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The Precious Blood Devotions and a warning on getting micro-chipped

I have prayed several prayers from the Precious Blood Devotions. The devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus is as old as Christianity itself; I refer specifically to the prayers based on the revelations to Barnabas, a young man in Africa, in the 1990s. They have a nihil obstat associated with them, meaning the prayers themselves are without error of faith. It doesn’t per se mean that the Church approves of them or that the Church affirms the message that the man received, it just means that the prayers themselves are without error in faith, without contradiction to the faith, and therefore that the laity is permitted to pray them if they want to.

There are many devotions to the precious Blood of Jesus, and I did pray those specific prayers, I am very devoted to them. I do believe that God grants enormous graces through sincere devotion to His Precious Blood through those prayers because I have experienced immense graces from them. I’ll briefly try to list some of the graces I’ve received:

One of the promises associated with some of the devotions include an increase in belief and devotion to Jesus’ true presence in the Eucharist. I not only experienced a tremendous increase in my devotion to the Eucharist, but also to Jesus’ true presence in the Sacrament of Confession. I do honestly believe that Jesus grants the grace of an increase in fervor and love of the sacraments of His Church.

Another promise associated with the devotions is protection during storms. I lived through Hurricane Harvey, and unlike all of my neighbors, I did not have flooding, I did not lose power at all (where we live has the most frequent power failures in the entire country, but not once did we lost power because of the storm during all of Hurricane Harvey, which is totally unique to any other Hurricane I’ve ever endured here before, and this time we had devotion to the Precious Blood); also, we did not flood, unlike our neighbors; we have bamboo shoots in our backyard, and some of them were flying around but none of them hit our house or our neighbors’ house; we did not run out of food or supplies; we did not have trouble getting fresh water; we did not have to evacuate; the water levels rose to the mid-point in our driveway, but never even touched the wheels of our car. This was not the case with even our neighbors across the street from us.

I think the most significant miracle of the Hurricane Harvey time, which you can make up your mind about yourself, is that – I did not pray for the Hurricane to end. I saw that we as a people, our family specifically but also the whole area, had sinned a great deal and that we were enduring a terrible chastisement for it. Justified suffering. I accepted it as the Will of God: “you would have no power over me had it not been given you from above,” Jesus said.

It’s not that I wanted to see people get hurt or anything; honestly, the idea to pray for the hurricane to stop did not ever occur to me. I was, and still am, incredibly broken up when I think of the horrible tragedies of the Hurricane, which was unlike any other hurricane I sat through. There is no way to describe to other people what it is like to sit at home and listen to hour after hour of rainfall – usually such a pleasant sound – knowing that the water levels are rising, your neighbors are being destroyed and even losing their lives, and that there was nothing you could do to help anyone or stop it. It was maddening, it made you crazy. I couldn’t even stand the sound of the water running in the shower for weeks after. It was… absolutely horrible. And there are many other afflictions, most notably the news which, like vultures, profits off of our suffering. (No one here likes the news during hurricane season, they’re like that every hurricane season, but especially during Harvey it was completely inappropriate and repulsive behavior, in such a poignant way that words can not effectively describe it.)

Anyway, so the most significant miracle that I noticed was that one of the prayers, Jesus promises to grant whatever it asked of Him (obviously provided that it is His Will). Like I said, you can choose to believe this or not. I know what happened because I experienced it, but I don’t know if I would believe this myself if I was just reading it. My father came to me and told me to pray that the storm end. So I found the prayer where Jesus said He would grant whatever was asked of Him (The Chaplet of the Precious Blood), and I prayed the devotion 9 times, made a novena out of it. I had not slept, but I stayed up most of the night praying. I also prayed some other devotions (the consolation and adoration prayers). Then I went out to the front of the house with the sacramental of blessed salt, to put some blessed salt into the “river” that was our street.

When I opened the door, I saw a figure in the shadows standing in the middle of the river, and I felt this figure staring at me with unbelievable hatred and fury. It was in front of the street light on the other side of the street in front of my house. I immediately shut the door. We do not have high crime during the hurricane season, actually where I live is one of the safest towns in Texas, but it was – this horrifying person, I shut the door instantly. It was a very, very bad feeling.

I realized when I shut the door that the figure hadn’t moved at all. Not even flinched. It was very odd. People at least move slightly. I took a moment to think about what I had seen, I honestly didn’t know what to do. Can’t call the cops really during a hurricane, puts them in a lot of danger. But if there was this really awful person out there, I needed to call the cops or tell someone, wake someone up at least.

But I thought about it. And I realized, or maybe was enlightened by God, that it was not a person. Not a human person. It was a demonic spirit, that looked like a shadowy figure, and that I know had been looking at me even though I couldn’t see a face or eyes or anything, but – it was as real as if it had been a human person standing there, and you can feel when a human person looks at you.

I thought, well, I have the sacramental, the blessed salt, therefore I have the powerful weapon against demons. So I went out there, figuring it would be afraid of me, not the other way around. I opened the door again, and no, there was no one out there. No one looking at me. The figure was gone. Not anywhere on the street. No sign of the water moving as if someone had walked through it. No sounds of water moving as if someone was walking through it.

So I went out with the blessed salt and I put some in the “river” and I prayed an Our Father, to ask for God to stop the hurricane, out of obedience. It is important to do things out of holy obedience to a legitimate authority.

I felt very safe and well, and extremely tired, so I went back into the house and I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning, and the rain had stopped. The hurricane was completely over.

A lot of people were praying for the hurricane to stop. I don’t want to sound like a self-absorbed person and say because I prayed the rain stopped. But I am telling you what happened. I prayed this special novena one night, and the next morning, the rain had stopped. That is the order of events. I was not expecting my prayer to be answered so quickly, I was simply being obedient. I was completely willing to say that we deserved to be punished for our sins if that is what God wanted, and it was only out of obedience that I prayed. And the next day, the rain did stop. That is what happened, that is the order of events.

Being protected from a power failure was a big enough miracle to convince me that Jesus protects us from storms via these prayers.

Oh, also. We have bamboo in our backyard. Lots of animals live in it. Including squirrels. During the storm, a heard a chirping and I went outside to see a poor baby squirrel that had been blown down and was in a very cold puddle.

I went back inside to look up what to do if you find a squirrel down. I read that you are supposed to leave it alone because the mother is quickly building a replacement nest but if you touch it, the baby squirrel may not be picked up again by the mother. So I left it alone, but I was very concerned so I prayed. Rather simply. I remembered that Jesus said He would work miracles through the Divine Mercy image, so I prayed in front of the image that He save the baby squirrel. I prayed a lot, just asking Him to save it. No specific prayers.

I went back out a while later and the baby squirrel was gone. So I figured the mother had taken him back and I was very grateful to God.

But what was amazing was that after the storm, an adult squirrel climbed up to the second story window sill where I was, and starred at me for a long time, and then climbed back down. I took that as a signal grace from God, a sort of squirrel thank you! I think that was a huge miracle! Something like that didn’t happen before and hasn’t happened since!

Even though I implored God’s mercy through the Divine Mercy Image, I also believe that devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus helped (because I was saying the adoration and consolation prayers almost daily at that time, and the squirrel was on our property, and the baby squirrel was a result of the storm, so I believe God helped the squirrels and probably all the other little animals we never saw, because they were on our property and being protected under the Precious Blood).

Finally, one instance I can say has a direct cause and effect. I was being stalked, in person as well as spiritually as well as digitally, and I prayed a novena in honor of the 5 wounds of Christ (the Chaplet of the Precious Blood). I had a sort of vision of all of this light coming out of the 5 wounds of Jesus, and I saw my guardian angel hiding me in his wings up high, and a large crowd of very bad people passing me by, unable to see or find me. I was inspired a couple days later with ideas to make a few changes, and suddenly I was not being stalked either spiritually or physically or digitally. I could not be found anymore, I was not being stalked. So it was an immense relief and that I know for sure is directly caused by a result of praying the Chaplet.

The end conclusion is that I am truly convinced that God wants to perform miracles in honor of these specific prayers honoring His Precious Blood.

The prayers are based on revelations that Jesus gave to the young man, as I said at the beginning of the post.

One of the revelations that Jesus said, one of the things that Jesus spoke to the young man, was the very specific instructions to not get micro-chipped. To NOT get a microchip implanted in oneself. The young man had a vision of computers hooked up to the pit of Heck, basically. (You can read the vision yourself.)

I remember at the time of reading it thinking, “oh that is unusual.”

But now, there are people talking about mandatory vaccinations in order to participate in society, mandatory phone apps to track everywhere you go, mandatory temperature checks to monitor your health, to be allowed into any store, and even some people talking about chipping everyone.

I know that the prayers for the Precious Blood Devotion are true and real. I know that God answers prayers and fulfills His Promises when we pray those specific prayers. So, I am going to also assume that … perhaps the rest of the revelations are true. And so I am just warning you, Jesus said not to take an implanted microchip.

That is all I wanted to warn you about.

Thanks for reading.

(What a strange world we’ve come to live in that I legit want to warn you about getting chipped, but that’s what Jesus said, and that’s what certain power-hungry bad people want for us right now.)

Here is the website of the Precious Blood Devotion prayers if you would like to pray them for yourself.

From my experiences, these prayers will bring you closer to God, increase your love of God, and God will protect you very very much if you pray these prayers.

When you pray, God will protect you and bring you peace and bring you closer to His Sacred Heart, and help you to better understand His Love and Mercy for you and for your life.

If Jesus can help me, He can certainly help anyone. His arms are nailed wide by God’s own Will, to show us that He will always open His Arms to receive us sinners, and His Feet are held in place by Divine Love, to show us that He will always stand with us, and that only our own sins can keep us from God, and that He wants to heal us from sin so we don’t commit it anymore.

(The prayers I was devoted to were the Consolation/Adoration prayers and the Chaplet of The Precious Blood. Those were the prayers that I experienced the miracles from, but I didn’t really say any of the other prayers in the devotion.)

God bless, and have a nice day.

(PS, I believe the revelations, or part of the revelations, were from this page, I think the “Great Month of July” document. I think, it was a while ago that I read them.

Final Note, Our Lady of Good Success:

If you are interested in more revelations as well as a powerful devotion for our time, I also suggest the book “The Story of Our Lady of Good Success and Novena, An Abridgement of the Book Written by Rev. Father Manuel Sousa Pereira.” This book is available on amazon for only $10. -- It's neat that it is printed in Texas! -- I’ve experienced so many countless miracles from the novena that I do not know where to start – I’ve spent all day praying novena after novena to liberate me and my family from various problems, ailments whether psychological, spiritual or physical, as well as many many sins and character flaws, for several months now and have seen so many miracles. So many, that I could not begin to know how to write about it, I will probably end up having to write a whole book about my experiences with that novena.

 … In the book, Mary does speak to a very holy nun in a convent in Ecuador, Mother Mariana, and Mary speaks of our times, the 20th century and now. Mary says that, when it appears that evil has triumphed, Mary under her title “Our Lady of Good Success” will appear suddenly and the oppressors will fall. That’s her exact wording, “fall.” ... Mary is appearing to you now under this very rare title! ... 

And that the Church will rest comfortably in the arms of the beloved and chosen son of Heaven, meaning the Pope, whose sufferings will be so great that he will be considered a martyr in Heaven even though he was not physically murdered. – Very much reads like Pope Benedict XVI will be allowed out of his exile, although it is not that specific. 

But anyway, the point is that it is a very good book, and I have experienced a great deal of deliverance from the novena in the back of the book, which I thoroughly recommend. The novena is not available online and if you are only interested in it for the novena, which is what I've personally mostly used the book for a whole lot, then it is definitely worth the purchase. 100% recommend it. It will give you hope and healing and the grace to overcome sin, because Mary is the One Who Crushes the Skull of the Serpent. Christ has come to heal our souls and our lives!

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