Monday, November 26, 2018

Identifying Dangerous Narcissism in Priests - important! For your spiritual safety!

I. High to Severe Narcissism:

"You will know a tree by its fruit."

There is nothing good that can come from a narcissist, any narcissist. They can only produce evil fruits. They are toxic to be around. They destroy lives. They destroy families. They ruin communities. They corrupt whole cultures. They destroy countries. Someday, they will destroy the whole world in a rain of fire, as Jesus told us in the Gospels at the Last Supper.

In an attempt to push God away, our society has pushed for the worship of self. For example, the positive thinking of New Age, that what you think becomes reality. This is actually based on Aleister Crowley Satanism, with a fresh coat of paint to obscure it: the belief in self-power over the power of God, which is the same sin that caused Satan to fall from grace into Hell for eternity. "Believe in yourself." "Accept yourself." "Love yourself." That is spiritual death. 

You cannot save your own soul at the end of your life. You cannot justify yourself, you cannot give yourself your soul back, you cannot take away your own sins. You cannot overcome your own problems and faults and sins by yourself. 

Therefore the philosophies of believing in yourself, loving yourself and accepting yourself are in vain, and will lead to spiritual ruin, like the originator of those philosophies, the Devil himself.

Only God and a relationship with God -- a private, personal relationship with God, outside of the eyes of other people, taking place deep within your soul -- can accomplish anything.

There is no known cure in the secular world for narcissism or vices. Because by human nature, this cannot be done. Because narcissism is the fruit of the spiritual disease and sin of idolatry: idolatry to the self.

However, when God replaces the self as the object of worship, then narcissism goes away. Sanity returns, and the person is able to produce good works.

One must also avoid the things that led to narcissism. There are things that the secular world can measure induce high to severe narcissism (in other words, destroy and corrupt the soul). Taking pictures of yourself and sharing them all the time, sharing every thought or work you do, bragging, gossiping, Yoga and other occult practices, trying to control other people, addictions, and worldly philosophies.

These cause idolatry to the self because you were made by God to do these things for Him, not for the approval of others. You were created out of God to share every thought with Him in a personal relationship, to adore Him through prayer, to do all your works out of love of Him whether you are seen or not by others (in fact, preferably not seen by others and only seen by God), you were meant to keep your private life private and only looked at by God, you were meant to seek God's will in prayer rather than pray to control other people, and you were created to meditate on God's Infinite Love, visible in God the Son Who is Christ Jesus on the Cross, rather than on worthless, empty and dead worldly philosophies.

Because of the wound of original sin, we often can't even see our idols. We are not aware of them. We do not have the strength to overcome them.

Original sin is why children can be so cruel to each other, even when no one has taught them to be cruel. Original sin is why children can lie even when no one has taught them to lie. Original sin is why we have such a strong tendency to idolatry. The idea of original sin is not an abstract concept that has no meaning in our day to day life, but is the only way we will be able to understand ourselves and the degenerate state of the world. It's the most relevant concept, besides God's Mercy, to understanding everything about human nature.

People are not inherently good. Any realistic observation of the human condition and any honest self-analysis will prove this. Only God is Good. And God is so Good that He knows our weaknesses and wants to save us from them if only we ask Him for grace, even though we are so unworthy because of our inherent not-goodness. God was born on earth and suffered and died and rose again to save the sinners, not the self-righteous who think they have no sins or who think they somehow "deserve" this unfathomable and impossible outpouring of God's incomprehensible Mercy.

So how can we both be aware of our misery and receive access to God's Mercy? That is through prayer, particularly prayer of the Rosary, and particularly for the intention of receiving the grace of true contrition for our sins and for receiving pardon for our sins. If we pray that way every day until we die, God will grant us many many graces for our salvation.

Because of course, we can bungle prayer up too: there are people who pray to drown out God's voice, and people who pray to ignore God, to make themselves out to be better than other people, and people who pray to hide their sins rather than overcome them. And we have difficulty seeing what will lead us to misery, seeing our miserable idols. But if we pray sincerely, to sincerely seek God, to sincerely receive the grace from God for true contrition of our sins and pardon for our sins, then God will help us. We can even pray for the grace to be able to pray sincerely. I often have to pray for the grace to be able to pray, because without God's help, I cannot even pray to Him at all.

People who are addicted to vices cannot overcome these vices through any secular means. Not all the prescription medication or cognitive behavioral therapy or bio feedback in the world can cure addictions.

Because vices (addiction to work/money, pornography addiction, sex addiction, drug or alcohol addiction, anger addiction, hate addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction, danger addiction, masochism, addiction to lying, etc) are the symptoms of the spiritual disease of idolatry: these addictions are the idols that are taking the place of worship to God.

People who can't get over a relationship or will stay in an abusive relationship, although this is a more complex series of spiritual diseases and even many curses, a large part of it is also idolatry. When God replaces the human object of worship, through a sincere relationship with Him, then (and only then) can healing take place and fulfillment take place.

There is nothing in this world to cling to that will give fulfillment except God. Trying to replace God with anything or anyone -- yourself or anyone else or money -- will lead to emptiness and misery and self-loathing and every evil work. It corrupts the human immortal soul, killing it.

God alone is true Life. This world is passing away, and humans are passing away. 

Believe in God, seek God sincerely, not so you can be superior to others, not so you can please others, not in the context of other people. Stop doing things to be seen by others. Seek God for God, and never stop seeking Him, and you will become sane and whole and no longer only producing evil (because you will eventually not become a narcissist).

While it is true that you may decide to avoid spiritual ruin and cast off the demonic bonds of narcissism by worshipping God, it's equally true that most narcissists will never stop becoming narcissists. (Judas died and was buried in Hell, even with Christ praying for him.)

That doesn't mean that you should stop praying for the conversion of sinners, and for your own conversion, and for the souls of priests or other religious (nuns, monks). But it does mean that if someone is a narcissist, you need to avoid that person, as if that person was tainted or infected with a plague, for the safety of your soul.

(Incidentally, atheists are narcissists, or at least lost idolators of some kind, because they aren't seeking God.)

II. Priests Who Are Narcissists: How to Identify Them

The innumerable evil works of someone devoured by demonic narcissism are dangerous to the immortal soul. That is why, in various visions and throughout the Old and New Testament, Christ has referred to priests who are narcissists are anti-priests and vampires and witches and wolves: because they are all those things.

They are also atheists. There is no way a narcissistic priest can be not an atheist. Therefore, his advice is worthless.

Sometimes I see a narcissistic priest torturing the congregation in a homily and the poor people listening to him seem to think it is their religious duty to humor him, to smile at him, to nod their heads at him, and to feign laughter at his jokes.

The New Testament is full of pointing out the hypocrisies of religious leaders who don't believe in or follow God. In fact, it was these narcissists who led the people to kill God on the Cross.

I also see people complain excessively about them and that's all they do. There's nothing you can do by complaining. There's nothing you can really do by writing a letter, either: they're not going to stop being a narcissist.

But you can pray. As I've said, the Rosary, also prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel. You can pray that you survive, that the church survives the affliction of these people, and pray for the conversion of souls. Even if the people you pray specifically for don't convert, God also takes the graces refused by a soul and gives them to another soul who will accept them (even if you don't know that person) and so He will always use your prayers to save souls. Because He is Good.

It's important for your own soul and your own sanity to pray: as I've said, we're all subject to original sin. If you've had a conversion, you will remember that you too were once insane because you once followed along with the ways of the world and participated in the world and in worldliness.

On clerical narcissism:


I see clerical narcissism developing today, especially among some younger clergy and seminarians. I remember one pastor telling me that thirty years ago, a new curate would be so eager to engage in parish duties that suitcases and boxes would remain unpacked for months. Today, he said, a newly assigned priest might spend weeks decorating his quarters with creature comforts before engaging in ministry to the people.

In one parish, the 73 year-old pastor scheduled a turn of duty at the weekly Bingo and the Cub Scout bake sale, only to be told by the newly assigned priest: “I am ordained for ministry, not for social work.” The young, under-thirty cleric remained in his room, apparently “saving the world,” while the elderly pastor worked double shifts to pay the parish’s bills.

I was in a pizza restaurant when a priest dressed in cassock walked in to eat lunch. Note: It was not the Roman collar and black clergy shirt: it was the full cassock. I have heard defenses of always wearing clerical garb as “witness to the world” and a sign of respect for the transcendent effect of Holy Orders. But in psychological terms, this was just an excuse to say “Look at ME!” When such narcissism is matched by behavior, it reduces the effectiveness of ministry.

(BR comment: it actually eliminates the effectiveness of ministry.)

A priest or bishop who messes with the Missal and re-writes it to his taste as he celebrates Mass is a narcissist. The priest or bishop who rambles on aimlessly during a daily Mass homily, abusing the time of his people, is a narcissist. A bishop who behaves as if he were hereditary nobility, but absent the gentlemanly noblesse oblige that characterizes the truly noble man, is a narcissist. And Catholics are fed up with clerical narcissism. The angers of the present have been stoked by that narcissism for decades; the deadly combination of McCarrick and Josh Shapiro blew the boiler’s lid off. Anyone who doesn’t recognize this is not going to be much help in fixing what’s broken.

III. A Personal Experience with an Atheist Priest (Why They're Dangerous)

As I've said, I had a friend who was secretly a witch and who cursed my soul, which is why I had so many problems. One of the problems I had also included depression.

This depression was a spirit. Because first one member of my family developed depression, and then she took prozac, and the depression cleared up. At that same time, I developed depression.

Depression is not a cold that passes from person to person, so I knew it was a spirit that was forced out of that one family member and came to me, because I also knew at this time that this witch was actively cursing me.

Things moved around my room, and it wasn't some kind of neurotic perception because even my pet cat jumped at these things. I heard whispers and voices and had audio hallucinations and things that would be so terrifying to read if I wrote them out so I won't.

I emailed a priest who I had heard give really good homilies and so I thought he would help me. He agreed to speak to me and I met with him.

I felt something was wrong but I thought it was spiritual resistance (I often feel that going to confession and overcome and receive great graces, although this wasn't a confession, I was seeking a blessing and deliverance). I knew I was cursed because I felt a heavy weight on my chest when I tried to pray or went to a Church, so I thought it was related to that. Now I don't think so.

First, he never got my name right. I corrected him about 5 times, and he never wanted to say my name. I could sense he was attempting to be compassionate and loving from his own strength, rather than the Love of God. He was trying very hard, and it was fruitless because only God can heal people. He hadn't handed himself over to God.

He was very interested in money and wealth. He insisted I was having depression because I was worried about money, and he wanted me to be rich and have lots of friends. I had already told him it was spiritual, I don't have money problems (because I have no money or spend any money).

He wanted to charge me money for future spiritual guidance, which I think is illegal to do in the Church because you're not allowed to preach the Gospel for money.

He wanted a "titillating" confession from me. He accused me of being a "party girl," who went to parties and drank and did drugs and fornicated and performed homosexual acts. It's true these are common sins that would cause depression and spiritual problems, but I didn't do any of them. He brought this all up, I didn't. He wanted an "exciting" confession. When I told him I didn't do any of those things, he didn't believe me. Not only did I not do anything of those things, I had had PTSD from my ex boyfriend trying to kill me because I did refuse to do any of those things. He wouldn't listen to any of it. He didn't listen to anything I said. He didn't believe that someone could be abused by being betrayed by everyone, even though that's how Jesus Himself was tortured and died. He wouldn't listen to me about anything I said, and he was incredibly insulting to me by accusing me of all of these things that I didn't do and that I even almost died in order to not do.

When I insisted, he finally blessed me from a book of deliverance or exorcism prayers. (I finally got him to say my name right during this process, although it was difficult.)

I left and I suddenly felt a terrible terrible feeling, that God was far from me, or maybe didn't even exist, despite the innumerable miracles I had. I quickly brushed it off by reminding myself of all the indisputable proof of why I knew He was real (including me being alive, as I said he saved me from suicide in a very obvious way when I was a teenage, I wrote about it in the depression healing post).

The next morning when I woke up, I felt completely possessed. It was the worst feeling in my life. There was this unspeakable rage and hatred against God in my soul that wasn't me, it wasn't from me, and I had to fight it. The shadows in the room seemed to be alive and vibrating. I prayed intensely for about 40 minuets and they went away. It was the most horrible spiritual attack I've ever experienced in my life.

I began reading books by Catholic exorcists, I read "Interview with an Exorcist," and did what was in there, and my problems went away. I was depressed and so saddened by what the priest did for so long, I forgave him and added his name to a prayer request and just tried not to think about it.

But this is the danger of atheist priests, of narcissist priests. Hell works through them completely, not God. And even though they can still consecrate a Host, do not EVER go to them on a one-on-one meeting. Don't talk to them. They will bring evil to your soul, to your life.

I vowed never to set foot on the soil of that church and only go to another church from now on. (That church later started having "Christian yoga" -- there is no such thing, it's all demonic and occult. That's an evil, evil church because they just want to please the whims of people and they want to fit in with society instead of pleasing God.)

One priest who was greatly afflicted by evil priests estimated that 60% of priests are narcissists. I think they tend to cluster around churches that are particularly evil or worldly, although they can even be thrown into the midst of a holy, traditional church, which typically has priests who are very good.

IV. What Causes Narcissism in Priests?

The cause of narcissism in everyone, priest or otherwise, is that they've replaced God with themselves.

Here is an interesting and moving video about an Evangelical who is coming to terms with and understanding the power of the Eucharist and that the Church needs to be about God and not about making ourselves or individual people into various "saviors," but that we have One Savior truly Present in the Eucharist:

(Keep in mind he is an evangelical looking from the outside in on the Church and admiring its history)
Only 3 minutes 33 seconds, but very powerful and moving:

V. Healing of Narcissism & Narcissist Abuse in Domestic Life

Prayer and holy reading, works by Saints and Catholic exorcists (as this is a demonic affliction), are the two things that will heal you. In addition to avoiding narcissists.

I sometimes see parents who complain that their children aren't rich or married and "what will the neighbors think." This is the opposite of being a parent, especially a Christian parent, the same way narcissist priests are anti-priests, because this behavior destroys the child's immortal soul. Jesus warned many times in the Gospel about the spiritual dangers of such narcissism. 

Repent of this. Go to confession for narcissism and idolatry and start praying in private that the child goes to Heaven, (and don't brag to anyone about doing this, don't say "look at me, I'm being holy"), instead of concerning yourself with empty worldliness.

I see children complain of this in their parents, too. They complain of their parents' sins. It's true that sometimes you do have to avoid your parents because of their sins and how they might be inadvertently trying to destroy your soul, you should never disrespect them, and you need to pray for them and forgive them because they're sinners and subject to original sin, just like you, just like everyone.

I see people who have been abused by someone and they pray and pray and pray that the person comes back into their life and treats them well. Add that person's name to a prayer request and throw away EVERYTHING that person gave you and then forget that person. Don't let that person back in. God will heal the wounds left by that person left by your idolatry to relationships and left by all the horrible curses that person left on you. Don't seek to replace that person with someone else, unless that someone else is God. Develop a relationship with God instead, so you can be happy instead of empty and dead and miserable inside. Remember that the society we live in today is very very corrupt compared with the past, and many people are spiritually lost and incapable of loving someone else sincerely, because they ignore God (as you yourself may have until recently). So pray, pray, pray.

The post above in this blog, "What is the Meaning and Purpose of Life?" has more resources on getting close t God and a great testimony of Marian intervention and how God healed a person's life and soul.