Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Prayer to Punish Enemies. Psalm 52

Psalm 52, prayer to punish enemies:

Why do you brag about your evil deeds?

Why do you boast about your evil?

How can you sit there and tell me that evil is in fact good?

You can do this because you are a beast.
You sit about and make plans to ruin people's lives.

Your words are like razor blades in my brain.
You are an author of falsehoods, an artist of lies.

You love evil and hate all that is good.You love lies more than truth.

You must be a psychopath.
You love to hurt me with your words and the things you do.

Let me tell you.
Listen to me.
God will ruin you forever.He will take you from the world of the good people and drop you into the gutter.
He will expose you as the conniving wretch that you are.
Your old friends will see you as you really are;
A monster. A fiend. Low-life garbage.

Your old friends will laugh at you and say, “Look at you! You thought that you were too smart to believe in God. You thought that you were better than us. You trusted your cleverness and money, but you would not trust in God. You thought your schemes would give you wealth and security."

Lord, I ask you to punish this beast of a human being.
Help me, Father.
I stand before you.

I am like a green olive tree growing in the heavenly house of God.
I trust in the mercy of God's constant love forever and ever.

I will always praise you, Father, for what you have done for me; I will wait on your Holy Name.
In the presence of the Holy Saints, I proclaim that you are the Good God.

Lord, give me peace. Wipe all memories of this beast from my mind.

I ask this in Jesus' Holy Name.


© 2015