Monday, November 26, 2018

Can You Lose Your Soul And Go To Hell For The Way You Dress?

You know you lose your soul if you fornicate, or look at pornography, or think pornographic thoughts, but can you lose your soul for the way you dress or by taking sexualized photos, even if you don't fornicate?

There was a woman who was, in every respect, a good and devout Catholic, except that she liked to dress so that men would look at her body. When she died, her soul was buried in Hell.

Mary warned at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 not to follow the fashions of the era because they provoke God' wrath onto people who do follow these fashions.

The atheist who denies Hell is like the thief who should deny prison. A thief was threatened with sentence to prison. The foolish fellow replied: "There is no court, there is no prison." He was speaking this when an officer put his hand on his shoulder and dragged him before the judge. This is an image of the atheist who is foolish enough to deny Hell. A day will come when, taken unawares by divine justice, he shall see himself dashed headlong into the Pit which he stubbornly denied, and so shall be forced to acknowledge the terrible reality of Hell. - from Hell Plus How to Avoid Hell

on the one who lives in the world without any thought of God or salvation, but only the distractions of the world: Saint Peter Damian speaks of a worldling who lived only for amusement and pleasure. To no purpose was he advised to think of his soul; to no purpose was he warned that, by following the life of the wicked rich man, he should reach the same end; he continued his guilty life unto death. He had scarcely ceased to live when an anchorite, a hermit, knew of his damnation. He saw him in the midst of a fiery pool; it was an immense pool like a sea, in which a great number of people, howling with despair, were plunged. They were striving to gain the shore, but it was guarded by pitiless demons and dragons, who prevented them from coming near it, and hurled them far back into that ocean of flames.

Saint Faustina related: One day, I saw two roads. One was broad, covered with sand and flowers, full of joy, music and all sorts of pleasures. People walked along it, dancing and enjoying themselves. They reached the end without realizing it. And at the end of the road there was a horrible precipice; that is, the abyss of hell. The souls fell blindly into it; as they walked, so they fell. And their number was so great that it was impossible to count them. And I saw the other road, or rather, a path, for it was narrow and strewn with thorns and rocks; and the people who walked along it had tears in their eyes, and all kinds of suffering befell them. Some fell down upon the rocks, but stood up immediately and went on. At the end of the road there was a magnificent garden filled with all sorts of happiness, and all these souls entered there. At the very first instant they forgot all their sufferings.

Again Saint Faustina relates: Today, I was led by an Angel to the chasms of Hell. It is a place of great torture; how awesomely large and extensive it is! The kinds of tortures I saw: the first torture that constitutes hell is the loss of God; the second is perpetual remorse of conscience; the third is that one's condition will never change; the fourth is the fire that will penetrate the soul without destroying it-a terrible suffering, since it is a purely spiritual fire, lit by God's anger; the fifth torture is continual darkness and a terrible suffocating smell, and, despite the darkness, the devils and the souls of the damned see each other and all the evil, both of others and their own; the sixth torture is the constant company of Satan; the seventh torture is horrible despair, hatred of God, vile words, curses and blasphemies.

These are the tortures suffered by all the damned together, but that is not the end of the sufferings. There are special tortures destined for particular souls. These are the torments of the senses. Each soul undergoes terrible and indescribable sufferings, related to the manner in which it has sinned. There are caverns and pits of torture where one form of agony differs from another.

I would have died at the very sight of these tortures if the omnipotence of God had not supported me. Let the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made use of to sin. I am writing this at the command of God, so that no soul may find an excuse by saying there is no Hell, or that nobody has ever been there, and so no one can say what it is like. I, Sister Faustina, by the order of God, have visited the abysses of Hell so that I might tell souls about it and testify to its existence. I cannot speak about it now; but I have received a command from God to leave it in writing. The devils were full of hatred for me, but they had to obey me at the command of God. What I have written is but a pale shadow of the things I saw.

But I noticed one thing: that most of the souls there are those who disbelieved that there is a Hell. When I came to, I could hardly recover from the fright. How terribly souls suffer there! Consequently, I pray even more fervently for the conversion of sinners. I incessantly plead God's mercy upon them. O my Jesus, I would rather be in agony until the end of the world, amidst the greatest sufferings, than offend You by the least sin.

An account of St. Frances Jerome from Hell Plus How to Avoid Hell: the saint was speaking of Hell and the awful chastisements that await obstinate sinners. A brazen prostitute named Catharine who lived in the town, troubled by the Saint's speech which aroused her remorse for her sins, sought to hinder her guilt and disrupt the Saint with shouting and ridicule, and using instruments to create loud noises. As she stood close to her window, the Saint cried out to her, "beware, my daughter, of resisting God's grace; before eight days God will punish you."

She only made a louder noise.

Eight days passed and the holy preacher was again in front of the same house. This time the house was silent; the windows were shut.

Those nearby, with dismay on their faces, told the Saint that Catharine had died suddenly a few hours before.

"Died!" he repeated. "Well, let her tell us now what she has gained by laughing at Hell. Let us ask her." He said this in an inspired tone and everyone expected a miracle.

Followed by an immense crowd, he went up to the death chamber, and there, after having prayed for an instant, he uncovered the face of the corpse, and said in a loud voice, "Catharine, tell us where you are now."

At this summons, the dead woman lifted her head, while opening her wild eyes; her face borrowed color her features assumed an expression of horrible despair, and in a mournful voice, she pronounced these words: "In Hell; I am in Hell." And immediately she fell back again into the condition of a corpse.

"I was present at this event," says one of the witnesses who deposed before the Apostolic tribunal, "but I never could convey the impression it produced on me and the bystanders, nor the impression I feel every time I pass that house and look at that window. At the sight of that ill-fated home, I still hear the pitiful cry 'In Hell; I am in Hell.'"

As ever, the ungodly and lewd ridiculed these events, taking good care not to seek for any information about them; the good profited by them, to become still better and more faithful to their duties.

Luke 12:46-8: "The lord of that servant will come in the day that he hoped not, and at the hour that he knows not, and shall separate him, and shall appoint him his portion with unbelievers. And that servant who knew the will of his lord, and prepared not himself, and did not according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more."

But why can clothes be a sin?

The clothes we wear are a reflection of our role. God helps us in our day to day life with fulfilling our role, if we pray to Him (which we must do if we want to go to Heaven). Thus, He has sanctified our status in life and our job/role in life, making our role a reflection of our soul. If we dress like sin, we are saying to God that our soul is sin.

Where do people go whose souls are sin? Not to Heaven.

Even if one is fully clothed, but one takes photos of oneself that are scandalous, overtly sexual, (or draws such depictions of people) we are saying we are no better than inflatable dolls, that we have no soul, that only the material world exists, not the spiritual world, that only this life exists, not an afterlife, not the final judgement before God that we all have to go to when we die, not God; that humanity wasn't created by a loving God, for the purpose of loving God, but for sin, for worthlessness, to be used and abused and discarded.

And that's a complete lie: we were created with a soul, for the purpose of loving God and being with Him for all eternity, and fornicating is a sin, and using people and then discarding them is a sin, and not what we were created by God for. So such clothes or photos are also promoting many lies, and God is Truth, but Satan is the Father of all Lies. If you want to be with your Father in Heaven, Who is Truth, don't promote what is a lie.

As a lie, having an obscene look attracts liars and sociopaths and narcissists -- people whose father is Satan rather than God -- into your life. It attracts the wrong people. This wrong crowd can also lead your soul into ruin, and destroy your life on earth, as well, making you miserable. (It's true that the wrong people can find you no matter what, but dressing like this and depicting yourself like this in photos is like lighting up a sign and pulling up a billboard that says "Sociopaths welcome! Free parking!")

Our society has become a sin support group. Those who partake in the values of our contemporary society are sinners: people who are cruel and unjust and unmerciful. If you partake in the corrupted society, you will be on the receiving end of these sinners' cruelty. You will be betrayed by everyone and you will betray everyone through your shared sins.

Worse still, there are men and women around you who have been sexually abused, or are trying to overcome a sexual addiction (pornography, etc). If you dress in such a way, or take photos of yourself in such a way, that causes the members of the opposite sex to think of your entire sex (that is, all women or all men) as a sexual object, you are offending all humanity, your sex and the opposite sex, but most especially the marginalized and the vulnerable (sex abuse victims and those trying to live a holy life): who are the very same people with whom Christ identifies most strongly.

And Jesus said, what you do to the least of your brethren, you do to Me.

So you are hurting the least, the smallest, the weakest, the most vulnerable of humanity, and Jesus Himself.

But most grievous of all: God took on the form of a human man, born of a human woman, taking 100% of His DNA -- His saving Blood -- from the DNA of human woman. That act made the image of man and the image of woman holy and sanctified.

God is Thrice Holy, and Purity Himself. If you defile the image of man or the image of woman with impurity, you defile Christ, God Himself, Who made us in His likeness and took on the human form in order to bring us into a close relationship with Himself and help us overcome sin.

This is also one of the many reasons pornography (or smut) is a mortal sin (meaning, a very serious sin that causes one who creates it or willingly looks at it to go to Hell). Mary also warned sins of the flesh, more than any other reason, are why souls go to Hell.

Mary warned us about this because she loves us and doesn't want us to be in Hell, but wants us to go to Heaven and be with God, where we will be eternally joyful, joyful beyond what the human mind is capable of understanding. But we have to overcome the sin of the world to reach Heaven.

Christ came not to condemn but to save us from sin. We have to turn to Him and ask for the grace to be able to give up our sins. We have to pray very much, especially the Rosary (as Mary also tells us at Fatima, many many times) and especially with the specific intention of knowing the truth and receiving the grace of contrition and pardon for our sins.

Jesus poured out His Divine Mercy on the Cross especially for sinners. Sinners have the first right to His Unfathomable Mercy.

Complete forgiveness does not mean absolute permission: He poured out His Mercy so we would seek His grace in prayer, so we would give up sin. Jesus warns that those who do not pass through the gate of His Mercy now, will pass through the gate of His Justice.

It's not worth going to Hell over clothes and contemporary fashions, which once the blindness of the world is removed from your eyes, once you turn to God and pray for your soul, you will see don't even look good, aren't even flattering. There is nothing attractive about them once sin is removed from the equation, but they are actually hideous, embarrassingly bad looking. They mostly just look stupid, it's only the tantalization (or blindness) caused by sin and worldliness that makes them attractive. Once a person is healed of that, they just look extremely unappealing.

Because such clothes or such images of oneself are sin, they are worthless, they are garbage: worse than garbage, because they can lead your soul to Hell for all eternity, because they invert the sanctity that Christ raised humanity up to. Even if they were to cost thousands of dollars, they are death, worthless, less than worthless. Trash. Defilement. Repulsive. They must be thrown away, discarded, out of love of God.

It's very sad that that are so many wedding dresses that are so defiling of the image of God,when marriage is a most holy and pure sacrament. But that is one of the reasons that so many marriages break apart: sin and human wisdom is placed higher in importance that love of God, a true relationship with God, and divine wisdom that only comes from praying to God and asking Him for His real wisdom. Human opinion and relationships and distractions become idols, and the relationship has no grace in it: it becomes Hellish, tormented, and demonically infected. Therefore it is divided, because only in God is there unity and peace and joy.

What's even more sad are the mothers and fathers who encourage their children to lose their souls by dressing in a way that offends God, or by fornicating, or looking at pornography, or all the other terrible things mothers and fathers encourage their children to do, because they want their children to have worldly success and "fit in" to a degenerate society, when these sins lead souls to eternal ruin and unspeakable, terrible miseries during this life.

But you must love God more than your parents, more than whoever or whatever tells you to act contrarily to God's Will, loving God's Will even more than your own will, in order to be worthy of the God Who loves you. Jesus taught us that. Jesus was born into a world that despised Him and He suffered a terrible, tortured murder in order to teach us this lesson, that we might be children of God.

To do that, you MUST pray, and give up the ways (the paths, the venues, the ideologies) of the world.

If you have lived in this contemporary culture, then you have been abused by it, abused by adjusting your eyes to accepting and being comfortable with dehumanizing fashions and dehumanizing, soulless, materialistic standards, from a world that hates God. These standards are everywhere: our education from public schools, in popular music, popular entertainment, and popular news. Because the people who control the world we see, the public world, openly and knowing wage a war to suppress anyone's voice or view that doesn't loath and despise God, and that won't lead souls to eternal ruin.

It's these people who hate God and so intensely despise His Salvation and His Grace that have created a standard of living that they demand you live up to: a standard that will destroy your soul. You have to rebel against the society with the grace of God.

It is not a violent rebellion, in that you won't hurt anyone, or shout, or break or burn things. It is a spiritually violent rebellion within your own soul against sin itself, which these godless people have imposed on you as a standard of living. It is a rebellion against the slavery of sin and dehumanization that Jesus and Mary and all the Saints and Angels lead and war against, day and night.

God is Mercy: if you turn to Him and ask for the grace to be pleasing to Him, He will sympathize with you, He will find excuses for you, He will forgive you, He will say you were abused by your society (which you were, which we all are), and He will give you strength to no longer be abused by it, to no longer go along with it, to no longer sin, to no longer be abused and be abusing others. He will help you, and make you whole and healed from our extremely degrading and dehumanizing society.

Because He loves you, in the most true sense. He is Love. Anything contrary to Him is not love, but is a lie, and is truly hatred. Of this you can be sure.

You have to pray. You have to turn a deaf ear the sin support group society, because that society will lead you to misery and ruin and destruction. It is vile, it needs to be cast away like a repulsive, unclean thing, like a biohazard, like something that will make you sick and die, because that is what sin does to the soul: makes it sick and then die.

If you think you have to dress in such a way to be found acceptable, you will be shocked and pleasantly surprised by the members of the opposite sex who compliment you for not following these trends of society. Even secular people. Usually the opposite sex feels much more comfortable about you when you dress conservatively, and often feels proud of you for doing so, without necessarily knowing why.

You can have a creative look, it just can't be an affront to God by being sexual and/or dehumanizing.

The same goes for swimwear. You will be surprised, because the opposite sex will feel so much more comfortable around you and respect you so much more if you are covered up more, have a wide strapped tank top or shirt on, and some shorts that hide your thigh or if the women want, a swim skirt, for swimming. You would think, "I could never wear that, I will be made fun of," but that is really not true: you will be surprised.

This may not be a matter of sin, it may just be an aside: I also remember reading, from a pastor in Africa, that people (any people of any culture) who wear a lot of or all black are either witches (narcissists and sociopaths fall into the category of "witch," as well), or they are very cursed people, cursed by witches.

Not necessarily every witch wears black as some like to wear a thick outward "mask." But everyone who wears a lot of black is either cursed or a witch.

You can tell the difference whether the person is sincerely seeking God (then it is a cursed person), or if they ignore or hate God (then it is a witch, some corrupt soul).

Alternating black and white, whether used in clothes or interior decoration, indicates that a person is "caught up in evil."

So, you don't want to be cursed, do you? You definitely don't want to be a witch, because they lose their souls, they are antichrists... And you don't want to attract witches and such people to you.

So don't dress in a lot of black, and go to confession for narcissism, and pray for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving the grace of contrition and pardon for your sins.

Pray to God, He will help you. He will help you dress yourself. He will help you have the strength to get rid of your bad clothes and images and style and look, and the bad people around you, and He will help you get a new look that you like very much and that is good in His eyes, and maybe even creative and original and not expensive. God wants to save you and help you, you just have to trust in Him, do what He says, pray to Him.

Here is a prayer from the Precious Blood Devotion. Jesus said about this prayer: "Pray much for My youth... many will be lost due to (this) sin... I was naked in the sight of all men so that you shall defeat and kill the desires of the flesh which lead to this sin of fornication and adultery. Children, My adversary used this sin to claim all men to himself... Any sinner who constantly prays this prayer will gain true repentance... The more you pray it, the more (souls) will return to me and leave fornication and adultery. Many people will be lost due to the sins of the flesh. Work hard to save souls..."

Prayer: Holy and merciful Father, Your only-begotten Son is standing naked in the sight of all men so that Your people will know and fear Your holy law. Accept my humble prayer for all Your people who are living under iniquity, fornication and adultery, that through all the shame and disgrace of Your only-begotten Son, You will touch their lives for repentance and save them. May they, through the Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, which I plead to fall on their hearts, gain repentance and be saved. Through His shame make them bold for repentance. Amen.

Pray that prayer as an emergency novena, nine times in a row, right now. (a novena is when we say a prayer 9 days in a row in honor of the days of prayer of the Apostles awaiting the descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost.  It should not be done superstitiously. You can pray more than 9 times, of course. You can pray this every day. It will help save souls.) Even if you are not under such sin, you still ought to make this novena, all 9 times, right now: because it will help people who are in sin, and heal the abuse of our culture that raises the people in it with the expectation of fulfilling these sins that destroy the soul. It will heal you of abuse in your soul from our culture that you didn't even realize you had. It will be good for you.

When Saint Paul says to the Greek women in the letters are the Gospels and Acts of the New Testament, that those women should not wear their hair short, why is he saying that, what is he saying?

He is saying not to wear their hair short because the prostitutes of that era, in that culture, wore their hair short, and Christians, followers of Christ, cannot look like prostitutes. It leads people into sin by association. "That girl looks like a prostitute, but I know she acts like a very nice girl. It must be OK for my soul to be a prostitute."

That association isn't true: prostitutes, anyone who sells sex, they lose their souls, and become shallow and materialistic and not good to be around. Spiritually dangerous to be around. There are not rivers of living water (grace) flowing through their souls that cause good works around them to flourish. Instead, they are like cess pools, and breeding grounds for sin or spiritual torments. They become haunts for demons (places where demons, unknown/unclean, damned spirits spend their time).

Who are the prostitutes of contemporary culture, the people who make their money off of selling sex? And how do they dress? The way you dress cannot be "selling sex" or associated with people who are "selling sex," even if you don't fornicate. The way you take photos of yourself or others, or draw people, cannot be "selling sex."

The following is a deduction that I have made, but I think you will see that it is logical and based off of what Saint Paul was saying, that we can't be associated with those who are "selling sex." I think the most prominent prostitutes (those who make their money off of sex) of the culture are the male and female pop stars and rap stars, whose lyrics and videos are obscene. To further prove their sinfulness, they are often laced with occult, blasphemous and/or illuminati imagery. Therefore it is these men and women who are making their money off of sex, and so these men and women are prostitutes. So you wouldn't want to dress in a style that would imitate them.

It doesn't seem necessarily associated with hair length, although I suppose there are certain hair styles that they sometimes "claim." More, it seems to be a matter of vulgarity and having a certain "look" based on materialism and showing off how much money you have, depicting onself as a "party boy" or "party girl," or showing off some kind of arrogance (raunchy clothes, superiority, etc). 

These looks could even change from decade to decade, and certainly pop music in the future might not be vulgar (as there has been contemporary music in the past that wasn't). But it is also true that it might remain vulgar, it might never change, it seems to be a very controlled market run by a very limited number of people that "produces" these pop stars and rap stars. But the point is that most trends now are vulgar, sexualized and dehumanized, and you are not to associate yourself with any trends that are associated with these vulgar people, now or in the future, as far as that is possible.

(Sometimes it might not be possible, if a vulgar person decides to associate him or herself with something so extremely commonplace and entirely wholesome that it can't be avoided. So for example if someone vulgar wore a loose sweater and loose jeans and brown hair, there would be no way to avoid that for most people because that is a rather wholesome way to dress and very commonplace. Most of the time the situation is not like this, however, because these are explicit, vulgar, godless, hate-filled people.)

Also, there is a trend among men to shave their heads if they are going bald. They end up looking like meth-dealing biker gang members. This is not what I would consider a very "Christian" way to present yourself...

In a study done on shaved  heads. Based on the silhouette, people determined that the head shade of a shaved head reminded them of a baby. So if you are trying to be tough with a shaved head, it just makes you look like a baby.

A bald top with hair on the sides looks much better. If you won't, there are treatments. If those don't work, there are realistic hair pieces. But maybe if you come close to God, you will grow in confidence from your relationship with God and not care so much? I don't think surgery for balding is a good idea. God protects those who are balding, as we see with His prophet Elisha who was bald when the she-bear ate the children who mocked the prophet. (Also, for this reason, never ever ever make fun of someone who is balding, I wouldn't even in your mind; nor make fun of anyone for the way they look. Balding is common in both men and women, but for women it looks different.)

In other words, whether you are a man or a woman, do not imitate people who look like drug dealers or drug users, or sex addicts or (male or female) prostitutes. These trends often go hand in hand since prostitutes are drug addicts. There are many many trends that I couldn't begin to label because this is what our culture pushes.

(Note: having poor taste in clothes or wearing "tacky" clothes is not a sin. Immodesty is a sin; immodesty which includes trying to force everyone to pay attention to you. And encouraging other people to sin by the way you dress is a sin. And mutilating yourself is a sin. The degree to which you commit these sins with knowledge that they are sin determines the degree to which they are sinful. ... But not being "tacky." I'm not saying you have to dress in a very specific way or a very specific style and if you don't you lose your soul or something like that -- no, no, no. I'm just saying you should not sin nor lead others to sin, nor should you follow the looks of sinners. That makes sense, right?)

The other major group of contemporary prostitutes is a primarily female miscellaneous celebrities who got famous usually from their "accidentally leaked" sex tapes or something along those lines (KimK and reality show celebs and them all). They are primarily defined by plastic surgery, including implants, and drag-queen-esque makeup and heavily, cartoonishly drawn on eyebrows, etc.

Plastic surgery (I don't mean reconstructive surgery like one would receive who was attacked by a bear or in some horrible accident, but elective plastic surgery) is a sin. It's mutilation. It breaks the commandment, "you shall not murder." Most people who get plastic surgery done get it done because they suffer from depression, some inner emptiness from a lack of grace in their lives. They think if they change something about themselves externally, they will "feel better about themselves" internally. That is materialism.

But what happens (scientifically proven) is that people who get plastic surgery look in a mirror, and they don't recognize themselves, which only further distresses themselves. It creates disassociation.

Disassociation is a spectrum in psychology that spans various responses to stress and also includes diseases. On the lower end of the spectrum, there is a common disassociation that occurs in people who are extremely stressed. They look in the mirror and, because of the effects of tremendous stress, they don't recognize themselves in the mirror. This happens to most people at some time during their lives.

The highest end of disease on the disassociation spectrum is schizophrenia, which will be more and more common in society as the governments legalize drugs that induce schizophrenia in its users (the "legalization" of marijuana).

So when people get plastic surgery, they look in the mirror and don't recognize themselves: they've physically induced the lower end of this disassociative disorder. This compounds all kinds of psychological problems and does not create happiness in the person: it further breaks down their sanity.

Furthermore, they ruin the features that God gave them: He makes each of us in His Image and Likeness. To mock a person for his or her facial features that he or she was born with, is to mock the God, also. Is this plastic surgery not a mockery of God? This is even worse than the psychological repercussions.

When we pray, when we give up sin, God subtly changes the face. It's immaterial, all the measurements might remain the same, but something about the face changes as the person grows closer to God. Something about the countenance changes. It's not for vanity's sake, but it does happen. I've seen it, very distinctly.

So plastic surgery is a sin. But also think of how dehumanizing it is. The skin on the face is cut, and then peeled back, exposing the muscle and bone. Either a chisel is used to hack away the bone, or bits of synthetic material is grafted onto the living bone to deform the face. The skin is then stretched back over the damage done, and sewn back up, leaving the implanted bits, so the person is no longer entirely human... they are also part plastic, part synthetic.

And for what end? To please a narcissistic society that, by its very godless and unappreciative nature, is incapable of being pleased? To have identical features as someone else? To bring about the new world order where we are soulless materialistic dolls who have an "acceptable" look? When you see South Korean plastic surgery, how they all get the same jaw shape, or those weird over-inflated lumpy lips of the West, or even the anti-aging plastic surgery with fillers where it's like there's edema under the skin, like something is just slightly off but what is it?, it's really more than a little bit scary, what is happening to humanity. It's like a horror movie. I hated the '70s Stepford Wives movie (it's like the script writer was saying you can either be an alcoholic or a sex slave -- awful message for anyone; I hear the book was scarier and better), but it's very very much like that, only it's both men and women as both get surgery. It's just unsettling. It's so uncomfortable that this is an aspect of society...

And look at the suicide rate of women who get implants. They've had their flesh cut open, and then stretched around and sewn up over artificial body parts. Do you understand how "horror movie" that is? How awful and creepy?

A nose job, they cut open your face, pull it up, hammer of a chunk of your nose, fold your skin back down and sew your flesh closed. Facial injections, if they hit a nerve you can suffer a stroke.

It's all 1,000% dehumanizing. It's an affront to all of humanity. It's a society of death that encourages this. It's a dead society.

Given the cause of it (it's a spiritual disease, an inner emptiness from being apart from God and in a godless and abusive society), and the result of it (further depression, disassociation and suicide), I honestly can't think of any reason why it would be legal to get these kinds of surgeries when it isn't reconstructive. It's totally immoral and damaging. There is no justification of the mutilation.

It's just very tragic. It's tragic for the people involved, who get it done, who deform themselves this way. It's unfortunate, the lies in our world.

Don't be prey to this wolfish society. Cling to Jesus.He is the Good Shepherd. 

Sometimes these celebrities lie and say they get such a way through herbal treatments, or people try to imitate them with padded undergarments. (To the point where it is difficult in some instances to find certain undergarments that are not padded, which is also really, really depressing and oppressive.)

Even though it isn't plastic surgery, even if its padding and herbs, you are still saying the same thing: you are saying your body exists for sin.

Your body does not exist for sin. You cannot say that, you can't even think that; you cannot express that in your clothes.

You've been abused if you are led to believe that your body exists for sin.

God has come to undo the abuse.

But you must get rid of everything in your life (and everyone in your life, and every influence in your life) that says your body exists for sin rather than for God.

Because every influence that says that is a lying influence.

And God is not the father of lies; God is the Truth. Therefore, He cannot take part in a lie. God will not be found in a lie; nor God's blessing in a lie.

God is not in impurity. God is not in dehumanization; God is not in objectification.

God is not in sin. You cannot sin and find God through sin. You can only find God -- and subsequently, true joy -- by giving up sin.

Finally, I also point out that they are defined by garish, drag queen-esque makeup (contouring 5 shades darker than the face, heavily overdrawn lips) and overly drawn-on eyebrows, all of which also serves to deform the face.

There is nothing natural left on the face. When you see someone speaking with this kind of heavy makeup, it's like they are wearing a mask. They've entered into the creepiness and eeriness of uncanny valley. They look like they're trying to look like a Sim or CG person rather than a human (although people download mods to make their Sims look more realistic with realistic coloring on the face and skin textures, so they actually look more inhuman than CG people). It's artificial and heavy and remote from a human face, completely void of natural coloring and texture. It's unsettling.

It seems in line with Saint Paul's advice, then, about avoiding the look of the prostitute in the culture, to avoid these makeup trends started by and promoted by contemporary public prostitutes (for the purpose of selling more makeup products). It makes sense to think that looking like materialistic women who have dehumanized themselves will attract bad people to your life. Even if you don't think of yourself that way. It seems to me to be a logical conclusion.

Makeup itself isn't a sin, but anything that is an idol (is placed in importance or trust above God) is, so if you think you fall in this category (such as one of those women who "can't leave the house without makeup on"), you may want to abstain from makeup until you get over this "need." God alone can save your soul, the way you look cannot save your soul. When you get over this, when your soul is more detached from the world after praying the Rosary very very much, then you can wear makeup again, so long as you don't go back to this idolatry or to wearing looks popularized by these contemporary prostitutes. Pray very much, ever day, especially the Rosary, all three sets of mysteries, and God will help you, God will heal your soul of sin and idolatry.

Surely female street prostitutes might not wear any makeup at all and might wear something like an oversized hoodie, they're just walking streets they know men who use prostitutes will be at and signalling them. I've seen cops bust them. So I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about symbols and associations in the popular culture at large and what will attract bad people to you.

It's a little difficult in our contemporary culture to pick up on these things, because our culture is so divided and polarized. There isn't a unified culture, but I think avoiding bad clothes and certain vulgar pop star symbols or vulgar celeb styles are good basic rules.

An exorcist recently warned about Celine D--n's new line of children's clothing, that is all black and white, with a number of demonic references in it.

"Nununu’s own line includes sheep with patches over one eye and cross bones, large Illuminati eyes and lots and lots of skulls. One pair of sweatpants has a number 3 on one knee and a 6 on the other. Three 6’s? Boys are dressed as ganstas and girls with 'Ho!' emblazoned on shirts." 
It's interesting about the ad for that children's line (it's a very disturbing ad). She breaks in illegally into the maternity ward, blows black glitter on the children, and then they are transformed into being dressed in black and white with demon dolls in their cribs and "new order" (one world order) in san serif on one of the shirts.

What makes the ad interesting is that, she claims there is something wrong with saying the males are males and the females are females, and that they are not dressed in such a way that is demonic.

But there is an adult male and female cop, of differing racial backgrounds, of equal rank, working to arrest her in the ad. So in other words, the ad is saying that the way things have been done has worked to produce a healthy, integrated society of equality, a society that functions well, and that not only is she a criminal, but people don't want their children to be identity-less prostitutes consecrated to the Devil who are bent on going to Hell and part of the one world order.

Like I said, our society has already crossed the line into the Abyss, and is completely a sin support group. There are not people saying, "don't do this sin or it will destroy you." To say such a thing is a "hate crime," which in some places is punishable with jail time; where in fact, to try to prevent people from going to Hell through prayer, hidden sacrifice and warning them is the highest act of love a human can do for another human being, and to encourage souls to go to Hell is the most pure form of hatred. Our society is corrupt and led astray.

By writing about this incident with this explicitly demonic clothing line, I am also trying to say that there can be clothing lines consecrated to evil. It might not be as apparent as this particular incident, which is very obvious. After all, Christ warned that antichrists would deceive even the elect if that were possible. And certainly something this obvious is not deceiving even many secular people.

Be aware of this phenomenon, that clothes and clothing lines can be consecrated to evil and that it might not be readily apparent; and clothing lines and clothing manufacturers can be evil, and pray a great deal for guidance. God will help you if you pray and turn away from the corrupt society.

It would be better to have a few t-shirts and sweatshirts with holes in them, and $6 shoes you have to glue together, and some old jeans, than it would be to have thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothes praised by all the peoples of the earth, if those clothes destroyed your soul or brought spiritual evils into your life.

In a similar vein, if a witch or narcissist or evil person gives you clothes (or anything), even if the clothes themselves are not offensive to God, such a person is giving you things in order to have spiritual control over you. Even if the clothes are not cut offensively, or are not sinful in and of themselves, there can easily be a spiritual attachment to them that invites an evil person and all of their demons into your life, because of the evil of the person giving you these clothes. Because of the evil soul tie it creates.

These clothes must be given away or donated. The soul tie will not effect others (usually, unless it is a person very very deep into the occult and specifically cursed the clothes for no matter who wears them, and then I would throw the clothes away). Most situations are not that extreme, although less extreme situations of a narcissist or simply a person who has rejected graces from God, giving you something, a piece of clothing, in order to gain spiritual control over you, and create an evil soul tie that damages you, is much more common than is given credit for.

If it is your parent and you are dependent on them only for these kinds of resources, or someone else in your life who is a sole provider to you, then give away the majority of these clothes and only keep the ones that are the most humble and least favored by the person who gave them. This will dislodge the spiritual afflictions and curses on your life from having things from this person. You do have to have some clothing, but anything from this person need to be rejected that isn't a basic necessity for living.

We are on the topic of modesty. People assume modesty has only to do with sexualization and dehumanization. But this is not true.

Modesty also has to do with what is secularly described as histrionic behaviors.

For example, if a woman wears a charm bracelet that loudly clanks with even the slightest movement of her wrist, she is imposing herself on every person around her. She is forcing everyone around her to think about her, to direct all of their attention to her, with the slightest movement that she makes, because she is causing so much noise.

That is histrionic, therefore it is immodest.

If an old man won't stop talking or whispering before Mass begins (and it's not an emergency, he's just talking about stuff), or worse, he won't stop during Mass, that is histrionic. That is immodest. That is a sin. Not a mortal sin, he's not going to Hell for it forever, but it still a sin, still bad. It should be avoided, these lesser sins given up.

Smaller sins pave the way for larger sins.

Perfume and cologne are banned in most government buildings and many public buildings because it causes migraines. It is the most common cause of migraines.

Have you ever had a migraine? It feels like you are dying. People are rushed to emergency rooms sometimes for migraines. What excuse is there for someone wearing something that causes so much pain in the people around them? That is immodest.

Especially when it is the chemicals in contemporary cologne that do this. For a very long time, thousands of years, people were content to perfume themselves with rose water or perfumed oils* that don't cause migraines (even in people are allergic to flowers). But they wear these contemporary perfumes, and it is devastating what they do to regular, healthy, normal people. Often the people wear them eventually develop these migraines, as well: so they hurt themselves, too.

*perfumed oils are still available at amazon; they aren't lost to time. You can make them yourself, as well. They are a small drop of essential oil in a large amount of carrier oil. They come in all kinds of scents, even those matching contemporary perfumes. But they don't cause pain. I sometimes use a brand called Sweet Essentials, does not cause any headaches, even if I use a flower blend (I like the Cherry Blossom blend). (I also like marshmallow and unicorn glow.) They aren't as far reaching (histrionic) as contemporary colognes, you will mostly be the one smelling them, or those whom you hug. -- There are many brands. They are usually inexpensive. I also leave them in ramekins around the house, there is a faint smell near where they are for many weeks.

I have been with a person who had never had migraines before, but he developed them because he was exposed to a woman's perfume for an hour every week in Church. He was forced to leave Mass early, he was forced to step outside during Mass. He had to go to the doctor. He was told he had developed pre-migraine symptoms. It was very serious. He developed a medical condition because of this woman.

Why? Why would anyone do that? It's careless and cruel. Other people have to expend so much work to repair so much damage because of one person's immodesty and self-absorption and thoughtlessness.

When he tried to go to this special reparation Mass, it had a lot of incense because it was a more traditional Mass. He had become sensitized to any kind of smell like this and was forced to leave the very special reparation Mass because he was becoming seriously ill.

Is this not a sin? How could it not be a sin, to do this so cruelly to another person, without any thought of it?

I have been forced to leave chapels that are supposed to be silent because people are talking or singing loudly or they leave their phones on that ring and ring and ring, and it's impossible to pray. These sins, this narcissism, this sociopathy, this self-absorption, dominate their lives during the week and then spill over into God's House on holy days, forcibly driving people away from God.

I've been with parents who will not silence their children or stop their children from kicking the back of my seat or one of my family members' seats during Mass. And they refuse to take their children to the children's room (the cry room) even when it's right there! The only time my parents went to Mass was when I was very very young (before I went back myself when I was much older), and I was in the cry room, and I had no problem! My parents had no problem! There is nothing wrong with the cry room. But the people who don't go there, they are completely self-absorbed. And Jesus talked over and over again about impending divine punishment for this.

And about how we can be so blind to little things we do that hurt people in such big ways, which is why we have to pray for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for our sins.

Immodesty can be a terrible sin, no matter its form. It's so easy for some people to commit, but it's like a ripple on a still lake,  in that it is so far reaching.

I remember a Saint, I believe it was Saint Anthony but I don't know if my memory is accurate, had a sister who always used to dress up for Mass so everyone would look at her and admire her clothes. (It didn't say she dressed inappropriately, but dressed for the purpose of other people looking at her during Mass.) It was a sin for her to go to Mass this way, because Mass was a time of God and she was not supposed to be thinking about other people and getting attention from them, but she was supposed to be thinking about God.

He saw her soul after she had died in the graveyard looking intently at her grave and asked her what she was doing.

She said that her Purgatory sentence was that she had to watch her physical body decay because of her sins of vanity.

Tattoos also are a sin. A priest once said, a small tattoo is a small sin, a large tattoo is a larger sin.

It is not about "acceptance" or not, "maybe someday Christians will be more accepting of tattoos."

It's not about what I accept or not, it's not about what I like or not, or anyone else's opinion: it's about God. God said to practice scarification or tattooing is a sin. Period. That's it. That's the end of it. It's sin even if other people don't see it.

It is a form of self-mutilation. God loves you. God created you. You are precious in His Eyes. He does not want you to mutilate yourself in any form.

If something is a sin, it will lead to misery. Sin always leads to misery, that's why God doesn't want us to do it. It also opens up our souls to attracting bad people. The skin looks dead under a tattoo because the skin is scarred... Pray to God. Pray the Rosary. Pray all three sets of mysteries, every day. He will help you overcome these sins, heal your soul, and also help lead you to getting rid of your tattoos if you have any.

He loves you. He loves you more than anyone else, more than you love yourself. Trust in Him, let Him lead you to the joy of being with Him and to break away from the corrupt society and the ideologies of the world. Being with God is a joy the world cannot give you.

It is my hope that all of this will lead you to reject sin and immerse yourself in prayer and the true meaning of life, and to having a greater mercy on other souls, rather than destroying your own soul with arrogance and self-righteousness.

I hope that you will realize how blind and abused humanity is by a society ruled by sin, and you will become more prayerful for the salvation of your soul and all souls, and no longer encourage sin in other people, but rather flee the places of sin and pray for souls to avoid Hell.

You will turn to God if you pray intensely and give up sin. You will achieve Heaven if you pray sincerely every day for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins, and you don't reject God's graces. But the world around you will not change. You have to understand that. The world around you is still lost. So you have to pray for souls. Your prayers -- yes, your prayers -- can be the difference for someone's soul going to Hell for eternity or to Purgatory to expiate their sins until they go to Heaven.

Prayer doesn't just change lives, it changes eternity. That is the power God gave to His Children in prayer. We have to help Him save souls by rejecting sin, and being pleasing to Him, and praying. It is the most important thing you can do with your life. It is the most important thing any human can do with his or her life. All else falls by the wayside in importance compared to prayer, especially prayer in front of Jesus in the Eucharist.

But even when you change, you can't expect the world to change: you have to reject the ways of the world.

Pray for your immortal soul, every day, for the purpose of knowing the Truth and receiving contrition and pardon for your sins.

Don't ever stop praying for your soul.

Holy reading is part of praying. Saint Padre Pio says holy reading is more important than breathing. (Those books I linked to, that is holy reading. They teach you how to pray and love God. They are written by Saints. They are part of prayer.)

Start now. Pray every day until you die, so you can stand before God. 

The times we live in now are so unspeakably evil, so many people are lost.

Jesus said, head for the hills (meaning, flee contemporary immorality of society, don't partake in it, it will lead to ruin; in a single instant, Babylon was a burned-out ruin forever for its sin).

Be a son of God. / Be a daughter of God.

Dress like you are son or daughter of God. It is your role.

Live Online Eucharistic adoration: beautiful chapel in Polandanother beautiful chapel.
Book explaining Eucharistic adoration that Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta) wanted everyone in the world to read so they would learn love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament: Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament

May the peace of Christ be with you all and may God lead you to Himself, Who alone is happiness and joy and fulfillment and security.

"See how the lilies grow; they do not toil, or spin, and yet I tell you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. If God, then, so clothes the grasses which live to-day in the fields and will feed the oven to-morrow, will he not be much more ready to clothe you, men of little faith? You should not be asking, then, what you are to eat or drink, and living in suspense of mind; it is for the heathen world to busy itself over such things; your Father knows well that you need them. No, make it your first care to find the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be yours without the asking. Do not be afraid, you, my little flock. Your Father has determined to give you his kingdom. Sell what you have, and give alms, so providing yourselves with a purse that time cannot wear holes in, an inexhaustible treasure laid up in heaven, where no thief comes near, no moth consumes." Luke 12:27-33

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