid, our fear decreases so much because the devil is very much a coward and absolutely the loser, and he cannot stand the Light of God and the humility and obedience to God that ennobles the good angels.

It is a straightforward and informative read, rather than a collection of exorcism stories. It is written in interview style—a question followed by an answer.

Father Fortea is one of the foremost exorcists in the Catholic Church, of those who have agreed to write about and publish his experiences and some of his knowledge. (I imagine really any exorcist is going to be good, because only the most humble and best priests can be exorcists. So, of the ones who has agreed to publish his experiences.)

One of the most important weapons and armors in the whole spiritual world is the Rosary, and all exorcists recommend it as one of the main weapons for overcoming spiritual attack. I myself have to pray it every morning or by evening I feel under attack, and I have even gone to confession recently and go to daily Mass as often as possible, which exorcists say if you do, there can be very little spiritual attack against you, but even with these most powerful Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist, the Rosary is a very important aspect of my spiritual health.

There are two different kinds of spiritual fires that exist. One is the spiritual fire that comes from experiences, people, creatures like demons, sins, etc., that burns. The way a physical fire does. But there is a second fire, that is the fire of God’s love, and it comes from God’s Sacred Heart. Whereas the fire of those apart from God burns, the fire of God restores, heals, fills with light, love of God, and immense peace. When people have visions of angels peacefully praying, they often are seen with a long and indescribably beautiful flame coming from the center of their foreheads. This is the fire of God’s love, that holy fire. Saint Faustina describes it in her “Diary: Divine Mercy In My Soul.” (I’ll come back to Divine Mercy in a moment.)

The Rosary sets us on fire very well with God’s fire, and the fallen spirits cannot stand this fire. It is also important because Mary is the Head of God’s Army. She’s the General’s General, and known as the One Who Crushes the Skull of the Serpent (that is, Satan). So getting her involved is very much like… like in Chess, when you pull out the Queen. The Queen is the most powerful piece: she can go anywhere on the board. But in the spiritual battle, the forces of Hell… they have no Queen piece. So praying the Rosary is like playing Chess, only your opponent has no Queen: God has the only Queen piece. And so the Rosary is like using the Queen piece.

The Rosary of the Virgin Mary is sort of involved to learn. It’s a big prayer. That’s why we have no video of it: it couldn’t be explained thoroughly in one video. The best way to learn the Rosary is to read Saint Louis de Montfort’s book “The Secret of the Rosary.” There are copies available online for free in PDF and available on some web pages.

The Rosary goes such a long way in spiritual warfare. It is HUGE. In fact, when I first started learning it to fight my spiritual battles, I would be overcome with intense sleepiness while trying to pray it. And as soon as I stopped, the sleepiness stopped. It wasn’t a peaceful, good sleepiness: it was horrible. It was a spiritual attack. This sleep attack is not uncommon. If it happens, preserver in prayer, in keep on trying to pray, and eventually it will go away. I had to stand up and walk around while trying to pray, and it was so hard, but once it goes away, it never comes back as long as you keep praying the Rosary.

Those are the first two and most important books that I would say you should read: Interview with an Exorcist by Fr. Fortea and The Secret of the Rosary by Saint Louis de Montfort. Those are going to be powerful weapons that lead you forth in battle.

You also might consider getting and wearing a Brown Scapular. If you do a search for “Brown Scapular,” you can read what it is. It is worn under the clothes, but at night, or during spiritual attack, I have found it very beneficial to have it visible around my neck. You can even get a Brown Scapular that has a little crucifix and a Saint Benedict medal on it that have an exorcism blessing on them. They even sell them on amazon, if you do a search for a Brown Scapular and read the description until you find one with a blessing and a medal. If you do a search for Saint Benedict medal, you will like the information behind it.

Saint Teresa of Avila, one of only 33 Doctors of the Church (meaning her teaching was so perfect and holy that it actually doctors ailing faith), talks about the efficacy of Holy Water in driving out demons, that it is even more useful than an unblessed crucifix (when the Holy Water is used not superstitiously, but used with faith in God). You can read about sacramentals here:  Holy Water is very powerful against spiritual attacks.

You can get water from the Lourdes Grotto in France here It’s not Holy Water, but it’s a holy sight (the Lourdes apparition of Mary is approved and theologically sound, and is a worldwide devotional within the Catholic Church, many people have been going to the Grotto since its discovery in the 1800s for physical and spiritual healing).

Finally, you might consider seeing a Catholic Exorcist. You’re not possessed from what it sounds, but you’re facing a spiritual battle, and a blessing and guidance might really go a long way. You also might get a house blessing.

If you do a google search for “Catholic Diocese [your country]”, you will find a list of addresses and websites of Catholic Diocese. So, for example, if you live in the US, a search for Catholic Diocese United States would take you here: You find what state you live in, and then find your local diocese (based on location—find the one closest to you). Then you click on the website address. Each website is a little different, but look for a “contact us” page or something like that, or sometimes at the bottom of the page it has an email address, and email them asking for information on how to contact your local exorcist. 

Not every priest is an exorcist. Technically any ordained priest can perform an exorcism, but—have you seen the movie The Exorcist? Real exorcist priests actually like that movie. But, there is a local priest in that movie that offers the possessed victim’s family no help at all, he’s basically atheistic. It’s not what he’s supposed to be doing as a priest, but it is sadly the way many priests can be in real life (it’s based on a true story), and even the priests that aren’t atheistic, aren't necessarily schooled in exorcisms. Exorcists have to apprentice under a well seasoned exorcist and have the right temperament and disposition and stuff to be exorcists. (So of course, in the movie, they call in a real exorcist priest. … If you haven’t already seen the movie, I don’t really recommend watching it right now, considering you are under spiritual warfare and don’t need any imagery making you additionally afraid.)

This is not one of the books that I think you need to read first, but I think you would enjoy learning about your angel friend immensely. It is a theologically accurate book that is absolutely wonderful called “All About the Angels” by Father Paul O’Sullivan. It includes information about the archangels and guardian angels and… and it is just really a wonderful book.

I mentioned Saint Faustina’s “Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul” up there. She’s one of the most important saints in recent history. She was a nun in Poland during WW2, and she had all of these visions about the Mercy that God wanted to pour out onto the world and heal it with, but the world kept on ignoring Him and kept getting worse and worse and spiritually darker and darker. Very rarely does the Church approve mystics and visionaries because it is so easy to be spiritually led astray by visions (demons can fake them), but everything she said was in line with the catechism (the unchanging teaching of the Church that is based on scripture), and the Bible itself, and 2,000 years of Christianity. She’s going to be the next Doctor of the Church, which is so rare a title given, and she is considered spiritually to be an Apostle. Her work is so widely approved of that this Liturgical Year in the Church is the Year of Divine Mercy. Devotion to the Divine Mercy is what first obtained grace in my soul, for me, when I was so deeply entangled in the spiritual darkness.

It’s so hard to explain what Divine Mercy is. It’s not, that you can do whatever you want and keep on choosing evil and God will still bless you. Some people think that it is. But it’s not that.

It’s… sort of God’s way of cracking open the spiritually dark, encrusted shell around an individual person’s soul. Cracking that spiritual darkness open and ripping it away, and filling that person with His Light and Love, so that the person then has the grace to respond to His Love with love, and with trust, and humility, and repentance, which in turn, defeats all evil and brings great peace to the person.

Saint Faustina entered many spiritual battles. She saw demons and angels. She saw God. She saw others’ souls, living and dead. And throughout it all, she is so humble. It’s such an amazing thing to read, and really helpful during spiritual battles because she herself underwent so many battles, and she details what went wrong and what went well.

I highly recommend you read that book someday when you have the opportunity.

Update I didn't post this because I believed the sincerity of this man, based on his appreciation and experiences, that he would follow instruction and read "Interview with an Exorcist." I wanted him to hear it from that source rather than be potentially discouraged by me.

While there is very much important detail in that work that would benefit all peoples to read, in this particular case, for anyone reading, I would have mentioned the following that the priest exorcist who wrote that book says:
 you cannot cast out a demon through anger.
Intense prayer is important, yes, but anger, anger at the demon or his works, no.

Having read 'Interview,' the man whom this response was intended for would have discovered that. Demons are rage-filled spirits, and rage attracts them. They can only be cast out with love.

Certainly not love for the demon or his works, but rather love of God. Intense prayer and dependence upon God--that is your sword.

But anger will never cast out the devil. (Essentially, all intense emotions directed towards a spirit, be it a living human spirit or a demon, only creates a tie between you and that spirit. So, it makes sense that anger isn't going to cast out a demon.)

And also that, mortal sin destroys our spiritual life, so repentance is essential to deliverance (which is mentioned in "Interview with an Exorcist" innumerable times, as well as in the Gospels, the Old Testament, and by every real Exorcist).